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Dallas, Texas, United States

Dallas, Texas, United States
Band Metal


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"The Spectacle No solutions, only ideas"

Thirty minutes until doors open at Rubber Gloves, a key element of The Spectacle’s show is missing - the DVD that’s projected while they play. A ball of energy (who goes by the moniker “The Scandal�) jumps in his little compact car and speeds off. Moments later he returns, disc in hand and hurries inside to prepare for this night’s festivities.

After a year and a half in existence, the band (with members from Mugzu (r.i.p.) and Shaolin Death Squad) is having a CD release party in Lil’ D for their much-anticipated Learned Helplessness.

The Spectacle has garnered quite a reputation for their bombastic live show. The brutal music lends itself to Meshuggah as much as it does to the protest songs of the sixties. What really affected me was “The Shape of Punk to Come from Refused,� frontman The Scandal gushes. “It was like, wow! You can do music that is crazy, awesome, and has some sort of thought behind it.�

The band is capturing the anti-establishment ethos of punk with Learned Helplessness and assaulting ears with jackhammer riffs via the twin guitar attack of The Adversary and The Divine. The Scandal’s distinctive bark commands your attention, while the rhythm section - The Savior (drums) and The Protagonist (bass) - are locked arm-in-arm like the government and big business.

The Spectacle bypassed the hassles of a traditional label by releasing their album through The Scandal and Shaolin Death Squad frontman Androo O’Hearn’s DIY imprint Do For It Records.

“We hear from signed bands going on tour that they’re giving 15 percent of whatever to whoever and then coming back and owing a lot of money,� he says. “So we decided to make a record label with the bands we like and do a few showcases a year.�

The Scandal creates the artwork and websites for both the band and label. “We want it to look as professional as possible, and we don’t really have any money,� he states. “But we want to be heard.�

He then admits that they are more into art than most bands. “Indie bands typically spend more time on these things, whereas metal bands usually just put up anything that’s horrific,� he laughs.

There is nothing indie-college rock about The Spectacle’s performances. The band - which got their name from the situationist counter-culture text The Society of the Specatacle - delivers Learned Helplessness live with more intensity than is on the CD.

This night, they opened with “A Legend in His Own Mind� with The Scandal jumping from the stage and plowing through the crowd - as if the crowd needed any more reason to go berserk. O’Hearn lent his chilling vocal talents on “Such People Have Corpses in Their Mouths.�

Rubber Gloves was headbanging to “The Existential Divide,� as it went from pure thrash to a foot-stomping, low-end groove. The stage, flanked by red flags bearing The Spectacle’s logo, was a bully pulpit for the band, while their minions in front beat the hell out of each other. The performance ended with cheers all around and photos with friends and fans.

“Now is a good time for us,� The Scandal pointed out. “When times are bad, people look for solution. We don’t have them, but we have ideas.� - Harder Beat

"The Spectacle - Curtain Club, 10/17/08"

What a fitting name, because The Spectacle from Denton is exactly that. Armed with a stage set out of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, they provide what is often lacking in local music - a cohesive show. Madman vocalist “The Scandal” bounced all over the club while waving their red flag and eventually coaxing a hearty response from the standoffish crowd. With armbands bearing their logo, the rest of the band pounded away on material that can be best described as hardcore metal with a severe twist of left wing anarchist thought. Their new album will arrive early next year. Look for them to be inciting a riot at a club near you. (D.J. Ivie) - Harder Beat


'Learned Helplessness" January 2009
available @



What is The Spectacle?
We are The Spectacle, a brand new type of metal band five piece, one with purpose and meaning.
We blend a hybrid of Texas hardcore with a dash of melodic metal to create a monster of a sound. Be
warned: we do not create music for the faint of heart. This is an explosion of sound. We are fueled by
the hypocrisy that surrounds us and want the world to see that there is a choice; and that choice is not
sitting in front of the box waiting for someone to change it for us. We are going to use the medium we
know the best (music) to make sure our voice is heard. We are changing. Are you ready for us?
What will we deliver?
We do not feel it is right to give a half-assed performance to a crowd that is expecting a show. We will
give the crowd a show they will never forget; one that is packed with high energy that will give everyone
in the crowd a sense of excitement.
What do we sound like?
We have created the most original sound this style of music has delivered in a long time. We have Texas
Metal roots blended with a melodic rhythm that can not be imitated. It is very catchy--you will find yourself
humming the melodies hours after you have heard it.
What are we doing now?
We are in the studio right now recording our first full length. We have been beefing up our live performance
and playing a lot of shows. We have a following that can not be ignored when playing live. We
have been playing for nearly a year now and our myspace numbers are 6,000 plus