The Speakeasy Three

The Speakeasy Three


THE SPEAKEASY THREE are an exciting all-singing all-dancing performance group. Blending golden-age sounds with silver-screen style and their own captivating personalities, THE SPEAKEASY THREE are rolling out their show-stopping, room-swinging, after dark agenda for your delight.


Spicing up her corner of THE SPEAKEASY THREE is the raucous red-hot red head Nastazja! An experienced flamenco dancer, she possesses a bewitching and elegant stage presence. As lead vocalist of the popular Brighton-based outfit The Sneaky Low Five Jazz and Jive Band, for years Nastazja has entertained audiences across the UK with her seductive sounds. So roll up ladies and gentlemen and allow yourselves to be spellbound...

The unmistakable and dazzlingly sassy blond member of the trio, Corrinne's burly yet honeyed voice will warm the hearts of thousands, and her infectiously brazen personality will raise temperatures even more! Moonlighting as solo act Marley Durban and singing for lindi-hop, swing and jive sessions, Corrinne has developed quite the enamoured following and fans have been thrilled to follow her with THE SPEAKEASY THREE. Guaranteed - she'll make you swing, sway, sizzle and swoon!

Audiences, prepare to be regaled by the captivatingly handsome brunette measure of THE SPEAKEASY THREE, Elizabeth. Her varied performance career has seen her sing, dance and act her way across Europe with numerous cabarets, circus acts and theatre ensembles. Graceful, elegant and soulful, Elizabeth brings her unique performance style, enchanting personality and warm dulcet tones to the limelight crooning serenely alongside her Speakeasy sisters.


Do Right
Diamonds are a girls best friend
Boogie Woogie Bugle boy
Black Coffee
At last
Bei mer Bis du Shon
Tico Tico
Minnie the Moocher
Cheek to Cheek
Mack the knife
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
I wanna be loved by you
Cant help loving that man of mine

Set List

Three Radio Mics