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The Spicy Rizzaks

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Maxim Picks The Rizzaks"

Editor’s Pick of the Month for the Maxim Jukebox.

Maxim Magazine
- Maxim

"You Need Speed !"

“The Rizzaks race through their punk tunes faster than a Mexican meal left out for a few days runs through you. They curse so much they make Andrew W.K. look like Barry Manilow and it would probably help to down a handful of speed just to keep up with them. Nevertheless, they’re also harmless fun and re-create American punk the way the Dead Boys, The Damned and the Ramones played it way back when.” - The Village Voice

"Front Touchers"

“Tired of songs praising the booty? Lower East Side Punks, The Spicy Rizzaks wrote an ode to the side of the body wherein the lion’s share of anatomical naughty bits are found, hence ‘Front Toucher.’ A song that’s six parts ‘77-era punk and one part class-clown-who-makes-farting-sounds-with-his-armpits. With the band, the record label, the comic book and now the sandwich, the Rizzaks have created quite the cottage-industry for themselves. - The Village Voice


“In a short time the Spicy Rizzaks have created quite the small buzz for themselves which has garnered a loyal following for these Lower East Siders.”
- Time Out New York

"A Dishonorably Good Time"

“Their EP will have you scratching your head and your ass simultaneously. What the hell do these silly men think they’re doing and why am I liking it? This will turn off most thinking people, but for the rest of us it’s a dishonorably good time.” - Punk Planet

"Killer Rock n Roll"

Their latest CD has everyone here at Waste central flying around the office. Ripping guitar and death throw vocals. Raw tunes that deliver. Shades of the New York Dolls, with a couple shots of rock-a-billy. Don’t settle for less, these boys are the real deal. Keep it coming, can't get enough. If you can sit still to this then you must be dead! Punchy, killer rock'n'roll.
- New York Waste

"Rock Is Dead??"

“The Spicy Rizzaks appear oblivious to the critical catcalls of ‘Rock is dead!’ - or perhaps they actually believe them with more vehemence than any other band on the planet. They deliver the goods with their vintage pop punk veneer and keep the atmosphere deconstructive with rabid dixieland rhythms. The guitarist shreds and the vocalist has the yelps of a madman, making the rock-a-billy touches all the more demented.”
- Splendid Zine

"Bona Fide Scorcher"

“Combining the rock and roll intensity of the New Bomb Turks with the outright melodic profanity of G.G. Allin and the Jabbers, New York City supagroup The Spicy Rizzaks are operating at a whole different level. Under the radar, maybe, but hopefully not for long. Taking a playful dig at their citymates and all-around douche bags The Strokes, The Spicy Rizzaks know how to have a good time, even if it's at other people's expense. Vocalist Jon Bon Rizzak has a similar vocal delivery to Jason Kendall in his Amazing Royal Crowns days, so that conjures up a whole bunch of happy memories for yours truly. Coming in at a disapointingly short three tunes - disapointing only because we need more - "Actually, No…This Is It!" is a BONA FIDE SCORCHER. Buy it at ,
- Fat City Magazine

"Vigorous NYC Rock n Roll"

“3 tracks of vigorous NYC Rock N Roll with a huge dose of enjoyment. Great pace, great style. This is real entertainment and ability.”
- No Front Teeth UK

"Full Blown Backyard Warrior"

“The lead singer's name is Jon Bon, the guitar player is Eddie Van, on bass we have Bootsy Rizzak and Ringo Rizzak plays drums… of course. Pretty fun concept for a pretty funny band. The three songs here are speed rock gone full blown backyard warrior with a great sense of humor and heavy enough sound to make them rise above the usual frat rock one would expect from an outfit like this. "Mudflap Girl," is almost an epic fable of backseat love gone horribly wrong, or right…you decide. All in all, in three songs, The Spicy Rizzaks impressed enough for me to say check 'em out or maybe wait for the full length or even if they come through your town, because I bet they put on a pretty good show. When you hear them you'll visualize the four boys jumping around and flailing through smoke machines and flashpots. At least that's what I saw!”
- Shredding Paper


2001- "Is There A Duck In Here" EP
1.Sweep The Leg
2. Nerds
3. Missing Baby
4. Front Toucher
5. The Spiceman Cometh

2002 "Royal Flush #2 Comp"
1. The Count of Monte Fisto
2. Jesus Cadillac Robo-Christ

2002- "The Night Before" - NYC Christmas Comp
1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

2003- "Actually, No…This IS It" EP
1. Crack The Whip
2. Action Slacks
3. Mudflap Girl

2003- Skratch Magazine Comp
1. Nerds

2004- "Endgame" LP (set to release in the fall)
1. All My Awesome Toys
2. Sweet Sass
3. Cambodian Sweatbox
4. Catfight
5. Dump Me, I Need The Material
6. Missing Baby
7. Blast Off To Kicksville
8. The Count of Monte Fisto
9. Sweep The Leg Johnny
10. Battered
11. Running From The Gun


Feeling a bit camera shy


Trying to define a band’s sound is never an easy task to accomplish. Throughout their brief career, the Rizzaks have drawn comparisons to a wide array of bands such as The Who, The Dead Kennedys, Led Zepplin, The Misfits and Rocket From The Crypt. Since forming in early 2001, the Rizzaks have shared stages with such atists as Ryan Adams, The Misfits, Jesse Malin, The Epoxies, Two Man Advantage, Japanther and The Kowalskis.
The band has recently put the finishing touches on their debut album Endgame. The full-length release finally showcases the many moods and sounds in their mighty rock ‘n’ roll arsenal. The new songs run the gamut from two minute psycho-punk blasts to arena-rock sized epics that peel the paint of your walls. “We all have such an appreciation for classic rock, ‘60s soul, glam, punk, surf, blues and rockabilly, and I think this album really shows that” says guitarist Paul Cress, “But, more importantly it’s our own interpretations and visions.” “It’s damn hard catching the live energy of a show onto a CD, but I think we’ve finally done it.” adds vocalist Patrick McQude. “Well, we also solved that problem by adding a bonus DVD, so people can see live footage of us too.”
As members of the NYC-based artist’s collective, The #Number Foundation, the band originally formed for the sole purpose of playing the debut party for their own art & culture magazine, Royal Flush. Due to an overwhelming response, old fashioned persistence, and a little word of mouth, the Rizzaks became fixtures on the New York music scene, and have headlined shows in many cities, including Los Angeles, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia. The Rizzaks gained mainstream attention this past December with their cover of the Yuletime classic “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” It was recorded for the Christmas compilation, The Night Before featuring 13 of the hottest up and coming bands in New York such as Calla, The Witnesses, OnAirLirary! and The Hissyfits. When they released their last EP Actually No, … This is it featuring “Crack the Whip, Action Slacks and Mudflap Girl,” glowing reviews poured in, including raves from The Village Voice, Punk Planet, and Fat City.
In the summer of 2002, The Rizzaks were asked to record music for the Off-Broadway production of David Rabe’s Hurlyburly. Recently, The Rizzaks have just finished filming a series of commercials to air on the American Movie Channel (AMC) this summer. The commercial will feature the Rizzaks performing their hit single “Sweep the Leg” live on a rooftop. The ads coincide with AMC’s airing of the 1984 classic, The Karate Kid.