The South French Broads
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The South French Broads


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"Smart Bets"

If Frank Zappa and Minutemen front man D. Boone had ever gotten trapped in an elevator together with a bass, drum set and an arsenal of toy pianos, slide whistles, samplers and harmonicas, they might have produced something a bit like the music of the South French Broads. The duo is native to Asheville (if you couldn't have guessed that from the name) and pounds out songs that swing from noisy, discordant circus music into bassy-funk jams and back again. But, as the saying goes, a slide-whistle solo is worth a thousand words – so you should probably stop reading this and just go see them at Static Age on Nov. 25. Show starts at 8 p.m.
- Mountain Express


The South French Broads - Self-Released 8-song EP

Local Color Interview/Performance - recorded live at Echo Mtn studios, Asheville, NC for WNCW's local music show.



It was a blistering hoy day in Asheville, NC, early August of 2005, when the duo encountered each other for the first time. Radix was walking up the block with his son Leo and daughter Olive while Alex was walking down the block with his two daughters Morgan and Reyna. The sidewalk was narrow, so when the groups met they were forced to come to a stand-still. A passerby in a car whistled something at Radix assuming that he was a local prostitute, even with kids in tow. Radix cursed loudly at the solicitor who then quickly drove off. Alex, offended at such word usage in front of his youngins screamed, "Hey Buddy Watch Your French!" Radix countered back and said, "I'd like to get by you but your shoulders are too damn broad!" Alex abrubtly picked up his kids, shuffled past Radix and his kids and headed south. Both parties were happy that they were at last free to continue their stroll......... But, for some magical and unexplained reason Radix decided to look back upon Alex and his crew when he noticed a bass string coming out of Alex's shoe. And for some magical and unexplained reason Alex decided to look back upon Radix and his crew when he noticed a drumstick coming out of Radix's pocket (even though he was naked at the time). After such realizations, Alex and Radix bounded up the block toward each other, embraced in mid-air, and immediately began making beautiful music together (of course leaving their kids to fend for themselves out on the street) And based on the southern direction Alex and family were traveling, the foul mouth of Radix and the broad shoulders involved they decided to call their project of destiny " THE SOUTH FRENCH BROADS !!!! "

The South French Broads are an eclectic 2-piece ensemble that incorporate bass, drums, sax, harp, vocals, and sound toys into an energetic mix of rock, punk, jazz, comedy and theatrics. Based in Asheville, NC, the duo has been playing the local scene to a steadily growing following and has been branching out into the region.

While seasoned musicianship is apparent, the duo seek foremost to entertain with a variety of styles, stories, instruments, and a fast paced set of pieces that rarely reach 3 minutes. Oddly original