The Soulstice

The Soulstice

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopR&B

The Soulstice is composed of four artistic and unrivaled individuals. Each of which brings a different element and style to the modern day genre of Hip Hop. With yesterday's sound and tomorrow's knowledge, The Soulstice is simply without parallel.


The Soulstice consists of four College educated individuals, Rob Yung, Lafayette, Alex Kidd, and Ross Munroe. Lafayette and Alex Kidd first met in their junior year of high school. Later on down the road they met Ross Monroe who introduced them to Rob Yung at a show that they did with Chip Tha Ripper. They quickly learned that each of them shared at least one thing in common, that was a passion for music, Hip-Hop in particular. They had all previously been working on music on their own and now they have combined their lyrical talents to create one power house.

Hip-Hop has’t seen a group like The Soulstice before. The Soulstice has a desire to bring real Hip-Hop to the forefront and make it mainstream. Which is why they do not agree with people who say “thats, that real Hip-Hop, that underground Hip-Hop”. They feel as though real Hip-Hop should not be hidden. The Soulstice doesn’t make music for the hype; they make it to further an art form that many thought would be dead by now.

Set List

4 mics.