The Specs

The Specs


A catchy avante-pop sound sets this Charleston, SC band apart from others in the Southeast. Brilliant songwriting mixes the energetic with the haunting for a moving live show and listening experience.


No one in the specs wears glasses...

The Specs met in Boston, MA and after moving to Charleston SC, began playing together in a project bridging art and pop music into something definitely not pop, but irresistible nonetheless. With occasional mathy pieces in odd meters and sometimes no meter, they temper straightforward songs with crookedbackwards songs that mirror their desire for innovation in the sea of stagnant music that dominates the mainstream scene today. Hooky melodies abound in many Specs songs, but these are melodies that sneak around behind you and hook you in the back, as you stand mesmerized in the haze of emotion that sets up the trap.

Comprising Eric Galloway on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Shawn Krauss on drums and keyboards, Scott Padgett on bass and vocals, and Steve Tirozzi on guitar, keyboards, and vocals, the Specs have a musical history and skill level that has prepped them for good things.

The band comes from a wide-ranging background that spans involvement in Columbia, SC bands such as Mellow Blue Marsh, Dax Nummy, the Virgin Ironpants, Eartha Baxter, and the Glenn Livet Combo. Padgett's musical endeavors in Boston included the Bad Art Ensemble, a staple in Cambridge at the infamous Harvard and MIT haunt The Plough and Stars, who's many members have included and mingled with the likes of Morphine, the Binary System, Alloy Orchestra, the Boston Rock Opera and Lars Vegas. He also served a three-year stint as bassist with Boston Music Award winner and highly acclaimed pop artist Flynn, while his Specs band mates were continuing a Boston incarnation of Dax Nummy. This array of musical experience has created a unique and valuable sound in the art of the Specs.


(Upcoming EP)

Set List

"Grand Central Station"
"Everything's Real"
"Bringing Me Down"
"Song #3"
"Don't Walk Away From Us"