The Sound Junkies
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The Sound Junkies

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Sound Junkies - Fathom"

Tim Yunker and the Sound Junkies don’t play what you’d expect them to play. The vocals are a bit jazzy and a bit funky with a dash of hip-hop flare, sitting on of drum-driven, full band beats. The songs are mellow but possess a flare of energy that makes them danceable.

The group reps Colorado as well as anyone, seemingly reflecting the urban spice of our city while bringing out what makes the 303 the place to be. This record is, undoubtedly, one of the most unique submissions we’ve received here at CMB.

These guys have a truly unique sound. I kept expecting the songs to jump into a faster tempo with hard-hitting rapping becoming the dominant force, but they never left the mother ship of smooth, tripped out rhythms that make their music unique. The record left me feeling excited; I have finally found a group that stands out amongst the often-mundane masses of music being thrown upon the modern world. - Colorado Music Buzz


Travelin' Shoes (2008)
Duck and Cover (2010)
Microphones Don't Lie (2011)
Fathom (2013)



Tim Yunker: Vocalist / Guitarist / Historical Nut
Alex Buxton: Bass Guitarist / Movie Enthusiast
Chris Winslow: Percussionist / Organizational Freak

So named for their addiction to music and sound in general and led by the versatile
vocal stylings of Tim Yunker, this trio delivers a musical firestorm with Denver, Colorado as the
infernal core.

The group's history is one of additions, starting with the solid foundation of singer/
songwriter Tim, who lived near central Colorado in a town called Monument. Wishing to
expand and deepen his sound, Tim sought out the skills of Alex, a resident of neighboring
Colorado Springs who had been honing his tapping and picking skills . The two fused their
sounds to create a dynamic and harmonious product that worked well both acoustically and
electronically. Hearing their creation, they determined that a flesh and bones drummer could
be a valuable asset. Soon after they added Chris, an east-coaster sporting a Red Sox hat that
flew in the face of their beloved Rockies club. It was almost too much to bear, but they
decided to overlook his bent brim and focus rather on his head-thumping rhythms.
None of them have looked back since.

The Sound Junkies' Discography

Travelin' Shoes (2008): Solo Album by Tim Yunker
Flavor: Notes of melancholy; moody with an intrinsic finish. Chill.

Duck and Cover (2009): Tim Yunker and Alex Buxton
Flavor: Hip and hops, energetic tones with subtle calming notes. All purpose.

Microphones Don't Lie (2010): Tim Yunker, Alex Buxton, Chris Winslow
Flavor: Observational; kinetically stimulating. High energy with moments of solace.