The Spicy Rizzaks

The Spicy Rizzaks


The Rizzaks are a lot like Led Zepplin, but about 10 times better.


Trying to define a band’s sound is never an easy task to accomplish. Throughout their brief career, the Rizzaks have drawn comparisons to a wide array of bands such as The Who, The Dead Kennedys, Led Zepplin, The Misfits and Rocket From The Crypt. Since forming in early 2001, the Rizzaks have shared stages with such atists as Ryan Adams, The Misfits, Jesse Malin, The Epoxies, Two Man Advantage, Japanther and The Kowalskis.
The band has recently put the finishing touches on their debut album Endgame. The full-length release finally showcases the many moods and sounds in their mighty rock ‘n’ roll arsenal. The new songs run the gamut from two minute psycho-punk blasts to arena-rock sized epics that peel the paint of your walls. “We all have such an appreciation for classic rock, ‘60s soul, glam, punk, surf, blues and rockabilly, and I think this album really shows that” says guitarist Paul Cress, “But, more importantly it’s our own interpretations and visions.” “It’s damn hard catching the live energy of a show onto a CD, but I think we’ve finally done it.” adds vocalist Patrick McQude. “Well, we also solved that problem by adding a bonus DVD, so people can see live footage of us too.”
As members of the NYC-based artist’s collective, The #Number Foundation, the band originally formed for the sole purpose of playing the debut party for their own art & culture magazine, Royal Flush. Due to an overwhelming response, old fashioned persistence, and a little word of mouth, the Rizzaks became fixtures on the New York music scene, and have headlined shows in many cities, including Los Angeles, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia. The Rizzaks gained mainstream attention this past December with their cover of the Yuletime classic “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” It was recorded for the Christmas compilation, The Night Before featuring 13 of the hottest up and coming bands in New York such as Calla, The Witnesses, OnAirLirary! and The Hissyfits. When they released their last EP Actually No, … This is it featuring “Crack the Whip, Action Slacks and Mudflap Girl,” glowing reviews poured in, including raves from The Village Voice, Punk Planet, and Fat City.
In the summer of 2002, The Rizzaks were asked to record music for the Off-Broadway production of David Rabe’s Hurlyburly. Recently, The Rizzaks have just finished filming a series of commercials to air on the American Movie Channel (AMC) this summer. The commercial will feature the Rizzaks performing their hit single “Sweep the Leg” live on a rooftop. The ads coincide with AMC’s airing of the 1984 classic, The Karate Kid.


2001- "Is There A Duck In Here" EP
1.Sweep The Leg
2. Nerds
3. Missing Baby
4. Front Toucher
5. The Spiceman Cometh

2002 "Royal Flush #2 Comp"
1. The Count of Monte Fisto
2. Jesus Cadillac Robo-Christ

2002- "The Night Before" - NYC Christmas Comp
1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

2003- "Actually, No…This IS It" EP
1. Crack The Whip
2. Action Slacks
3. Mudflap Girl

2003- Skratch Magazine Comp
1. Nerds

2004- "Endgame" LP (set to release in the fall)
1. All My Awesome Toys
2. Sweet Sass
3. Cambodian Sweatbox
4. Catfight
5. Dump Me, I Need The Material
6. Missing Baby
7. Blast Off To Kicksville
8. The Count of Monte Fisto
9. Sweep The Leg Johnny
10. Battered
11. Running From The Gun

Set List

1. Sweet Sass
2. All My Awesome Toys
3. Cambodian Sweatbox
4. Catfight
5. Dump Me, I Need The Material
6. Oberlin
7. Running From The Gun
8. Blast Off To Kicksville
9. The Count of Monte Fisto
10. Action Slacks

1. Kiss Me Deadly- Lita Ford
2. Last Caress- Misfits
3. Train Kept-a-rolling - Johnny Burnette
4. Shakin' All Over - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
5. I Love L.A. - Randy Newman