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The Sound Approach

Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop




""Listen." EP Release Review"

"It’s the anthem-lined hooks, emotive lyrics and party themes that add a commercial edge to punk-pop trio The Sound Approach’s new six-track EP. “Say You Need It” and “Leave This City” are cut from the same cloth as Simple Plan and Hedley, and it’s a shame that TSA didn’t land an opening slot on the latter’s tour." -

""Listen." EP Release Review"

"It’s the anthem-lined hooks, emotive lyrics and party themes that add a commercial edge to punk-pop trio The Sound Approach’s new six-track EP. “Say You Need It” and “Leave This City” are cut from the same cloth as Simple Plan and Hedley, and it’s a shame that TSA didn’t land an opening slot on the latter’s tour." -

"The Sound Approach rock Bistro Laurier to start the party"

The Sound Approach took the stage at Bistro Laurier June 16th, 2012 as part of the finals for the “Concours de la Relève” for the Festival d’été de la Vallée-du-Richelieu. Winners of the contest were given the opportunity to open for Hedley, Jean Leloup and Eric Lapointe.

The Sound Approach (TSA) is a Montreal local band from Lacolle and is made up of band members Philip Dehm (Lead vocals/Guitarist), Patrick Pret-Bellware (Bassist/ Back-up vocals), and Steven Feeny (Drummer/Back-up vocals). Having had the opportunity to have had the chance to see this group live on multiple occasions, they are a group that have had a lot of growth and continue to grow with every live performance. If you have also been fortunate enough to see them live you will notice that the band is a proud supporter of the foundation To Write Love on Her Arms (

This trio are not only making a difference on stage, but have two songs that hold special dedications: “Never See Nineteen” which is a song dedicated to Anastasia De Sousa and another to Dehm and Feeny’s friend Johnny who committed suicide a few years back, “Second to None”. As they stated during their set that night, they play music not only because they enjoy doing so, but they play for their fans. Backed up by a loyal and growing fan base this hard working talented rock group are leaving their foot prints on the Canadian music scene and have also recently been featured on a radio station in the UK.

Their set to win over the judges featured three of their original songs and a cover song by Sum 41 – “Fat Lip” (which made the fans go wild). The MC for the night was not mistaken when he announced that TSA had started the party! TSA is a band full of energy and they did not let the overly hot venue, and stage stop them from rocking out on the stage. Pret-Bellware was jumping around and getting the crowd going, while Feeny was throwing drum sticks into the crowd and Dehm singing. TSA has an infectious control over the crowd that will makes you give in to their craziness.They closed their set with their song “Second to None” making a very special dedication to their friend Johnny, and left once again a lasting impression on all those who made the hike out to Beloeil to see them. They continued to give back to the fans that night by throwing copies of their demo into the audience before leaving the stage.

TSA did not make it pass this round of the competition. The group Versa with whom they really got along with walked away with the winning prize. The guys will be at the festival on the secondary stage (dates and times have not been released yet, so stay tuned!) The group is definitely a band that you want to keep your eyes on and if you have never seen them live, come out to meet this group of hard working passionate musicians.

Go visit their Facebook page: and get free downloads of their songs: You can also visit their website: They’ll be making you chant “Say you need it” after you’ve done this! - E-vent Thrill Entertainment

"Introducing The Sound Approach"

See link. -

"Their strategy to fighting tragedy"

Up & coming band The Sound Approach fighting for love and music one awesome song at a time.

This week, I was given the opportunity to have a pow wow with the members of local band The Sound Approach. This musical machine has been running on the manpower of Pat (bassist, guitarist, and backup vocalist), Steve (drummer and backup vocalist), as well as front man Phil (guitarist and lead vocalist) since early 2009.

Before we get into the interview and chit chat, let's talk about the tunes. TSA has this fantastic mix of precision and roughness in their music. Powerful drum beats synced with sharp instrumentals and resonant vocals embody this group's Pop Rock demeanor. However, by incorporating piano chords and beat boxing in their songs, it shows that The Sound Approach is not afraid to open up their repertoire to things that may not be seen as traditional for their genre. Rather, it shows the importance of the band's ever-growing want for variety and excellence. Their lyrics send the listener on the road to nostalgia (and I myself am still technically in my teens). They recite honesty of memories shared with loves and their losses and still somehow manage to demonstrate how much these moments are cherished in a lighter way. With their features of acoustic guitars, they remind me of a more intimate and organic Blink 182 that we are lucky enough to have in our own city's backyard. Presently, The Sound Approach is working on completing their EP featuring songs such as ''Never See Nineteen'' which was dedicated Anastasia Desousa, victim of the Dawson school shooting in 2006.

Everyone in The Sound Approach had friends and family that were attending Dawson at the time. Phil was the one who wrote the song for Anastasia, saying he felt he had some sort of duty towards showing his respect and naturally, the band was 100% on board. “The lyrics took a very long time for we wanted to get them just right” says Phil. Since the final recording of the song, the band has received a lot of positive feedback including Anastasia’s aunt and father in regards to the song.

These guys continue to demonstrate their compassion and channel that into their music as well as their performances. One example is that all the band members write “LOVE” on their arms before they start a show as their way of showing their support to the “To Write Love On Her Arms” movement – a non-profit organisation directed at raising awareness as well as giving hope to those who are suffering from depression, addiction, self injury, or thoughts of suicide. “The essential message is that people need to be loved. So we do it at shows to support TWLOHA, but more importantly to support the theme behind it.” says Steve. This need to share the message of love seems to come directly from the band’s foundation. Relying on each other for motivation as well as their main crush that is their love for the music, they work on making that love attainable to all. “We’re not trying to be tough guys or act like big shots on stage; we’re there to bring our music to people, to share with them, and to have a good time. The world has enough negative influences & destructive forces as it is, so we figure the least we can do is make music that helps people; gives them a little hope and shows them a little love!” explains Pat. TSA’s goals are so simple: love music, make music, share love and music. After spending even such a short amount of time talking with the band, the music food chain they describe seems so right and fitting.

There are two defining qualities that I have come to discover in the band members of TSA: awareness and motivation. They are examples of our youth using the information of today's upsets and realities and creating something optimistic and uplifting. They are conscious of what they are doing and want to be sure that whatever that may be, it is with the best of intentions and the band's personal best. Without a doubt, The Sound Approach has turned me into a fan girl.

Special thanks to Christian Gendron of for TSA's band photography. For more information regarding the TWLOHA movement, visit to see how you can get involved. Another shout-out and thank you to Phil, Steve, and Pat of The Sound Approach for being so awesome. To listen to their latest song ''Second To None'' and give in to all the hype, check out their website Their next show is at LiVE 88.5 Lounge at 128.5 York Street in Ottawa on March 11th. I'll be sure to see you all there. Until then fellow music lovers and classmates, see you in the halls with my headphones on.

- Meaghan Tardif-Bennett
- Champlain College


"Listen." - EP (2012)
1. Leave This City
2. Still My Soul Cries
3. Count To Fifty
4. Say You Need It
5. Dead Ringer
6. Never See Nineteen (Remastered)
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"Home Free" - Single (2013)
1. Home Free
Find it on iTunes:



The Sound Approach is based in Lacolle, QC, a small town of around 2,500 located right on the border of New York state (about 45 mins from Montreal).

In our first summer together (2011), TSA was selected to play at Brome Fair, the International des Montgolfieres (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu), Bedford Fair, Ormstown Fair, and the Festival de la Saint-Valentin. In 2012, TSA returned to Brome Fair and won a spot to play at the Festival d'ete de la Vallee-du-Richelieu (formerly Festival d'ete de Beloeil) by making it to the finals of their Concours de la Releve. 

Most recently, TSA spent 4 months touring eastern Canadian high schools (playing roughly 70 shows) with non-profit organization Live Different. The tour was followed up with summer performances at the Brockville New Music Fest, Warnockstock, and a headlining show at Petit-Campus in downtown Montreal.

Please take a moment to check out our EP and video clip for 'Leave This City":


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