The Spaceship Blues

The Spaceship Blues


The Spaceship Blues is a psychedelic fuzz rock band that plays loud, gritty, stadium style rock music. Wild solos and plenty of hooks display the bands conviction to both attitude and solid songwriting. Cap it off with leathery thick vocals and you have the makings of a great hard rock experience.


The Spaceship Blues found its beginnings when Mike Nixon (Guitar) and George Warford (Vocals) were introduced through friends and quickly realized that they shared a mutual appreciation for many different styles of music. From classic rock to alternative, electronic beats to industrial angst, the two musicians drew on many different influences to hone in their own musical style. A rich blend of power and emotion flavor their Rock and Roll concoction and give listeners a ride that is both compelling and memorable.

After playing with a number of musicians for a few years, the pair eventually hooked up with a couple of NixonsÕ high school friends. Jay Shrubsall (Drums) and Tim Snazel (Bass) joined The Spaceship Blues after their band Edith Keeler (must die) suddenly dispersed. Shrubsall, the man behind the drums, has a reputation for smashing the skins with authority and passion. Boasting a thunderous style and evil chops, he has all the right tools to help the band blast their way into the hearts of fans. Tim Snazel is in charge of flicking the deep, dark bass strings for the band. As a practiced guitar player, Snazel knows all the right grooves to lay over NixonsÕ psychedelic riffs, while locking in on the drums like a viper on its prey. Together the two musicians were the final peices and the line up was complete for The Spaceship Blues.

Currently, the band has just finished recording its newest album. Says Nixon ,ÒThe new album promises to be a serious artistic statement and a melting pot of a million influences.Ó Their previous Self Titled EP received generous airplay on a number of radio stations and podcasts including; Y108Õs Get Hammered Indie Show; CFMU 93.3 FM (Top 30 - 3 weeks); C 101.5 FM (Top 30 - 7 weeks, holding #1 for 3 weeks); CKXU 88.3 FM (Top 30 - 1 week); Capital Rock Show (EP 039); BandRadio Live; IndieCan Music; Axe Hound (Rock To The Top Contest); Blog TO and AMPed, as well as being voted Favorite Local Band in the View Magazines 2006 Readers Choice Awards. The band is doing its best to get out and play as many shows as possible, so keep your eyes open for a show near you and your ears open for more new music from The Spaceship Blues.

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TITLE: The Spaceship Blues, Self Titled Full Length Album
AIRPLAY: Y108 FM Get Hammered Indie Show, CFMU 93.3 FM McMaster Radio (Hamilton), Local-Radio (Bremen, Germany), CFBU 103.7 FM Brock Radio (St. Catharines) ...more to come.

TITLE: The Spaceship Blues, Self-Titled EP
RELEASE DATE: February 2005
AIRPLAY: Has received air play by local College and University Radio Stations, as well as the Get Hammered Indie Show on Y108 FM. Held #1 for three weeks at C 101.5 FM Mohawk Mohawk Radio. "Full Tilt" added to podcast on . Feature podcast on Capital Rock Show (Episode 039, April 20, 2006), IndieCan's The Toronto Indie Scene Episode VI (April 24, 2006), BlogTO Podcast (May 04, 2006), Cygnus Radio, AMPed Podcast via Capital Rock Show (July 3, 2006) and more, Entered in Axe Hounds 'Rock To The Top' Contest (September 2006).


TITLE: The Spaceship Blues Demo


Set List

1) Typical set time between 30-45 minutes.

2) Set lists are mainly original music, sometimes with one cover song.

3) Covers could include any songs from a hard rock genre.

4) Please visit the Video Area for a two song preview of Rollin All Night, and Full Tilt.

Set 1 (35-45 min)

1) Floored
2) Its Falling Down
3) Rollin All Night
4) Slow Slide
5) Swamps
6) Full Tilt
7) Monsters
8) Have A Cigar (Cover)

Set 2 (30-40 min)

1) Its Falling Down
2) Rollin All Night
3) Slow Slide
4) Outlaw Blues (Cover)
5) Rocket Race
6) Full Tilt
7) Swamps