The Spectacular Average Boys

The Spectacular Average Boys


Righteous Blackgrass. Foot stompin' music from Upstate New York.


The members of the Spectacular Average Boys share a common history. Lifelong natives of their hometown, Oneonta New York, they grew up going to the same schools, have lived together, fought like brothers, driven each other mad, and loved one another like family.

Frontman Ned Brower and bass player Joel Shue first got together in 2010 to form the Spectacular Average Boys along with other childhood friends. The ‘Boys immediately developed a reputation pounding out raucous and raw live shows, and for turning out constant stream of skillfully written songs.

In 2011, talented Americana performer Sophie Gault was added to the ‘Boys. Sophie added powerful harmonies and skillful guitar to the mix. Soon after, local native Eric Ball completed the Average Boys lineup on drums.

The group of twenty-somethings clearly have feet planted in both the past and the present, drawing from folk and Americana roots that are passed down as tradition, while injecting the loud, aggressive elements of the music they were drawn to growing up in the ‘90s. The bittersweet beauty of life in Upstate New York, a life full of back roads and long winters, comes through in their music. Songs with titles like “That Dirty River” and “The Devil in Winter” show both reverence and resentment for their homeland.

The Spectacular Average Boys’ goal is to take their hometown with them, and share it with their listeners. Through their floor-pounding, lung-busting live shows and an upcoming album, the ‘Boys are spreading the tales of murders, black-hearted ex’s, and the rolling calico hills that make up their lives.


The Burning of York (2012)