The Spicoli's

The Spicoli's


If you haven't heard of The Spicoli's, you will. The five-piece band from Burlington, Ontario is riding a tasty wave of success. Hear it here first:The Spicoli's are breaking new ground and turning heads everywhere!


The Spicoli's are an energetic five-piece party rock band from Burlington, Ontario, the city notorious for spawning some of the best musicians around. The talented band formed five years ago, and consists of Brandon Pascoa, Brad Sumak, Murray Devey, Ryan Doucette and Tristan Britt. Tristan Britt recently took over the guitar duties of original Spicoli, Scott Reilly. With a new line-up and awesome new songs, these five guys are set to take over the rock 'n roll world.

Throughout the last five years, The Spicoli's have truly been living the fast times. The band has created a versatile repatoire of songs, and have independently produced two records: Liv'n the Fullest (2003) and Blood, Sweat & Beers (2005).

The Spicoli's dynamic stage adventures and catchy sing-a-long melodies have earned the band a well-respected name, and helped them conquer multiple contests and battle of the bands competitions. With extensive influences ranging from the golden age of leather-wearing glam-rock bands, circa 1988, to the many popular bands in the Southern California punk rock scene, The Spicoli's have refined a sound that is truly and completely addicting to hear.

Over the last few years, The Spicoli's have played many shows around Ontario, with many notable accomplishments both on and offstage. Some of the highlights are:

- 2001: Earned a spot on the Vans Warped Tour for the Toronto SkyDome date, and opportunity to play with many well-known bands including Simple Plan by winning the Ernie Ball Strings online demo contest out of Southern California.

- 2002: Recorded an Independent album after receiving a Factor Demo Grant.

- 2003: Placed in the final round of a huge Canadian battle of the bands competition, "Bandwars," by scoring greater points than over sixty local bands.

- 2003: Won the TCG Alliance Entertainment showcase competition, "Stars of Tomorrow: Making the Cut", a special show that was part of Canadian Music Week. The showcase was part of an International competition from a diverse talent pool of over two-hundred artists. For their outstanding performance, The Spicoli's received over $5000 worth of prizes including free studio recording time, mastering time, CD production and online distribution services.

- 2003: The Spicoli's purchased a shiny new van and released their first independent record, "Liv'n the Fullest."

- 2004: Once again earned a spot on the Vans Warped Tour for the Toronto date, winning the Ernie Ball Strings online demo contest out of Southern California.

- 2004: Champions of the 97.7 Hitz FM New Rock Search, earning them over $15,000 worth of cash and prizes including recording at Iguana Recordings, a 24 track Tascam mixer, legal consultation, 1000 count pressing of their CD's and Distribution from Maple Music, and a gig opening for the Burlington rockers, Finger Eleven.

-2004: The Spicoli's called on the production help of Dangerous Darrin Pfeiffer, the talented drummer for the band Goldfinger (, to produce a five song EP titled “Blood, Sweat, & Beers.” The EP was released in March 2005, and will be availablethrough online stores at

-2005: The Spicoli’s appeared at the legendary Spinnaker Beach Club ( as part of Spring Break festivities in Panama City Beach Florida.

-2005: The Spicoli's embark on their first Canadian tour through the Western provinces.

Focused on their music and stage show, the band continues to DUI all facets of the work. They plan to continue writing international hits, showcasing and touring consistently throughout the Summer and Fall.

The band is currently unsigned and is looking for management representation, booking opportunities, and a record deal to support their musical endeavors.


Blood, Sweat & Beers

Written By: The Spicoli's

Here we go again
Arms crossed never getting in
To what we’re fighting for
You turned your back again
I don’t think you know my friend
What we’ve got in store

Stand up
Stand out
And stand proud
Otherwise you’re
Just another face in the crowd

Blood, Sweat, Beers
We’re not standing still

There you go again
Closed minds never seem to end
But this you can’t ignore
You took it back again
I don’t think you know my friend
What we’ve got in store

Always Outnumbered

Written By: The Spicoli's

We Say
All the things that we wanted before
Have gone away and we don’t need them anymore
All the dreams you had for us before
We growing up and we’re walking out that door

It’s our way
Or no way
Never give in
Don’t give a fuck what they say

Have I opened up and old sore
I’ve got the ammo so let’s start the war
Say it again like I said it before
We’re growing up and we’re walking out that door

We’ve got nothing to prove
There is nothing to prove


5 Song EP - Blood, Sweat, & Beers - 2004

10 Song LP - Liv'n the Fullest - 2003

Set List

Typical set list:

1. See Through You
2. Separate Ways
3. Always Outnumbered
4. Remember When
5. Last Trip Around the Sun
6. Blood, Sweat, & Beers
7. Lifeless Ordinary
8. Liv'n the Fullest
9. Real World
10. Forever Young (Rod Stewart Cover)
11. Bullshit Parade
12. Face Down

*Other songs
Breaking Down
Your Song
Coming Home
Give Somebody Away