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The SpaceSuit Junkies

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
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"FGCU band player to open for Wiz"

Floor seats went on sale Feb. 1 and sold out the next day. They sold for $15 each and if you try to hunt for tickets online you’ll be able to find them for $100 or more.
Wiz Khalifa is the headliner at Nest Fest this Friday. Sammy Adams is the supporting artist and The Spacesuit Junkies and Chaysen will be the opening act for this year’s concert.
What you might not know is that one of the members of The Spacesuit Junkies is a student at FGCU.
Stevie Johnson, better known as S-Jayy, is a senior, and one half of The Spacesuit Junkies. Him and his partner, Plex Boogie, started The Spacesuit Junkies two years ago.
The name Spacesuit Junkies represents these two artists’ addiction to spreading their message through their unique style of music.
The two met several times performing at different showcases when they noticed that they shared the same music style and the desire to bring something new to hip-hop. They spent some time in the studio together and after a couple of sessions it was obvious that their chemistry was unmatched.
“Music gives me a platform to express myself and everyone listens to what I have to say,” S-Jayy said. “I’m inspired by artists that have a great independent movement like Wiz, ASAP Rocky, Mac Miller and No Limit back in the day,” he said.
The Spacesuit Junkies have dropped two mix tapes “Moonrockz” and “The Spacesuit Junkies EP,” which have been featured on hip-hop blogs such as,, and
“Moonrockz” represents The Spacesuit Junkies outside the box approach to their music and image.
They’ve also just released their third mix tape “BoomBoxx,” which has received great reviews and is available for a free download on sites such as and
During Nest Fest, The Spacesuit Junkies will be selling merchandise such as Teamspacesuit T-shirts, stickers and their new mix tape “BoomBoxx.”
The Spacesuit Junkies have also teamed up with clothing designer Mark Batties, who is the owner of CrowdKing Clothing, to create a limited edition Spacesuit Junkies shirt, which will be available for purchase for $20.
Students will also have the opportunity to purchase other items from CrowdKing Clothings new spring line.
If you want to party with The Spacesuit Junkies after the concert they will be hosting an after-party at Balleyorney’s right after the show. Balleyorney is located at 13851 South Tamiami Trail Fort Myers, FL 33912.
For more information on The Spacesuit Junkies follow them on twitter @teamspacesuit and Like their Facebook fan page at - Destiny Brunson Eagle News

"Unsigned Friday"

When I first started this feature I never thought I'd get as many submissions as I do. Unfortunately half of the submissions STILL do not follow the directions for this post, so they get deleted. Anyway, I've been surprised by how much good, undiscovered music there is and I hope this feature serves it's purpose. This week we got some smooth hip hop from a duo known as The Spacesuit Junkies.

Who: The Spacesuit Junkies

What: Sounds Like LMFAO Partied With Black Star And Got Arrested By The Beastie Boys.

Where: Fort Myers, FL relocating to Atlanta, GA

When: Our New Mixtape BoomBoxx Just Dropped On March 27 2012 And Is Available On Soundcloud, And Also For Free Download.

Biggest Moment: Our Biggest Moment To Date Was Definitely Finding Out That We Were Opening For Wiz Khalifa This Month. April 13th To Be Exact. -

"Check Out These Unsigned Grinders. Dope!"

We receive a lot of music from up and coming artist and the vast majority of the submissions need to go back to the drawing board, but every now and then we get a gem. This is one of those gems. Much potential here. Very versatile. This was one of the few occasions I could listen to an up and comers mixtape from top to bottom. In fact I had the mixtape on repeat as I worked on a few projects throughout the day. Must’ve played it 30 times and didn’t get mad at it. Impressive my yoots.

Now keep it going. -

"Artist You Should Know: Spacesuit Junkies"

In the rap game there are more artists than you can imagine that make great music, but go unknown for years before they finally break into the big leagues. Fortunately for Spacesuit Junkies they're breaking out sooner rather than later - already opening for Wiz Khalifa at the Nest Fest.

I got the chance to interview this duo about their biggest influences, favorite memory, and their dream collaboration.

Did you both always know that you wanted to be rappers?

S-Jayy: Not exactly. I always wanted to be in the spotlight, but as a star NBA player. That was my dream. I won a ton of awards but being 5'11'' the NBA dream wasn't happening. So I started taking rap more seriously and now that I am in college our movement has really taken off!

Plex: Yea me either. I always wanted to be behind the scenes working as a recording engineer and producer. When I was 18 I opened up a small recording studio and began recording a lot of local artists. Thats when I realized that I had potential to be an artist myself. So I just ran with it.

Who are your biggest influences?

We are really big fans of artists and producers such as Kanye, Pharrell, and Timbaland who kept it original, created their own sound, and stayed honest to who they were. We are also fans of the independent movement so we respect artists like Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, and Asap Rocky for their relentless work ethic.

What struggles have you faced since you began as Spacesuit Junkies?

Some of the biggest challenges we have faced are finding an accurate way to describe our music and finding other artists and producers to collaborate with that complement our style of music.

What has been your favorite memory since you began?

We bugged out when we found out we were opening for Wiz Khalifa at this years Nest Fest! It's a big reward for all the hard work we've put into our music.

If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would it be?

Definitely Pharrell! His music embodies the uniqueness and creativity that we hope to one day bring to the game. We would make the craziest music together!

Where would you like to be in the next 5 years?

We aim to become a household name in hip hop and pop culture while also becoming a strong influence for other up and coming artists. We also look forward to expanding our brand in other directions such as television and fashion.

What can we expect from Spacesuit Junkies later this year?

We are slowly approaching the release of our new mixtape #Boom_Boxx which will be dropping in March. Following #Boom_Box we will immediately begin working on more projects and collaborations. We were also given the honor of opening up for Wiz Khalifa April 13th at Nest Fest. You can expect more music videos and many more shows before the years end. Stayed tuned for whats next! #TEAMSPACESUIT - inspirer magazine

"Plexboogie & S-Jayy SpaceSuit Junkies EP Review"

Emerging from Ocala, FL and Melbourne, FL arrive two talents who cannot be categorized into just one genre. Plex (Boogie) and S-Jayy offer a breath of fresh air and originality in every aspect of new age music, which is in dire need within a struggling music industry. Fresh off the heels of their successful mixtape “Moon Rocks” gives way to the highly anticipated EP “Spacesuit Junkies”.

With the addition of “It’s So Simple” originally on the Moon Rocks mixtape, the duo starts off by appeasing the ladies with “Away We Go” and the slick sounds of “Luz Control”.

I see so much potential for Plex & S-Jayy in the future. Given their many strengths, including their impeccable lyrical skills and their space-aged beats and production, they are sure to land a major deal. In the future, with tracks like “The Anthem”, I see the ability to collaborate with other A-list artists like Good Charlotte or Travis Barker and with the newly added “Get Slow” to the EP it has major radio airplay all over it. In the interim break out your spacesuits because it seems Houston that Plex and S-Jayy have solved the problem.

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Released: 2012
*14 Tracks
--"Get Slow"
--"Showin' Out" ft. Jarren Benton
--"Body Go Hammer"
--"Late Night"
--"No Love Song"

The Spacesuit Junkies EP
Released: 2011
*5 Tracks
--"The Anthem"-(Radio)
--"Luz Control"
--"Get Slow"-(Radio)
--"It's So Simple"-(Radio)
--"Away We Go"

Released: 2010
*13 Tracks
--"Work It Out"
--"It's So Simple"



The Spacesuit Junkies consists of Plex Boogie and S-Jayy—two hip-hop talents that met while on their individual missions to bring something new to the industry. After crossing paths at a few showcases, the two artists noticed a similarity in their direction of music and decided to hit the studio. A couple of productive sessions later they knew that had stumbled on to something exceptional.

Their collaboration began with a bang, completing a mix tape entitled "MoonRockz" under the name Plex & S-Jayy. MoonRockz consisted of 12 tracks dedicated to witty metaphors, hard-hitting bass lines, and melodic choruses. The title "MoonRockz" was symbolic of their “outside the box” approach to their music and image.

With the success of MoonRockz, they were able to expand their fan base and begin to build a brand but they knew they needed a group name that conveyed their message and defined who they were.

The name “Spacesuit Junkies” represents these two artists' addiction to spreading their message through their unique style of music. Using their slick charm and witty lyrics, The Spacesuit Junkies deliver a fresh sound and a positive message, telling the world to "just be themselves”.