The [Spanish] Rose that Grew from Concrete

The [Spanish] Rose that Grew from Concrete

BandSpoken Word

Socially conscious, bold, urban,sexy, Latin


Born and raised in the urban jungle of South Los Angeles (Watts), Spanish Rose is one of the few Latinas, in Los Angeles, on the underground, spoken-word scene. She brings a message of love, courage and social consciousness to her audiences.

Her influences are her Mexican-American heritage, Tupac, Nas, The Doors, KRS1, Black Starr, Jill Scott, Oscar D'Leon, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Selena, Dead Prez, Nirvana, La India, Vicente Fernandez, Immortal Technique, Rakim, Tribe Called Quest, Common, The Pharcyde, Miguel Pinero and many more.


The Psychology of One Love

Written By: Spanish Rose

But he, he was different!

Psychology had me trippin'!

He had me psycho-analyzin' me and "...forever changin' the expression of my thoughts when I speak."

He had me borrowin' lines from Immortal Technique

I held him closer than close cuz like the song goes, "You Never Know"

See I had run into Vanity about a billion times over.

But Psychology- he was deep, he was here and it was over!

He could've reined over Vanity and worn the title righteously

Sexily, he didn't even know it.

He wasn't only about the id

And instant gratification, see he also had an ego for mediation.

Making my super-ego work over time and think thrice in contemplation before I hopped in the bed.

Had me wanting to try that "Mind Sex" shit like Dead Prez!

My prerogative was to impress! I wanted to caress unconquered parts of his chest!

Hoping that together we could be the most interpersonally-blessed, nonetheless.

He'd be my greatest conquest!

See once upon a time I believed in 'One Love' like Bob Marley

Then Nas Illmatically became inspired leaving us with his own version

I studied 'God Son's' 'Book of Rhymes' like holy-reason.

But Stillmatic brought bi-polar seasons...

Preachin' ..."You say it's love, it is poison!"

Now all I got left is 'One Mic' wishing I could just press 'Rewind'

And catch a case of Amnesia so that I never 'Remember the Times'

Man...I was just 'Survivin' the Times!'

Post-traumatic stresses became a part of my every-day life sessions

Left like an autistic child- without form of expression

Ridden with uncommunicated questions to life's lessons.

And confessin', you could be my Damian Marley to my Nas

A new generation of perception

... I'll call you My 'Road to Zion'... on my way back to 'One Love'

To an autistic child, the ultimate in behavior modification

You gave me a new means for communication!

Revolutionizing my every action in contemplation,

You are my Freudian-slip!

Because unwillingly, love has slipped from my lip-

Yes I said it! Love has slipped from my lip!

See I'm slippin' into Tourette's cuz the shit is a little scary to hear

but feels oh-so right to say at the end of the day!

And you'd sware I was schizophrenic cuz' man, you got me trippin'

And sometimes it's hard to get a grip!

I must be a narcaleptic in a permanent state of REM cuz I'm dreamin-

On a permanent trip!

Now I'm on this OCD, untruthful shit.

"I'm not sayin [you're] number one, uh I'm sorry I lied!

Like KRS ONE,"... [you're] number 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5!!!"

See I've never been one to part-take in idle flattery

So take this to heart when I say, "Psychology...

You've inspired me to wanna be a Psychologist.

Shit, maybe even a Psychiatrist!

I wanna over-dose you with my love-drug.

And take you to euphoric-bliss!

Re-igniting my love for 'One Love'

I wanna discover, each and every single motive that makes you tick.

In the Event of Your Demise

Written By: Spanish Rose

Time waits for nothing, and everything takes its time

And today my mind's perceptions chose to unwind

Years have flown by, and still I sit in a bind...

Dwelling in the still of the cold night, still awaiting a good-bye.

You never informed me that you forfeited your right, instead, one day I woke to find a lonely night's pass

You sneakily slipped through my fingers... so I never got the chance to ask.

You were my world, Papi... a breath of fresh air to my lungs

If I'd have known of your planned departure, to your chest, tighter I'd have clung.

You told me I was your world, your beautiful little girl.

But how quick we became strangers in the cold, unforgiving World.

Though you lived in Lynwood, only a five minutes drive

I could count the times you'd come to see me by the time I was five.

And when I hit13, and got a sense of pride

I'd developed a lot of resentment inside.

I hated you though inside, my heart for you cried.

You see a young girl needs a male model to demonstrate what a lady should be treated like.

So Mom tried to compensate, and brought home a surrogate dad who taught me to ride my first bike.

He was nice =) But along with that "niceness" came the alcohol and the tweak

Is it right that I even have this of which to speak?

Then came the fucker who couldn't keep his dick to himself... But by that time I was older so I had a man-to-man with him myself!

Through trying to protect me, I became Mom's protector.

Can't remember a day in high school where I didn't have to come home and defend her.

Till one day the thought of him she finally surrendered.

But by then the damage had been done.

Still, I cannot blame Mom for trying to give me what you were sappose to have done.

Mom became my father, and I her son.

Forced to become as strong as the burning sun.

You lit a fire in both us... one which would not allow us to give up, till the war was won.

And with that Dad, I learned to swallow and face my fears.

Not a peer or elder your son couldn't face with pride and a set of jeers.

Thanks Dad...

You helped mold me into the iron bar that today, stands here.

Through time and maturity, I've learned to forgive the lost years...

"I love you Daddy." That is something you need to hear.

Because in the event of your demise, dear Father, I will shed a tear.

-The Spanish Rose


Written By: Spanish Rose

I regret to say, that I'm having an affair.

And though perhaps wrong,

I know he'll always be there.

He is my love, my backbone.

Much more than my personification of strong.

My humble mind could not possibly fathom

How something this right, can be so wrong.

It started when I was about nine or ten years young.

Enchantedly enamoured, by the sound of his voice,

On my tender eardrum.

"It was all a dream. I used to read Word Up Magazine..."

I couldn't help fall fool to his prophetic diction.

Out his mouth, without a doubt

Always flowed fact, never fiction.

He is REAL. He is TRUTH.

He is prophecy embodied through the roofs of mouths.

Left to form, free-judgement...

A mind without clout.

We relate on so many different levels.

How happy I am to know,

That I've found another soul on my level.

He knows the face of my soul like no other.

From enamoured to shredded-to-pieces.

Around when I am contemplative, elated, or down.

Since we met, from my side, never taken a recess.

Through ups and downs... Hip-Hop is always there.

It is with Hip-Hop, that I have an affair.

On call no matter the time,

Regardless of society's judmental stares.

I can rely on him for truth, for he is truly a prophet.

Keeps me grounded when I'm flying too high...

From the romantacized glitz of the wealth in my pocket.

I believe I appreciate his humility overall.

He helps me stand tall when hit hardest,

And never lets me fall.

Please know that I only refer to the real Hip-Hop.

Not to any of these tainted, superficial imposters.

Because being engulfed in consumerism,

Has never been a plan on my roster.

Dedicated to Hip-Hop.

The process of growth is pain.

But with you by my side for the accumilation of thoughts

I know that it is never in vain.

Set List

1 set- 15 min.

The Psychology of One Love
Miss Rose
L.A. Woman