The Spiffies

The Spiffies

 Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, USA

The Spiffies are a band of rock n' roll variety who are sure to challenge your heart and mind. Once you have settled down after feeling the foot stomping rhythms of this devastatingly full trio, you never quite recover from the melody which plunges deep in your subconscious.


The Spiffies were formed in 2009 with two of the members still in high school. From the very beginnings of the band, greatness was expected from each of the members. The group started out playing lousy shows with various horrible "metal" bands through out the Charleroi/Belle Vernon area. Many, if not all of these shows were a total failure for the band. Either the promoters would purposely rip them off, no crowd would show, or both. Six months after the band was formed, the Spiffies decided to record several songs that were wrote within a week of the band being formed. They called it, Damn City Folk EP. The next year and a half after Damn City Folk would change the bands image, perception of success, and strive to gain national critical acclaim. The Spiffies' crazy endeavors would eventually bring them to Nashville, TN, where they found the place where they will eventually call home. While back in PA, the boys are working on enhancing the music, and possibly adding a fourth member. The boys plan to write a slew of new material, and record a three track EP in Nashville early in the year.


Damn City Folk EP
The Spiffies EP