The Sounds of Salvation Trio

The Sounds of Salvation Trio

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We are Charles & Jareta Sturgell and Wayne Woodard The Sounds of Salvation Trio. We are a southern gospel trio with a country gospel sound. We have tight harmony and original music with powerful gospel messages. We will go anywhere the Lord leads us to sing His praises and see a soul saved.


Hello! We are The Sounds of Salvation Trio. Charles and Jareta Sturgell and Wayne Woodard. We love The Lord and serving Him is our number one priority. We sing southern gospel music and Charles is also an evangelist. He loves to preach the Word of God. Charles & Jareta are originally from Western Kentucky. But have lived in the mountains of East Tennessee since January of 1996. In 1994 Charles was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. In 1995 he had a reoccurance. Charles had a third reoccurance in February of 1996 right after they moved. God miraculously healed him in May of 1996. The cancer has been in remission ever since. Charles thought he was dying but God showed him how to live!! He saved his soul April 20th 1997 and called him to preach in August of 1999. Jareta grew up serving the Lord by playing the piano and singing in the choir in church. She was saved when she was eight years old at Hamlet Baptist Church in Benton, Kentucky, she says, "I can still remember what it felt like when The Lord was knocking on my hearts door. That is a day I will never forget. I am honored and humbled to be a part of this ministry and serve The Lord daily." Wayne accepted Jesus as his Savior around the age of eleven during a revival. It was during his teen years that the Lord firmly planted the seed of love for His music in his heart. Wayne's prayer is for the Lord to continually plant his feet on the road that He wants him to travel for His work and Glory. We also want to mention Wayne's wife Jenny. She runs the sound equipment for the group. She has worked for the Lord for many years in different areas of her home church as well as running sound for the music ministry. She is a wonderful Christian and has such a sweet spirit. The ministry keeps us very busy traveling to different areas. If you would like for us to come to your church to sing or for Charles to preach the Gospel just give us a call. Our phone number is (423)921-0403. We would love to hear from you. Or you can e-mail us at: Please check our Itinerary for our schedule of places we will be. Please keep us in your prayers and May God Bless You!!


Bigger Than Me

Written By: Charles & Jareta Sturgell

By: Charles & Jareta Sturgell

Sometimes this world, overwhelms my soul,
And I don’t know which way to turn.
Placing my trust in the one who is bigger than me
Was a hard lesson to learn.
My back was bent from carrying the load,
Of the world on my shoulders it seemed.
Then I met the one who created it all.
He said, “Cast all your cares on me.”

Now I look to the one who is bigger than me.
He threw out the stars, He poured out the sea.
There’s not a problem He can’t solve
Or an answer He cannot find.
He formed every mountain,
I have to climb.

When I look at the world from his point of view.
Things seem smaller somehow.
When I’m faced with a trial I can’t get through.
I have an advocate now.
Now there is someone to carry the load
When the burdens get too hard to bear.
I don’t have to do it all on my own
Jesus my Savior is there.


That Joy

Written By: Charles & JAreta Sturgell

By: Charles & Jareta Strugell

There’s joy that comes from knowing,
Jesus as your King.
It passes understanding.
It makes you want to sing.
Don’t you want, that joy?
Don’t you want, that joy?

There’s joy that comes from serving
Jesus every day.
A joy that’s everlasting,
It never fades away.
Don’t you want, that joy?
Don’t you want, that joy?

That Joy, that comes in the morning!
That sees you through the night.
That Joy, that when it’s storming,
Let’s you know everything’s alright.
That Joy, is the Lord’s salvation
It’s your full and free!
For the joy set before him
Jesus died on Calvary!
Don’t you want, that joy?
Don’t you want, that joy?

There’s joy that comes from knowing
Heaven is your home.
Joy like a river flowing
Like you have never known.
Don’t you want, that joy?
Don’t you want, that joy?
He said, “My joy I leave you
No man can take away.”
In the world there’s tribulation,
But I have made a way.
Don’t you want,That joy?
Don’t you want, that joy?


The Gospel According to You

Written By: Charles & Jareta Sturgell

By: Charles & Jareta Sturgell

We write a Gospel every single day.
By the things we do and the words we say.
Men read what we write, whether faithless or true.
So what’s the Gospel according to you?

Are we a light shining from the hill?
Or do we walk in darkness still?
Others are watching every thing we do.
So what’s the Gospel according to you?

We’re the only Bible some souls ever read.
Let’s be careful where we walk
They follow where we lead.
“Love one another, as I’ve loved you.”
Is that the Gospel according to you?

Do our lives reflect the love of Christ?
Do our actions honor his sacrifice?
Do we love each other as He taught us to do?
What’s the Gospel according to you?
Is that the Gospel according to you?
according to you?

Jesus Is My Strength

Written By: Charles & Jareta Sturgell

By: Charles & Jareta Sturgell

I found my strength, when I walked down the aisle that day.
Jesus was waiting when I knelt to pray.

He knew I was burdened and couldn’t go on.
He said, “Here’s my shoulder for you to lean on.”

Jesus is my strength. He’s my everything!
He bears all my burdens. He’ll carry me through.
Call upon his name, and He’ll do the same for you!
Oh oooh Jesus is my strength!

When I get weak from fighting all the sin around.
I still know where my strength is found.
Jesus is there. Holding my hand.
Lifting me up. Helping me stand.

I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me!
He saved my soul
Now He lives in side of me!

The Cross Says It All

Written By: Charles & Jareta Sturgell

The sign above his thorn crowned head said,
“Hail the king of Jews!”
Not a single word he said
As they pierced him through.

He cried, “Father forgive them
For they not what they do.”
Then he bowed his head and died
His final work was through.

Oh, the cross says, “your debt’s been paid.”
By the Holy Lamb of God, the sacrifice was made.
Now his blood cries out can’t you hear the call? “Jesus saves!”
And the cross says it all!

He brought the message,
From his father’s throne on high.
For the sins of mankind,
The Savior had to die.

When he cried, “It’s finished!”
He meant for eternity.
They place him in a borrowed tomb.
But he rose in victory!

The cross says salvation ,is your full and free!
The work of redemption, was complete at Calvary!

Feeding On The Manna

Written By: Charles & Jareta Sturgell

I’m feedin on the manna
On my way to the promised land.
Shoutin loud hosanna’s,
Clinging to a saving hand.

Traveling with Jesus on the narrow way.
He supplies my every need.
He sends down the manna from Heaven every day
And on his word I daily feed!


Jesus is the manna, the bread from Heaven.
That satisfies my hungry soul.
His grace is sufficient. His spirit’s all I need,
To lift me up and make me whole.

All is vain, unless the Spirit
Of the Holy one comes down.
Won’t you pray that Holy manna
Will be showered all around!
Clinging to a saving hand.


"The Cross Says It All", has been released on Cedar Hill Records, a division of The Eddie Crook Company, in Nashville, Tn. "Feedin' On The Manna", was released as a single, February 2008. "Jesus Is My Strength" is being released October 2008.
"Bigger Than Me" was released in March 2006 on "GoodHouse Records" An independent lable. The title song was released through Lighthouse Promotions as a single.
"Just Passing Through" was released through WVSG Promotions.

Set List

A typical set for us is around 30 to 45 minutes of original material.
We can do traditional hymns upon request.