The Spies of Life

The Spies of Life


They are extraordinary musicians who play a kind of music that can only be described as "American" . It's not just Rock, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Country, but rather a mixture of all these styles and more.


Featuring the emotional, soaring vocals of Patty Robbins-Albigese, SPIES OF LIFE is a melting pot of Folk, Soul, and "songs from the road less traveled". Pianist Lou Simmons and multi-instrumentalist John Tyler began performing in 1969 under the name Light Brigade, winning both the Atlanta and Georgia State Battle of the Bands, and started singing with Patty, forming the Rock Mountain Band in 1974. These three performers would tour with that group over much of the USA, opening for such artists as the James Gang, Flo & Eddie, David Bromberg, Roy Buchanan, and Leon Redbone, among many, many others. John would later tour with The Grass Roots, as well. Rock Mountain would continue until 1982, when the group splintered after releasing several singles and the Rock Mountain album on Target Records. Lou and John, along with bassist Mike Howell began recording and doing studio session work under the moniker 'SPIES OF LIFE". Patty auditioned twice and was invited to join the Jefferson Starship, replacing Grace (you know who). In Patty's case "timing was almost everything," and she found herself expecting her first child, electing to stay in Atlanta. SOL member Greg Lathrop plays harmonicas and percussion, and is featured on the recent Bubba Sparxxx CD, the latest in a list of studio appearances. The newest members of the group include Jim Tyler, on electric and acoustic guitars, and Larry Strong, who can, and does strike out a rhythm all his own, with a variety of drums, percussion toys, and just about anything else he can whack with a stick! Individually, all these musicians bring different hues to the picture, collectively the portrait is a joy to behold. The groups most recent CD project 'Shadowlands' has received critical acclaim, and continues to prove that 'variety is the Spies of Life”

Festivals we have played in the Atlanta Ga area:

Candler Park Fall Fest 2004,2005,2006 booked for 2007

WRFG Radio Benefit Festival 2006

Duluth Ga. Fall Fest 2006 Booked for 2007

Ga Wine Country Festival

Chesatee River Festival I & II

Save the Hemlock Festival 2006 booked for 2007

Georgia Boogie 2004

Clubs in the Atlanta area

Red Light Cafe
Eddie's Attic
Harvest Moon Saloon
Moon ShadowSaloon
Grant Field (Chattahoochie River Keepers)
Smiths old Bar
Center Stage Theater


2004 - Shadowlands
2001 - Polar Plot
1998 - Groove Factory
1996 - Weathering

Set List

The Spies have an endless repertoire with well over 8 hours of original & Copy music and will tailor the set list to the individual atmosphere of the venue.

Festival List: 55 Min. length

Come All Ye - SOL
Sugaree or other of many songs - Grateful Dead
Shadowland - SOL
Zero Tolerance - SOL
Natures Way - Spirit
Heavy Medication - SOL
Killin Frost - SOL
Carry On - CSNY
Spy2k - SOL
Missing Persons - SOL
Patriot Song - Little Stephen