The Soultones

The Soultones


IMPOSSIBLE........Try to remain seated during the live performance of this soulful, make you want to stand up and dance, gospel/blues band. The Soultones will have you reaching for the nearest tambourine.


Looking to shake things up in a traditional church service, The Soultones came together for a "one time" gig but stayed together to nurture what proved to be an entirely new gospel sound. Bringing influences from traditional blues, r&b, and a dash of urban sounds, the music of The Soultones hits many genres. Audiences of all ages and musical influences can enjoy their soul-stirring lyrics, tight harmonies, and hand clapping beats. With a mixture of original songs and new arrangements of contemporary and traditional gospel, The Soultones are able to cross boundaries of race, age, churched and un-churched audiences with their message of celebration that will have you reaching for the nearest tambourine.

Having grown up listening to a lot of rock/funk/jazz and blues, each member pours a little of their style into this R&B soul machine. Like their single "This Train," the set hooks you from the first song, and has you grooving like a runaway locomotive by the end.

The Soultones have just signed with Alexis Records and are setting up to tour to promote their new release...."6 Song CD."


"6 Song CD" 2007
Alexis Records

Set List

50% original
50% covers

Covers include:
Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)
What a Friend we Have in Jesus (traditional, Aretha Franklin)
Let Love Rule (Lenny Kravitz)
This Train (traditional)
People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield)
Nobody's Fault but Mine (traditional)