The Sound Museum

The Sound Museum

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Sound Museum is a psychedelic band from Cincinnati. Our music crosses genres, but includes psych, surf, progressive, jazz, rock, funk, ambient, and much more. Our live show is frenetically energetic. We mix unique music and experimental visual arts to achieve maximum sensory overload.


The Sound Museum is a Cincinnati-based band that produces a unique blend of experimental rock, delving into psychedelic, surf, jazz, prog, and ambient realms. Band members write original songs and perform all instrumentation between themselves, including guitar, percussion, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, percussion, samples and original environmental recordings. Visuals are also tremendously important. We utilize projections, paintings and lighting.

The band has has been compared to such artists as Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, King Crimson and The Flaming Lips.


The Sound Museum, 'Self Titled' E.P. - 2011

The Sound Museum, 'Queen City Sessions' Live Recording - 2012 (to see video, copy this url into your browser:

Currently Recording, tentative release date summer, 2013

Set List

Original Set List
Between 30 - 45 minutes.

We will add interesting cover songs if necessary.