The Spacetones

The Spacetones

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The Spacetones are an independent intergalactic hip-hop trio from the vast tundras of Springfield, Missouri. The group uses no computers in the creation of their music, relying solely on drum machines, samplers, turntables, and occasionally live instrumentation to exhibit their unique sound.


The Spacetones bring a fresh perspective to the ever growing hip-hop scene. DJ Geeg brings the trios hot productions to the stage with while mixing in the newest, most progressive beats of the scene. MCs Tah Mii Pee and Chuckmo round out the group with original rhymes and lyric.
In their hometown of Springfield, Missouri; the Spacetones represent the live scene with an almost weekly appearance at LemonDrop nights downtown. [LemonDrop was originally a record label co-founded by the groups own MC Chuckmo (who occasionally mixes live video for The Spacetones, too) . LemonDrop is now an over-arching organization that helps “nurture local creative culture.” ] The group’s live show is constantly evolving with songs from their debut LP “MoonTunes” and the upcoming solo debut of MC Tah Mii Pee.
The trio has also gained attention recently with opening gigs with the Digable Planet’s Doodlebug and Butterfly, Big Gigantic, and Tennessee’s own Lord T and Eloise. The Spacetones continue to grow, gain new fans, and bring the party wherever they play.


Serving You Something Tasty [LP 2006]

Moon Tunes [LP 2008] free at

Tah Mii Pee's currently untitled solo debut [LP sometime soon 2010]

Set List

Sets can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. They play originals from their albums (as seen in discography)