The Special Purpose

The Special Purpose


Progressive Funk Jazz Fusion.


Since 2004, The Special Purpose has gained a reputation as one of the Pacific Northwest's premier grassroots musical acts. Their blend of old-school Funk and new-school Jazz combined with open ended improvisations creates a unique instrumental musical experience that is thoughtful and exhilarating. The Special Purpose was founded when an improvisational recording project brought the four members together in their respective home of Seattle Washington. John Fawcett, Stephen Fogg, Chris Stefanile and Tim Symons quickly found that their different and diverse musical backgrounds seemed to meld together with a sustained ease and effortlessness, subsequently creating a truly unique fusion of their influences and ideas. Each band member plays an equal role in the sound of The Special Purpose. There is no 'front man', and therefore the band is free to create music that has no restrictions or limitations of any kind. The Special Purpose's music is an inspiring testament to the power of cooperation and artistic integrity. Over time the band has honed their writing and improvisational skills though constant live performances. Due to the nature of the group, no two shows are the same. The Special Purpose can go from dark and intense one moment, to beautiful and inspiring the next. Through clever songwriting and high energy performances, this genre-jumping unpredictability is tight and coherent, inspiring a diverse audience of music lovers looking for that perfect sound you can wrap your brain around and shake your money maker to. The Special Purpose has shared the stage with some of the Northwest’s top bands and performers including: Olympic Sound Collective, Das Vibenbass, The Consul, Ron Wienstien, Craig Flory, High Ceiling, Dig The Particulars, Flowmotion and many others. This Summer TSP will perform at The Dogstock Music Festival in Kansas with Melven Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band, Bernie Worrell, The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, 2007 Grammy Winner Ike Turner, Rebirth Brass Band, Moonshine Still, Shanti Groove, Great American Taxi, Green Lemon, Leon Russell, Fareed Haque (of Garaj Mahal), Alfred Howard and the K23 Orchestra, Chicago Afrobeat Project, Perpetual Groove and so many more.


- "The Special Purpose (Live)": 2006, Opti-Grab Productions.

- 12 recordings of live performances available for free download at...

Set List

The Special Purpose's setlist changes every night. The band combines songs from their catalogue of 25+ original compositions with some highly original takes on jazz and funk covers, (some classic, some obscure) to come up with an original setlist. Artists frequently covered at live performances include, but are not limited to: John Scofield, Duke Ellington, Art Pepper, The Funky Meters, George Gershwin, Thelonious Monk, Django Rinehart and many, many others.