The Sound Brokerage

The Sound Brokerage


The emotive quality of music owes in part to the fact that we associate it with particular events or stages of our lives.

Our aim is to evoke these profound experiences or memories through the music we make.


The Sound Brokerage is an electronic music project comprising an anonymous and evolving roster of musicians, visual artists and DJs based in Singapore.

Experimental and "technologically driven" at its core, the collective draws inspiration from its diverse roster of dedicated artists and engineers. Stylistically, their music can be best described as a fusion of techno, acid house and experimental sounds.

The group's fundamental ideals take the intrinsically symbiotic relationship between music and technology, blending and fusing the two into sounds that evoke emotions and provoke thoughts.

"The science and art of sound continues to be a wonder for us in that we continue to experience it like we are always discovering something new; it is like the soundtrack to one's life, a playlist renewing itself all the time.”