The Specktators

The Specktators

 Lansing, Michigan, USA
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The Specktators are an alternative hip-hop group from Lansing, MI. All of their songs are written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in house. They take great pride in their live shows and never perform the same set twice.


The Specktators are a hip-hop/electronic group consisting of Matt Duda (known as Moe-T) and Patrick Duda (known as Packi). Using their childhood neighborhood, Groesbeck, in their name, The Specktators formed in October 2009 and have been thriving ever since.

The group's first project, "The Never Ending Mixtape," featured a different approach to the ever so popular mixtape releases in today's music industry. Instead of releasing mixtapes, the group constantly released songs, mostly every month, from October 2009 to January 2011. "The Never Ending Mixtape" featured rapping from both Packi and Moe-T and production from various producers including Moe-T. Every song on the project was recorded, mixed, and mastered in-house by Moe-T.

In February of 2011, the duo decided to put a stop to "The Never Ending Mixtape" and started working on their first official mixtape project, "Familiar With Floss." As a prequel to this new project, The Specktators released a project entitled "Finding Floss," which they released three songs onto including they're hometown hit "EL Girls." Recently, the songs off "The Never Ending Mixtape" have been moved to the "Finding Floss" project.

The group's first official project, "Familiar With Floss," was released October 28, 2011 and features lyrics by Packi and most production by Moe-T. Moe-T handles all of the recording, mixing, and mastering in-house.

The group also prides themselves on putting on fantastic hip-hop shows and they never perform the same set twice. They have had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Chiddy Bang, Machine Gun Kelly, One Be Lo, Na Palm, The Dean's List, Oncue, Gilbere Forte, and many other artists. They always keep you on your feet and work hard to make sure there is never a dull moment.


"The Sunroom" - Released May 31, 2012: A classic summertime promotional mixtape recorded, mixed, and mastered in their own studio. Available for free download.

"Familiar With Floss" - Released October 28, 2011: The Specktators' first official mixtape project. Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in their own studio. Availble for free download.

"Finding Floss" - Released October 1, 2009: A prequel experimental mixtape to The Specktators' official debut mixtape project "Familiar With Floss."