Not exactly psychedelic garage rock. Soaring vocals. Intense and explosive live show. Great hooks.


THE SPECS 1) a rock n roll band from Charleston, South Carolina. 2) a band perhaps on more legal drugs than illegal ones. 3) if the Specs ever get half the attention they deserved, it'd be twice as much as they'd notice.

Over the last couple of years, the Specs have established themselves as one of the Southeast's best live rock acts and have played/toured with SPOON, THE WALKMEN, OF MONTREAL, BAND OF HORSES, ELF POWER, DMBQ, and many others.

Frontman Eric Galloway has been quite favorably compared in the press to both Iggy Pop and Thom Yorke. (How that's even possible we don't know). His vocal delivery and stage presence are as explosive as they are passionate. Nonetheless, it is the melodies and hooks of the songs that reel any listener in.


The Specs EP 2005 (self-released)
The Specs ARE DEAD 2006 (Chord and Pedal)
The Specs CAN'T SLEEP 2007 (post-production)

Set List

Currently 30-45 minute set of originals.