The Spies

The Spies


The Spies music is rock with a moody swagger...melodically driven indie pop that sinks it's hooks into you quick.


The Spies are the extension of two people's wild imaginations and pop rock expression of love and of loss, a story of paranoia and surveillance, and the struggle through dark alleys and dead ends...leads us to face Old Ghosts. The whole is greater than it's parts. And the whole...hope that our artistic endeavors outweigh the importance of who we are.


Old Ghosts LP.

5 tracks appear in episode 6 of the podcast show Notes From the Hollywood Underground.

Set List

Average Set Time 30-45 min

1. Drag
2. Recent Tragic Events
3. One Nation
4. Shatterproof
5. Newstead
6. Shot in the Arm (cover)
7. Leave the Lines
8. Start a War
9. Ides of March
10. Sly Girl