The Speed

The Speed


The SPEED are most reminiscent in look and feel to those 70's bands like The Eagles; had those bands gotten into punk, new-wave, grunge and the latest alternative music scenes, instead of fighting with each other... Contemporaries might include: Wolf Parade, Bravery, Strokes, et al.


Re::re::Born in 2005, The SPEED fuse high-octane energy with elements of punk, new-wave and grunge in forging their own 'kick-ass' style of classic alternative rock sounds for today's contemporary music listeners.

Led by Les Speed's driving bass, the band features dot com refugee John A.V. and his inimitable songwriting style on lead vocals, guitar and harmonica, with journeyman Physics Notes on keyboards and the solid E. Che Hawkins on drums.

The SPEED are about great riffs hooked to driving beats that make listeners want to shake their thing and feel good about music again, and not worry about star-cribs with gold-plated toilet seats, pimpin' rides or being Punk'd on TV.

"Live Fast + Die Jung " - The SPEED champion the freedom of space and mind to re-collect "the spirit of 1956", as Jonathan Richman sings in his classic 'Roadrunner' when he was "driving a thousand miles an hour, with the radio on..."

Listen for The SPEED and their EP recordings, '1000 Seconds' and the newly released '1200 Seconds' near you soon...

Watch also for John A.V. on television in episodes of the Showtime series 'Masters of Horror', FOX TV's 'Killer Instinct', TNT's 'Saved' and in the films 'X-Men 3 The Last Stand' and in the upcoming FOX/Marvel Studio's motion picture 'Fantastic Four II'; and for drummer E. Che Hawkins on tour in the U.S., Canada and Europe with his band of seminal instra-metal pioneers, REMOVAL, as well as, with legendary puck-rock legends, The HANSON BROTHERS.


1000 Seconds :: 5 Song EP - released Aug. 2005

- Thanks for your Love - (Video on Sprint in the US & O2 in the UK 3G Networks and in festival competition at the DigiFest2006 in Milan, Italy)
- In the Rain
- American Venus
- Technocratic
- Drunko!

1200 Seconds :: 5 Song EP - released Feb. 14, 2006

- Even 4 U
- No Burning Sun
- Au Revoir
- Creepy Crawly Karma
- Elijah - (Featured on 2006 NXNE TuneTank Compilation)

*We've had a great party time in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and New York, and a few points in between so far with these recordings.

Stay tuned for more news....

Set List

Two to three songs from each release, a new number or two, and a few good classic covers that everyone can sing along with and have a good time to; so anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.