The Southern Sea

The Southern Sea


Melody wrapped indie-rock for the people. Birthed in Texas and nourished with Beatles and Beach Boys; The Southern Sea craft something a little like sixties-influenced sci-folk. Try melding harmonies from the sixties with a little eccentric indie-rock and you can expect a good listen.


Melody wrapped indie-rock for the people. With influences as vast as the state they call home, Texas independent artists The Southern Sea keep crafting sixties-influenced sci-folk for anyone that will take the time to listen. What is sci-folk you ask? Well...who the heck knows. I guess it's just as good a genre description as indie-rock, dream-pop, slo-core, lo-fi or indie-pop. Try to meld the vocal harmonies from the sixties with some synthesizers, a Rhodes piano, a theremin, an organ, a xylophone, an omnichord, guitars, drums and simple songwriting and you might get close.
The guys have been together for about five years now and don't have plans to stop anytime soon. With two self-recorded EPs (Nina and the Wrong Note & the more recent Simple Machines for Complex Problems); two compilations (one of which was released by Velvet Blue Music, once home to great bands like the Lassie Foundation, Bloomsday, Fine China, LN, etc); songs being played on college radio stations like KTCU 88.7 FM (Ft Worth, Texas), KNTU 88.1 FM (Denton, Texas), RCS 107.2 FM (Somewhere in Spain) they've kept busy.

If you're interested, patient and local you can catch them play live shows occasionally at music venues all over the Dallas metroplex like the Gypsy Tea Room, Trees, Rubber Gloves, Hailey's, The Wreck Room, The Cavern, Curtain Club, Liquid Lounge, Club Clearview or Double Wide. They've shared the stage with some of the best bands in Texas. Bands like Pleasant Grove (Badman Recording Co.), Midlake (Bella Union), The Theater Fire (Christmas Mountains Records), Comet (Spune) and others.


Nina and the Wrong Note (EP) (Independent)
Simple Machines for Complex Problems (EP) (Independent)
Old House Records 2007 Sampler (Old House Records)

Set List

1. Girl at Terminal B
2. Hotel Mishaps are Sad
3. Viva la Guadalajara Bob
4. Iowa Mountain Tour
5. These Things Always End Badly
6. Quarks
7. Red Riding Overcoat
8. The Mighty Cottonwood Creek
9. Trucks Are Rollerskates

Sets are 30 to 45 Minutes