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Sherman Oaks, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA

Sherman Oaks, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
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"Rie Sinclair Misses You"

Dell Lounge

Chances are when you first heard Emmy-Nominated songwriter Rie Sinclair, you were tuned into one of the many TV shows she's written songs for (like The Hills, Dirt, Californication and Law & Order, to name a few). But lately her curious vocals and unique production can be found on her upcoming LP, A Moment You Never Dreamed. To Rie, this is her soundtrack - one she describes as "something like personal art or a school project. It's enjoyable, and specifically from me."

Rie followed her gut from the start, which took her from St. Paul, MN to the City of Angels. She started plucking the strings at age 9, but needed more from traditional music. "It all seemed very structured and a bit boring to me. Honestly, I'm from the generation where if it's boring, get rid of it," Rie claims.

She took music into her own hands. "I was immersed in theater music well into my early teens, but later I really got into U2. Everyday I would come home from school and watch Rattle And Hum. I think I've watched it like 56,000 times." When she told her guitar teacher she wanted to play like The Edge, he rolled his eyes. "But I knew his sound was the future," says Rie. Her inner-voice paid off.

Fast forward to LA, where Rie's experience in theater casting and production landed her a job as a talent agent. Later, she got a spot playing at a church in Malibu, where she met producer Bob Hartry. A songwriting relationship spawned, and it wasn't long before she found herself in the middle of a web of studio producers and musicians, creating some of the catchiest, poetic pop songs for ABC, CBS, MTV and many more.

Well Connected
If you land on Rie's MySpace, you'll find a pool of names in the "band members" section that includes several LA producers and studio musicians. "It's a tight community where I do what I do and find myself surrounded by amazing people," Rie explains.

Amongst her many ties, you'll run across Tommy Walter of Abandoned Pools/Eels fame, who's also Sinclair's counterpart for the electronica duo Oliver The Penguin. "We started the collabo mainly to write for another show, but what unfolded was this cool relationship where we talked about anything from T-shirt ideas to other fun stuff." One listen to Oliver the Penguin and you understand how the dynamic pays off.

Color Me Stylish

Rie Sinclair knows her size. "Most of my closet is either Diesel or G-Star. I think I have one pair of Rock And Republic jeans, but like 20 pairs of G-Star. In England, there's a spot I love to shop at that's an offshoot of Diesel called All Saints. England has my favorite spots. I also have a collection of Betsy Johnson dresses I like to wear for girly dress-up moments," Rie says.

Rie describes her style as "functional/industrial with raw feminine elements", and always keeps fashion priority. FYI, you'll only find her in relaxed clothes at yoga class. "Even when I'm writing, I'm in heels. It helps create the atmosphere. People should buy something that someone put hard work and labor into that's pleasant to look at and enjoy."

Social Butterfly
We took a look at Rie's Twitter and couldn't help but notice her mention of gluten-free cupcakes. She loves sweets, but can't have wheat, so she makes her own. "I love really good chocolate - sometimes it just sits in my kitchen forever. But it's good to crave a little something everyday."

When it comes to new social platforms like Twitter, Rie participates here and there. "Some people like to talk all the time," she says knowingly. "It reminds me of the old Spider Man with the whole inner-monologue thing going on. Everybody needs their soapbox, and it's nice to have something to interact with."

In The Moment
Rie's new LP is slated to release in fall of '09 on her own label, I Miss You Records. A Moment You Never Dreamed is the sound of Rie working with handpicked producers and players to translate the songs percolating in her brain into pure sonic bliss.

"All the things that I really want to say are in the lyrical content. I want to spark that connection with the heart of a person, rather than provoke any type of judgment - it's about making art and interacting with people on a personal level. At the end of the day, I'd rather have friends and close relationships than be famous," Rie says.

http://delllounge.com/blogs/styleonstage/archive/2009/06/09/rie-sinclair.aspx - Dell Lounge

"Artist Of The Month"

KGRL.FM: "Artist of the Month" November, 2009

You may not have heard the name Rie Sinclair before but you've probably already heard a song or two of hers. In recent years, independent artists have garnered exposure by being featured on television shows. This is how you might have heard of Rie's songs, as she has written a myriad of songs in varying genres for television. This month, we'll take a closer look at one of the most prominent singer/songwriters in television today. That artist is none other than Rie Sinclair, our November 2009 Flower-Powered Artist.

Check out live performance videos & an interview with Rie at:
http://www.kgrl.fm/fpa/riesinclair.php - KGRL.fm

"Rie Sinclair featured in The Vampire Diaries"

IODA - Nov. 2010
Rie Sinclair’s New Single Featured On Vampire Diaries

Emmy-nominated pop songstress Rie Sinclair has just released her latest single which is now making the rounds in the blogosphere thanks to a great placement on the popular CW television show Vampire Diaries. She’s created a following over the last 5 years as a songwriter, and chances are you’ve heard her tunes on shows like “Ghost Whisperer”, “Dirt”, “Law & Order”, “Samantha Who”, “Bionic Woman”, and other various MTV, CW, ABC & NBC shows, with a personal cameo from Miss Sinclair on Season II of “Californication”, and a theme song out on the CW’s Blonde Charity Mafia winter 2009.

She’s even got her own app- the Rie Sinclair iPhone App! Be the first to get new pictures, the latest news, discounts to gigs. Also, exclusive previews to new music, pictures & more from this Sparkling Violeteer! We look forward to what Rie has in-store for us next and undoubtedly so does the television industry.

In the meanwhile check out the official video for “A Moment You Never Dreamed Of” off her most recent album on her YouTube Page.
- IODA Distribution

"Needle In A Haystack"

MTV Needle In A Haystack Feb 9, 2011
This week’s Needle In The Haystack free download from Rie Sinclair is the stuff soundtracks are made of. After all, Rie is no stranger to making on-screen magic, writing songs for shows like Vampire Diaries and Californication and even scoring an Emmy nom. “The Way It Ends” is the exact song you’d picture at the pivotal turning point, you can easily imagine a zoomed-in shot of the hero making the decision to do something daring. Somehow Rie’s delicate, coquettish vocals match perfectly with powerful crunchy guitars and defining drums, elating the listener, leaving them reminiscing about the last scene, all while indeed wondering how it ends.

Check out Rie’s song “(Lover) What’s Going On” used in the CW’s Vampire Diaries promo, and download “The Way It Ends” below.

http://www.ourstage.com/blog/2011/2/9/free-download-needle-in-the-haystack-rie-sinclair - MTV

"Butterflies Radio Interviews Rie Sinclair"

Butterflies Radio Interview - Jun 26, 2012
Mark and I were privileged to have the very talented RIE SINCLAIR from Los Angeles join us on this week’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE. Mark and I had a great time talking to Rie and our listeners that tuned in live really enjoyed her music and gave some fantastic feedback. Beside learning about the very busy life of RIE SINCLAIR, we also learned what she would and wouldn’t take on a desert island and a recipe for a new delicious cocktail!
Rie,a truly dedicated musician who runs around wearing that many hats it’s not funny! Tune into the link below and you can hear Rie for yourselves and listen to a taste of some of her fantastic music!

Link to listen to the full interview:

"One would think with her porcelain skin and ethereal voice that Rie Sinclair just floated onto the scene as if it were divine intervention.
Quite the contrary, Rie has been making waves in the industry better equated to a tropical storm than a wading pool, writing a catalogue of music for ABC/Disney and for shows like Ghost Whisperer, The Vampire Diaries, Charmed, Californication, The Hills, Nurse Jackie, Bionic Woman, Law & Order, Samantha Who, & Dirt.
She wrote the main-title theme for MTV’s Blonde Charity Mafia, and was nominated for an Emmy with the song, “Where You Are” (as heard on many different shows). "
- Butterflies Radio

"Rie Sinclair - Bee Sides"

Shakefire Review - Sept. 5 2012

Rie Sinclair’s Bee Sides EP is a fantastic little slice or pop heaven. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on just how far you’ve ventured down the rabbit hole. Because there have been so many female vocalists/pianist who have crowded around the same love/hate relationship theme of song writing that it’s starting to look like more habit then personal emotional journey it’s almost impossible to gauge sincerity. It also doesn’t help that Rie Sinclair has basically created a career out of writing theme songs for day time soap operas, basically becoming an on tap singer/songwriter for the networks. So what made me love this EP anyway?

For starters the production on this album is remarkable. Every note, every percussion hit, everything is so fine tuned that you grasp the entire scope of what’s happening in every song. It seems the individuals behind production of each song, that would include Sinclair herself, have the experience and know how to make the most of the music and the atmosphere to create an undisturbed setting for the music.
Secondly Rie Sinclair, though at times her voice is similar to various other female performers, has a great command for vocal delivery. Most of the songs follow that old routine of the old love/hate relationship theme but her delivery and tone are extremely convincing. I don’t know if this music and performance were stirred from somewhere deep within her soul connected to some real life heartbreak, but you believe it when you hear it. At times her voice is commandingly beautiful and other times simply a perfect reflection of pop display. Either way it’s handled with believability.
The album is a short four song stint, which really is a shame because now I have to go out and track down some of her previous work, but well worth checking out of you get the opportunity. For a listener whose female singer/songwriter albums can probably be handled in one hand it’s not always easy for me to find an act that I really end up loving but Rie Sinclair is it. Looking forward to discovering more of her music. Enjoy.
Favourite track: Awaken Love

Submitted by AJ Garcia on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - 11:22AM
- Shakefire Review

"Rie Sinclair - Bee Sides"

?There are only four tracks here, but based on the strength of the music, I’d love to hear more. It’s a proggy set that also feels a bit like Tori Amos at points. Other sounds like Radiohead slip into the mix. This thing is quite cool. 

Find My Way Back (To Your Heart)
Starting mellow with a lush and quite pretty arrangement, this builds out into some great music that fits well into a modern progressive rock style. Think of Radiohead, but the vocals here are so powerful and soaring that the reference is only appropriate in reference to the music.
No Way Out
While there is still a bit of a modern prog element to this, it fits more into a modern pop rock sound. Whatever you call it, though, it’s a slow moving, but very powerful track with great vocals and overlayers of sound that really sell it.

How The Story Ends
A bouncy, piano based motif opens this. It’s another strong tune. It’s also another that combines a pop rock sound with something along the lines of modern progressive rock. That prog link comes from layers of sound that come over the top later in the piece. Whatever you call it, though, it’s another great tune on a set that has no weak material.
Awaken Love
Dramatic and powerful, this is, in some ways, stripped down in comparison to the rest of the music here. It’s certainly got a more symphonic texture to it, though. At times, the arrangement feels like something Tori Amos might do. Overall, this is creative, artistic and very progressive rock like. It’s also the best cut here. Considering the strength of the rest of this music, that says a lot.

Review by G. W. Hill

http://www.musicstreetjournal.com/index_cdreviews_display.cfm?id=103660 - Music Street Journal - Oct. 2012

"SONG BIZ - Songwriter Profile | Rie Sinclair"

Music Connection - Sept. 2012

Emmy-nominated songwriter Rie Sinclair has amassed a prodigious catalog of credits for TV shows including Vampire Diaries, Nurse Jackie, The Hills, Californication, Charmed, Law & Order, plus productions for ABC/Disney & MTV, a network that utilized her main title theme for Blonde Charity Mafia.
With the release of her four-song EP, Bee Sides, Sinclair presents a collection of singles that might otherwise be lost in her whirlwind of television deadlines & priorities. Each of theses songs is infused by a rich emotional palette that reveals the artistry of an evolved and evocative singer-songwriter.

A native of St. Paul, MN, Sinclair says she had no intention of devoting her life to music. Moving west, she lived in San Francisco, CA, and later arrived in Los Angeles where she worked behind the scenes in television production. Sinclair began writing worship songs for a church affiliated with the Vineyard Movement. "Liberating, genuine people, with a very open perspective," she qualifies. Hooking up with a producer, she began a regular writing regime. "I got in the habit of writing songs every day to see if I could discipline myself. If you start kicking the car, you can make it run."
Sinclair's initial career provided a perspective on how songs fit into the overall fabric of a show. "You are a piece of a massive whole. Think of the individuals, technicians, and politics that go into making on film, and television is that and so much more."
And a creator's understanding of this comprehensive unity is key, says Sinclair. "Look at it as if you're standing in front of the ocean. If you go to the sea and feel insignificant and ungrateful, then you might need to start exploring how this works together and how intogral you are in the process. Everything is important."
With a burgeoning catalog of music, it made sense for Sinclair to establish her own music library to serve the industry. "I'll connect with different music supervisors and shoot them ideas from th library. For the work-for-hires for Disney, they'll want a package with a specific range of emotions. They might say, 'Give us four songs about really sad, heartbreaking situations, but keep the words general.'"
In the creative mode, Sinclair is a top-line writer who crafts lyrics and melodies within a chord structure. "The song could be taken away from those chords and the entire arrangement redesigned. That happens depending on whom I'm working with."
With Bee Sides, Sinclair is in all-out artist mode. "there was a possibility of turning them over to someone else in a work-for-hire situation, but I wanted to find the right place for them as an Artist," she confirms. And the four-song sampler is an ideal introduction. "It seems boring at this point to put out full length CDs. I'd rather release a series of EP's. I'm riding a wave of what the public connects to and expects."
She realized a natural order of creativity by writing songs for hire. "A song has to grow on me - I have to have a relationship with it," Sinclair notes. "It's very personal. I want each song that I write to have a life. It's like having a child. You want to admire it on its own."
She says, however, that writing songs, especially works-for-hire, requires letting go. "You want it to be good and to have a long life. When you come back and listen to the song later, maybe it's taken on its own shape because you've grown and you're hearing it from a different perspective."
As both a successful songwriter for television projects and a deeply committed artist, Sinclair reflects back to earlier in her career when she arrived at an essential truth. "I had to walk away from this situation where it was my art and just 'me, me, me.' And once I was capable of doing that, and freed from my own grip, music became its own entity. The goal became to serve the song rather than to have the song serve me."
-By Dan Kimpel - Music Connection

"Interview With Rie Sinclair"

Interview with Singer/Songwriter/Composer Rie Sinclair -July 24, 2012

Media Nite Radio welcomes to the airwaves singer/songwriter/composer Rie Sinclair. ABC Daytime fans know her from her countless songs for the network. She is responsible for writing a catalogue of music for ABC/Disney (over a 100 titles) for such daytime dramas as "General Hospital", "One Life To Live", and "All My Children" as well as the spin-offf "Night Shift". These dramas featured the very popular, "Just You and Me", "Where You Are", "Silent Ambush","Glow" and "Alarmed". She was also the composer and singer for the single "No Way Out" which was featured in its entirety on the popular night time drama, Vampire Diaries. Rie will be performing her music at a concert this coming Sunday, July 29th at The House of Blues in Hollywood, CA. We will be giving away 2 tickets to the show to a lucky winner.

Link to listen to the full interview: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/medianiteradio/2012/07/25/interview-with-singer-rie-sinclair - Media Nite Radio

"Sing Along - Rie Sinclair"

Much of the original music on GH – including the love it or hate it JaSam theme, “Just You And Me,” and L&L2’s corny, but Emmy-nominated, “Where You Are” – can be attributed to a waifish beauty named Rie Sinclair. The singer/songwriter – who also contributes to the other ABC soaps – has been called on by GH’s PTB to create a mood time and time again, and has met the calling, according to the positive responses. For “Just You And Me,” she tried to fulfill the request from on high for romantic cornball, but wound up falling for it. At this point, due to some issue with release clearance, much of her soapy music can only be heard online, at PureVolume.com and her MySpace page. The rest of her musically via Glow can be downloaded via iTunes. The Minnesota native’s come a long way from writing her own “little 4-year-old’s songs” while accompanying her mom on gigs to various coffee shops. Describing her grown-up songs as “very artistic, out-there music… unusual chords that don’t necessarily go together to create dark, melodic pop,” Sinclair cited the prosaic poetry of Pablo Neruda as her compass north, and the band U2 as her starting point. In praising her soap-related work, Sinclair revealed her songwriter leanings. Unlike most singers, Sinclair doesn’t just seek out the spotlight, but thrives by working behind the scenes, watching her songs fortify story. “After completing a song, there’s a sense of accomplishment, but then you want to see it grow and bloom and have a purpose. So it’s great to be able to write for soaps, film or other artists. The more you create and give, the more comes back to you.” –Soap Opera Digest, “Sing Along,” November 21, 2006 - Soap Opera Digest

"Interview with ABC Daytime Music Writer"

JCR: The title of your CD is "On the Fifth Floor." What is that about?

RS: This CD is a collection of music written for TV, though some of the songs I decided not to sell so that I could release them to fans under my own record company, I Miss You Records. "Carry Me Home" - track 2 was placed in an indie flick, and "Not Going Anywhere" was written by JJ Farris & myself, who also writes for Fifth Floor, though most of the songs were produced or co-written with Bob Hartry. "I Will Give" is a love song I actually really adore & wanted to make it available to the public like the three little "Falling In Love" tunes on itunes. I've written about 70 songs for ABC, but I never know what will happen to them.

Boy do I have a treat for you guys. You know how you are always curious about the music that is behind some of the most moving scenes on General Hospital? For that matter, sometimes it's just a regular, run-of-the-mill scene but the music is what gives us the collective goose bump. In any case, Soaps.com has heard from a woman who not only composes music for ABC daytime, she has just released a CD for our personal listening pleasure! Her name is Rie Sinclair and I recently fired some questions her way because I knew you would all be very interested in what she has to say.

Julie Clark Robinson: Thanks for letting Soaps.com know about your new CD Rie! Soaps.com fans are always asking us about the music behind GH and now we have a place to direct them! Let's start with the obvious question… where do you begin when you start the process of writing a song for a scene?

Rie Sinclair: I think my imagination is rather vivid - sometimes more than I'd like it to be! But, much like acting - throwing your self into a role, or being moved by a piece of art, I find that everything is bendable. Words can be tricky & translucent and understanding what a music supervisor is asking for is usually up to my own interpretation. I want to find real substance in the feelings to create a song that could stand alone as well as perhaps work for the scenario. I try to find the overall vibe and then create a song that has a temperature tonally. And, the key, the arrangement, the instrumentation, as well as the lyrics of a song create that. Sometimes I just get lost in the idea of that moment and try to match the atmosphere. To speak less abstractly - I sit down at my large and very emptied dining room table with my laptop and a guitar, or poke at notes on my Korg and see if something sings to me.

JCR: You write music for ABC soaps. So, are you an employee or an independent contractor? Are you in charge of all creative decisions in the process or does the show have input? For example, are you given a script to go by for a particular scene? Let us know how the process works.

RS: I'm independent. Sometimes they'll ask me for a type of song just to have "in case", and sometimes I'll actually get a script. With Night Shift I had all the scripts,but I was a little more involved directly with the spin-off and part of the script. Still, I didn't know the ending. They intentionally closed almost every episode with a song I was singing, whether I reproduced an old hit or wrote something new. Typically, I'll get a request for a particular genre of music, or something that holds some specific element to capture a moment.

JCR: How would you compare the musical challenge for writing for GH as opposed to All My Children and One Life to Live?

RS: The styles of each of the Musical Directors for these shows vary. It's been interesting actually, to see who's been playing which songs. For instance, "Glow" has been on AMC quite a bit, but there's not the pull for the couples' theme songs like GH has asked for (which personally, I really quite love! It catapults you back into a memory you hope to never leave). OLTL seems to have a younger audience & with it, music that is stylistically appealing for the show. I like having the "no limitations" rule with writing, the "anything goes" rule. For one, it's not really a rule. But it's also fun & challenging to try to match different styles and pull off capturing various moments of life, which we all live.

JCR: Have you gone to the set for feedback from any of the actors? If so, which ones have discussed your music with you?

RS: Although I'm on the One Life to Live lot in LA on an occasional basis, I'm "behind the scenes girl" when it comes to being a songwriter for the shows. Music usually happens after the episode is edited, though it didn't always (years ago, composers would be on set of a soap writing as the story was being shot in front of them). I've met a few of the actors in the cafe on the lot, or at various Emmy soirees, but it's a completely different side of production altogether. I think I'd call it a different side of the magic. As if we're in two different worlds and the components influence each other, but not outside of our own elements. Also, it's a little like set designing or wardrobe - an art that is a piece of the whole & I'm not too sure we all understand how much we need each other all the time, though there's always this unspoken awe.

JCR: You've said that this CD release is a long-time coming because it was a big deal to get licensing rights reverted to you so that you could do so. Do what? Release it? Can you briefly explain that to us?

RS: Simply put, I licensed back five songs I wrote, owned by ABC, to release on this album. They still own the rights to the songs, but I'm able to sell them to the public on CD. Initially, Fifth Floor Music, a division of ABC, started buying my music for their Soaps. I don't think at that time any of us had an idea what would happen with the songs exactly, and though it has wound up a being little complicated, I think it's more a pleasant surprise.

JCR: Are you working on any music for GH at the moment? Care to share what your musical direction is - without giving away the storyline, of course!

RS: I'm working on a few things, though I cannot tell...! Actually, I've been in the studio on another personal project right now I hope to release soon (something of a different side of me), and creating time to play out more around LA, as well as working on some tunes for prime-time. It's a funny little time right now in TV land with the writers strike, but there are so many other avenues for music & I'm intrigued by all of them! I consider life a dashing adventure you can create...if it's there, you may as well go after it!

I love that, I've always thought that life is a dashing adventure as well. If you want to order this amazing collection of music, go Rie's site (Rie Sinclair's Official Site) and listen to some of the music, as well as order the CD. It's only $10.99 plus shipping and handling. Thank you Rie for reaching out to Soaps.com and sharing your unique insights into what goes into making some of the music behind our favorite soap!

Julie Clark Robinson
Soaps.com GH Recap/News Writer - Soaps.com

"Music reviews: Glows, by Rie Sinclair"

Rie's first full album is to be released this month. "On The 5th Floor" will feature her songs heard on General Hospital and other ABC shows. She is a contract musician for ABC and I personally feel that there was no way that they could top Rie Sinclair.
Her sound has a hauntingly poetic beauty, not only in the music, but in her lyrics. The emmy nominated songstress weaves a beautifully serene fabric that you can almost reach out and touch, and she punctuates it with her soulful voice with a soft, but defined edge.
Her magic stems and flourishes from the fact that with her entirely unique lyrics, smooth and somewhat melancholy sound, she is unlike anything I have heard before, but she makes it all so familiar. She leaves me feeling like someone has walked through the hidden parts of my mind and heart, and lovingly and carefully spoke (or sang as the case may be) it out loud when I couldn't find the words.
The following lyrics are from her song "Already Over", which is a nothing short of a soulful journey through the grief of loving and not knowing if you are losing. It's a soft gentle ballad, but Rie delivers it with a tone that says, "Yes, this hurts, but I am not a doormat. So what's it going to be?" Here's a sample of the lyrics...

(NOTE: These lyrics are the property of their creator and are used here strictly for informational purposes only).

"Well, years play and memories stay and now I believe
That my heart will simply fall apart in to so many pieces
Will you turn around & tell me its already over?
Will you tear my heart up & tell me how sorry you are?
Is it safe to love you?" (From 'Already Over' by Rie Sinclair)

She balances the truth of love, both good and bad. With a perfect combination of the maturity of one who has had their heart broken, and the wide-eyed innocence that we all had before we found out that love can be painful, Rie Sinclair will lead you into your own dreams of love as well as remind you of the heartbreak that you outgrew. She is absolutely seamless. Visit her sites to get a sample of what her sound can give you.

Her first CD, Glow, is available at Amazon She can also be heard on iTunes and Purevolume. - Helium.com, TR Lore


Top Songs currently streaming/radio & podcasting:
No Way Out [Bee Sides]
Awaken Love [Bee Sides]
The Way It Ends Circus Mix [A Moment RieMixed]
Alarmed [Glow]
Colours Fade [Glow]
Mad Scientist [Button Pusher]
Paper Airplane [Button Pusher]

I Miss You Records releases:

Bee Sides, EP - 2012
A Moment RieMixed, EP - 2011
A Moment You Never Dreamed, LP - 2009
What's A Girl To Do (MTV Title Theme), Single 2009
Button Pusher (Oliver The Penguin), LP - 2009
On The 5th Floor, LP - 2008
Falling In Love, EP - 2007
Glow, EP - 2006
Singles released by ABC/DISNEY:
Where You Are
Just You & Me
Underneath The Night
Believe Me
So Right
Hold On Tight
Things To Tell
Always Something
My Confession

Discography at AMG: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/rie-sinclair-mn0000517084



One would think with her porcelain skin and ethereal voice that Rie Sinclair floated onto the scene as if divine intervention. Quite contrary, Rie has been making waves better equated to a tropical storm than a wading pool, writing music for ABC/Disney & shows like Ghost Whisperer, Vampire Diaries, Californication, Nurse Jackie, Bionic Woman, & Dirt (the list goes on…). And though most musicians would be shouting loudly about an Emmy Nomination, this "Sparkling Violeteer" almost shrugs hers off as a mark of recognition for work separate from her chosen field of singing/songwriting. You see, by day she's in demand as a writer and performer of beautiful songs for TV studios, providing atmosphere and emotion to back up the visuals. By night, crafting her own elation and despair into perfected 4-minute vignettes; she records and delivers them live with equal finesse and commitment. Her new Bee Sides are just that & more: bittersweet concoctions exploring the contours and colours of her characteristic sound. It’s this emotion, exquisite feel and occasional playful leap into humour that have made her a favourite songwriter in Hollywood TV drama.

But rie’s got a ‘thing’ that’s a little hard to describe. Her music has a haunting poetry that makes you think, and not necessarily about the story she’s singing. While listening to this Sia-like voice you’ll catch yourself being reminded of moments in life, memories bubbling to the surface for no apparent reason other than Rie’s underlying soundtrack. Quirky production and an extremely vulnerable vocal delivery will break down any walls you may be bringing to the table allowing you to swim in whatever floods rush behind your closed eyelids.

Rie grew up in St. Paul, MN, but now spends her time floating between LA and Manchester, UK, with the occasional weeks spent writing songs in Nashville.