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The Soulution

Saint Joseph, Michigan, United States | SELF

Saint Joseph, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Christian Rock


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"Ironside Creations Working on The Soulution EP"

We're currently mixing/producing with an up and coming US band 'The Solution' ... (Epic worship orientated songs with big heartfelt melodies) - Ironside Creations


Power to Save" is the 5 song EP released by The Soulution. The Soulution has been featured on local radio stations, 94.9 WSJM with Zack East and 98.3 The Coast with Brenda Lane.
This album, Power to Save, will usher you into the presence of God and remind you of His power, promises, and love for people.



Chemistry is key when it comes to creating and playing music, and this band has it. The band is composed of six gifted musicians from Road to Life Church. The band was stemmed out of their senior high/college band that plays every Sunday night. The six band members began playing together in 2007, and became 'The Soulution' in 2009.

If you like Hillsong United, you will appreciate the sound of The Soulution. Andrew Ironside of Hillsong Church, Australia, was a major inspiration for this project. After bringing a worship encounter event to RTLC and hearing the song "Power to Save", he said, "the world needs to hear this song! It is the song of the decade for me."

He then intoduced us to Nathan Ironside, of Ironside Creations, who believed in, mixed, and produced this project. He and his wife, Mary, have become a very important part of our team and are helping the band to develop, record, and produce an album.

Band members are Dave Gargano on electric, rhythm, & acoustic guitar along with lead vocals. He is the also the Worship leader and associate pastor of RTLC. The other band members are: James Wilbur on lead guitar, Ryan Woods on bass guitar, Jarret Kramer on drums, Sam Mohan on keys, and Lish Schoeplein on Keys and backing vocals. The drummer, Jarret, won the fastest feet competition at a national chain music store in 2010. The lead guitarist, James, is one of the best lead guitarists in the area. He is said to having playing abilities equal to Steve Vail. The final song on the EP, "People Will Come" features Hannah Meyer who shares lead vocals and Dom Tomlinson who wrote & performs the rap.

Each song holds a special place with the band and each song was inspired by God during special moments of worship or while meditating on His word. Vanessa Gargano, Dave's wife, wrote or helped write every song on this album. She has a passion for worshiping God and a gift for creativity.

The first song ever written by the Soulution was "We Shout For You". The band decided that they were feeling inspired to write some originals and got together one day to see what could develop. After just a couple of hours of scratching out some ideas that were on our hearts, the song was created. It clearly communicates the frustration that many people feel when they focus on a culture who would rather leave God out of the equation. However, we recognize a generation of people who love God and are tired of status quo; who are rising up to shout for God and for everything that He is and stands for.

"Power to Save" is the gem of this album. It was God inspired; literally dropped into Vanessa's heart in moments, as she was meditating on God and just talking with him while getting ready for an evening service. As she began to sing out what was being placed in her heart, tears strummed down her face. She immediately knew that God wanted to do something with this song, so she grabbed the phone and with her crackling voice, recorded it. Within minutes, she called Dave and asked him to come home right away. After playing the voice recording, he grabbed his guitar and they both began to sing and play. He started to cry out, "More than a song, more than we know. This is my heart, I'm letting go." Dave and Vanessa sat in tears in their room and sensed God saying that this song would touch the world.
As you read previously, when Andrew Ironside came and said the world needs to hear this song, it confirmed what God had spoken the day it was written. The band believes with everything that people will either come to a relationship with Christ for the first time or return to Him as well as being healed physically and emotionally as they connect with what the lyrics are communicating.

The Soulution wanted to bond as a band and spend some time writing some music together, so they went on a song-writing retreat. While at the retreat, one of the sessions consisted of drawing a scripture or phrase out of a bucket and then meditating on it or studying it for a while. The goal was to come together to discuss what God was breathing on. Before that happened a scripture in Psalm just kept jumping off the page about how we need to hope in the Word of God. Before long the band was gathered around the small table singing "Hiding Place". The hymn-like lyrics, "Take this whole world, but give me Jesus" was woven into the melody. It turned into an awesome time of worship with each other in that hotel room.

The next song created, "Here We Come," actually has a unique story and started one week before it came to life. One morning, Vanessa woke up from a dream that she felt God spoke to her to drink water for 1 week. Anything could be eaten, but only water as a beverage for an entire week. This seemed insignificant at the time and she even questioned if it was from God or not. After a few hours and some crazy confirmations, she knew God was asking her to do this. After three days of sugar and caffeine with drawls, it still