The Soupbone Throne

The Soupbone Throne


Acoustic Alt./Rock, groove- oriented music, with expressive, thought inducing lyrics.


Throw away any pre-conceived misconceptions about Rock/Metal not being able to co-habitate with acoustic instruments. The Soupbone Throne lays those arguments to rest. With a genre-defying sound, and dark, mysterious, lyrical content, the band proves that when it comes to their music, they follow no rules, and take no prisoners.
Hailing from the Seacoast area of New Hampshire, where their shows have reached legendary status, the band is rapidly conquering the rest of New England. Performances at the 2004 Mill City Festival in NH, The prestigious Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge, MA, Geno's in Portland,ME, the home of leather clad Rock n' Rollers, and Copperfield's at Fenway Park in Boston,MA, among many, many other shows, have only cemented the bands reputation as excellent songcrafters, brilliant musicians,and fantastic showmen. Recently, the band has been performing in New York City, with sold out shows at CBGB's, Piano's and Rothko,where they shared the stage with Thommy Price's Special Forces, Joan Jetts side project. They have also appeared with Vince Welnick [Grateful Dead, Todd Rundgren, The Tubes], Assembly Of Dust, and Gary Hoey, among others. The band was voted 'The Best Drawing Band' in Boston in for August 2006 and one of the '4 Best Boston Area Bands' for the year 2006' , by Anthem Entertainment.
The Soupbone Throne's music can be heard on radio stations nationwide, such as WXRV-FM in MA, WBRS-FM in MA, SNHU in NH, WBCN-FM in MA, to CD101 in Columbus, OH, and even as far away as Hawaii, where they are becoming staples on KKCR-FM. Their music has been picked up by podcasters through out the world, via the PodSafe Network.They have recently reached the milestone of having one of the songs [Square WithThe House] on their debut CD reach #20 on's Hot 200 Downloads[New Artist] list.
With Coby Dodd on Vocals,patrolling the stage like a caged panther, the fluid guitar playing of Cary Dodd , the hyper-active, groove inducing chops of Bassist Adam Horr, and the ever -steady, ever- ready, Travis Barton on percussion, The Soupbone Throne has indeed begun to, as Jamie Perkins of Spotlight Magazine states in his review, "... build their kingdom, misanthropic and dark as it may be".
Reviews of The Soupbone Throne's debut CD are universally incredible, with Music4Life calling the band "The Next Big Thing", "Great Energy...Great Vibe!" cited The Noise-Boston, Bob Donovan, editor of Northeast Intune magazine stated " These guys are GREAT! For Real!", and the list goes on and on. Jam Magazine gave the CD 9 1/2 out of 11 stars, and Showcase Magazine's Martin England called the band " ...a clean, raw, powerful lot...sure to spot this quartet squarely among the ranks of local giants".
The Soupbone Throne's addictive grooves will get your toes tapping, and their lyrics are bound to entrance you. Sit back and relax...just don't get too comfortable. Welcome to the world of 'THE SOUPBONE THRONE.


CD- The Soupbone Throne Self Titled Transit/Nova
Singles- 'Square With The House' #20 Hot Download 5/10/05
'Scrape' From forthcoming CD
The bands music can also be heard on the following podcasts,as of 4/27:
Show Name Date Played Episode Name Song Played
MyPod Mar24 2006 Episode 20 Scrape
Rusty Dagger Podcast Mar5 2006 Episode 007 Scrape
Rusty Dagger Podcast Mar13 2006 Episode 008 Eye On The Ceiling
Rusty Dagger Podcast Mar20 2006 Episode 009 Drywall
Rusty Dagger Podcast Apr3 2006 Episode 011 Death March
Rusty Dagger Podcast Mar27 2006 Episode 010 Square With The House
Wind On the Plains Mar3 2006 Episode 48 Eye On The Ceiling
101 Uses For Baby Wipes Mar10 2006 Episode 130 Sera Says
X Pat Radio Mar5 2006 X Pat Radio 10 Caution
X Pat Radio Mar13 2006 Death March
kevin and fatma take on the world Mar18 2006 kevinandfatmatakeontheworld10 Death March
Olive and Martinii Show Mar25 2006 Olive and Martini Show 22 Caution
Deliberate Noise Apr19 2006 Deliberate Noise No 37 Eye On The Ceiling
Get Jacked Apr27 2006 GJ87: House and Home Square With The House

Set List

The band splits their original songs into two sets of 13, each set lasting about an hour and a half. See set lists below.

They perform some cover songs , one of which has grown to become a fan favorite. It is a amalgam of songs written by Tupac Shakur. They refer to it as "Tupac Tribute".

Sera Says
Natural Born Killer
Square With The House
Something Simple
Death March
Breathing Holes
On The Wall
Snatching Crumbs
Knowing Better

The Vent
Sale Of The Century
Mad Green
My Medicine
B is for Badass
Just Between Us
The Nearest Star
Eye On The Ceiling