The Spades

The Spades


Urban "Hoodbillies" theSPADES play a brutal onslaught of progressive hardcore that sounds like The Misfits, Motorhead, and Jimi Hendrix raising hell at a dive bar outside an Indian reservation.


Yes, many Americans are finding it clear that theSPADES spell doom for the youth of today and they're doing not a thing to stop it. theSPADES are three men with guns who drive the highway to hell with one destination in mind: FRIED CHICKEN!!You wanna bite?


First full-length album "2012 Blowjob Apocalypse" is scheduled for a mid-2010 release!

Set List

Back And To The Left
Fashion Victims
God Don't Like Ugly
Quo Vatez
Lick A Shot
Too Drunk to Care
Ten Gallon Canteen