The Spectacular Fantastic
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The Spectacular Fantastic

Cincinnati, OH | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Cincinnati, OH | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Pop Alternative


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"New internet only ep review"

Locals The Spectacular Fantastic also have a new online EP available, and you won't even have to enter a credit card to hear it. The band's I Love You EP is up for free download at The exceptionally strong effort defies the "you get what you pay for" edict, providing listeners with six tracks of Pop/Rock excellence, overflowing with songwriter Mike Detmer's mouth-watering hooks. The driving "60 Cycles" is sublimely catchy enough to pull even the most obsessive Guided By Voices fan back from the ledge, while cuts like "Smell the Air" and "Don't Know Why" are just as addicting, adding some rootsier elements, but losing none of the melodic magnificence (an energetic, fairly faithful version of Del Shannon's "Runaway" rounds out the collection). Detmer is one of the finest Pop composers in the region; now you can find out why without opening your wallet even a smidgen. Prepare to be dazzled. - Citybeat

"The Spectacular Fantastic Goes Underground"

"Cool underground pop in the same general vein as The Feelies, The Velvet Underground, and 1970s-era Kinks. First impressions might lead one to believe that The Spectacular Fantastic

is just another good underground guitar pop band. But after hearing the group's songs over and over...the subtle, distinct nuances of the music become more obvious. This band's tunes won't

blow you away immediately. The inherent substance will instead grow on you over time. At least that's the reaction we had to The Spectacular Fantastic Goes Underground. Singer/songwriter

Mike Detmer has a casual approach to writing, singing, and playing...making it sound so effortless that you almost forget what fantastic songs you're hearing. This Indiana-based band has

some of the best folky pop songs around. Kickass tracks include "Darkest Hour," "Don't Hurt Me" (our favorite), "Living in a Dream," and "Yesterday." Exceptionally tasty. (Rating: 5+) "

"Vortex of Vacancy review 1"

There's always a bit of nervous apprehension that accompanies a release crediting all performances, engineering, etc, to one musician.
Sometimes brilliant (see Prince), other times grossly self-indulgent (see, uh, Prince), it's a time-worn recipe for genius or disaster -- or perhaps it's just the mother of necessity when you live out on a farm in Southern Indiana. Mike Detmer is the one-man band behind the Spectacular Fantastic's
recorded efforts and serves as jack-of-all-trades on the delightful Vortex of Vacancy (recorded at Detmer's "Funny" farm). The sophomore outing from the
"band" is a candy-coated adrenaline rush, complete with jangly rockers and simple, rootsy progressions. Previous output has inked Detmer comparisons
with the ragged glory of Neil Young and the'60s BritPop movement, but take a slice of Raspberries' or Big Star's sweet Power Pop ("Lullaby") and add a primordial mix of Pavement and Guided By Voices ("Eskimo" and "Obsession") and you're getting warmer. Bright Pop songs ("Just My Luck") and fragmented experimentalism ("Freedom") make Vortex a deceptively sweet song cycle of sorts that progressively tackles love supreme, love unrequited and love's labor lost. What could get mundane doesn't because Detmer has the craft and the chops to make it all work. Even when he's bummed (the fragile, slide-tinged
"Adore"), he scores major points. (Sean Rhiney)
- Cincinnati Citybeat

"Vortex of Vacancy review 2"

"I don't really want to be without you baby/you make everything seem like a dream..." Common sentiments elevated by a perfect melody, an honest demeanor, and a nice mix of rock and synthesizers, on "Eskimo," the first track of Vortex of Vacancy. Like New Equations for the Simple Mind, the last album one-man-band Mike Detmer released as the Spectacular Fantastic, Vortex... represents home-made music of the first-rate variety; basically it's an album filled with catchy, sharp, memorable pop-rock songs, and what's better than that? The mood is generally cheery, the hooks get stuck in your brain, and there's not a song that clunks
or stalls the album. Reminiscent at times of the most pop of the Elephant 6 bands (The Apples in Stereo in particular), due to its
balance of sugary sweetness with rock and roll, and of groups like Sloan that have an anthemic reach, the Specatular Fantastic also has its country and folk sides, particularly on a stretch of songs near the album's end. No matter the style, the songs stick with you (...and that says something when your ears are as overloaded with music as mine are)."

"New equations for the simple mind review 1"

****Indiana-based Mike Detmer, operating under the nom de rock the SpectacularFantastic, serves up an impressive assortment of tunes on his second solo album, New Equations for the Simple Mind. Recorded in his living room, Detmer is an instrumental everyman, handling all of the instrumental chores with the proficiency
of a veteran band. "All Alone" launches the set with organ flourishes that evolve into a Beatles-derived lo-fi stomp, and as the disc progresses Detmer wears his influences like a favorite shirt. "Dream Song" is a lilting, acoustic ballad reminiscent of Spring Hill Fair-era Go-Betweens, while "Baby" rocks along like Pavement circa Brighten the Corners. Detmer's regular Joe vocals on tracks like "Depression" are far outstripped by his songwriting pen, but the guy's moniker is dead on much of the time, with "Greentree" — a delightful but brief love song — serving as further evidence. All told, New Equations for the Simple Mind is a welcome collection of adept indie rock.
- All music guide


S/T 2002
New equations for the simple mind 2003
Vortex of vacancy 2004
I love you ep (internet only) 2005
The Spectacular Fantastic Goes Underground 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Spectacular Fantastic is back with another crunchy, catchy, twangy album full of the sugary hooks that you have come to expect from the Cincinnati-based power pop project.

Seven years since the last release on 75orlessRecords (Consume/Reward) have left the band plenty of time to refine and hone their heartland honesty and melodic sound. From the instantly memorable “Without You,” to the back porch strumming of “It's So Hard,” The Spectacular Fantastic cover a dizzying array of sounds and styles with the new album, Circling The Sun.

With influences running the gamut from the Elephant 6 Collective, to classic rock in the vein of Neil Young, to the powerful pop of Big Star, TSF will assure listeners a diverse voyage into the history of pop-leaning-rock with unique twists and choruses that sound familiar and new at once.

The current incarnation of the band consists of Mike Detmer, Jonathan Williams, and Roger Pott.  Each member adds to the instrumentation and production of the new album while Dave Davis handled the mastering duties.