the Spaghetti harp

the Spaghetti harp


Blending honest lyrics with a deft mix of psychedelic country, bluegrass and folk, the Spaghetti Harp, weave etheral moments that haunt.


Returning from a seven month journey on the Appalachian Trail in 2001, the Spaghetti Harp, aka Michael Libero, confronted a world altered; Not just by the events of September 11th, but the soul altering experience of back packing from Georgia to Maine.
Quiting his band before he left, Michael(34) considered his life in music over. The following seven months of hiking, constituted the longest, continuous time he had spent away from music The effect was striking. Endless melodies filled his head while hiking eight to ten hours a day. Beautiful old songs his father and mother always had playing in the house of his youth. One moment a heart breaking Hank Williams ballad, followed by an equally plaintive Sinatra swoon. Gone from his mind was all the music he thought he loved. The silence seemed only to allow time to truly worthy songs. Dylan survived, Gutherie was present, Irving Berlin, Armstrong, and Billie Hoilday visited. Days were spent endlessly hummin the Tenneessee Waltz while hiking through her mountains.
These were the sounds in his head. In the mountain towns he visited, another music awaited.

It was in Hot Springs, NC, while sleeping next to the train tracks, that he heard the first assured banjo plicks of authentic American bluegrass. He awoke to find a five piece rehearsing on the corner for an upcoming festival in town. He stood utterly speachless...this was the shit.
Having spent so much time in the mountains this music made sense... heartbreak, joy, murder, fear and God, it was all there...and you could dance to it.
That day changed everything.

Reaffirmed in music, Michael returned from the mountains, with stories and songs of his own. Songs, he hopes, that honor the tradition of the American troubadours, while pushing the boundaries ever further.


Remind Me How To Live

Written By: Michael Libero

I'm a woman of passion and hunger
I made you frightful, I made you wonder
but why can't you,
I said why can't you see
my love for you burns at a thousand degrees.

You filled my cup
with wine and with honey
I clung to you like a fool to his money
but I can compete
can't compete with the sorrow
just knowing I won't
see you tomorrow.

So remind me...
remind me how to live.
Please forgive my failures
teach me how to give.
I wish I could take back all those things I did
so come back baby come back
and remind me how to live.

I need some hope
some strength I can borrow
some seeds need grace to nourish their flowers
I need the sun
I need the showers
I need you baby to come back tomorrow


I've seen your ghost in the hallway
I've seen it on the stairs
Ever since you took your love away
I see you baby everywhere.


Try To Be Good

Written By: Michael Libero

You only got one shot at life.
Pick up a gun,
because the days cut like knives...
and it's no fun,
always living on the run.
So settle down.

You always include me in your lies.
Pick up my shoes,
and try them on for size...
is there no room?
oh, the blisters will come soon.
but in the end
would you regret that you're my friend?

A powder keg just needs a match.
Watch out for sparks,
when your itch needs a scratch...
cause someday soon,
you'll want to hum a different tune.
I thought you knew.
I thought you understood.
We can only be good.

Spanish Wine (running from the past)

Written By: Michael Libero

Like Romeo and Juliet
you know we only play at death
we waste our time choosin sides.

Holding out for better things
like spanish wine and diamond rings.
any kindness that you can bring.

But seven-thirty suicide-
we multiple and then divide-
goes were skippin just like a stone.

So feed the flag a mystery bone-
it's so corrupt, we give and go-
but don't look now...
that cancer's comin home.

So fill your sails with salad greens.
Your money can buy you the finer things...
the rest of us will sleep beneath the grass.

Just holdin out for better things;
like spanish wine and diamond rings
or simple favors from a long lost king.

Who shakes his hips in conga lines
fracturing our fertile minds.
Hands off his guitar as he goes.

But someday all these seranades
will be shattered by the hand gernades
fallin from a silenced radio.

But don't pretend that you don't know-
It's funny how the silence grows...
when you're starin down the barrel of a gun.

But oh my gosh it's such fun
it's only right that you should run
considering the sorrow that you bring...

but leave with us the finer things
like spanish wine and diamond rings
and watch as the frowns all collaspe... we're runnin from the past.


Currently recording debut CD.

Set List

You're Always Right
King of the Season
Phatom Mother's Lament
I Will Break my Heart
Drunk On Spanish Wine
Man Falling
I Should Worry
Too Much Forever
Try TO Be Good
Not Again
Fisherman's blues-waterboys
sweet illusions-ryan adams
I will survive-sad verison
when the stars go blue-r adams
One too many mornings -dylan
north country blues- dylan
sara- dylan
one more cup of coffee-dylan
Happy- brandi carilise
goodnight rose- r adams
I taught myself how to grow old- r adams
message in a bottle- police
silver lining-rilo kiley
cooperhead road-Steve earl