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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | SELF

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | SELF
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"Everyone Loves..."

"Everyone loves rock and roll bands, especially greats such as Led Zepplin ( a personal favourite), The Rolling Stones and The Who. But what if you were to mix it up a little and add some Nick Cave, Joy Division and The Undertones? Only then would you start to get a feel for The Spikes and their sound. However, in saying that, a live stage performance is really from where you can start to understand these four musicians. Famous for their raw, high energy performance, this band revel in their ability to disseminate an infectious, raucous sound that would invigorate any crowd." - Connected Magazine, Oct 2006

"Have it All"

"...The Spikes pretty much have it all. A song like Monster is better than anything that the likes of Jet have shorn upon us, while Croatian Lover could be the The Strokes if they were Cream fans. They have no bad songs, and it's only a matter of time before they make some kind of breakthrough..." - Drop-D August 2006


"The Spikes sound like a less gloomy version of Editors on 'Hypnotized', the flagship single from their forthcoming debut long-player. Having already troubled the singles charts with previous efforts, hopes are high that The Spikes can truly establish themselves in 2008. 'Hypnotized' sounds like the perfect tool for the task, with the insanely catchy chorus lending the song instant indie anthem status."

Stephen Errity - HotPress, April 2008

"The gamble pays off"

"Surely their most vibrant offering to date, Hypnotised is the new single out on Thick Neck Records, and one has to now start asking, is this a band on the verge of greatness? As with the previous three singles, again the influence of The Doors can be heard in the bass line and the confident swagger, though now out of their minds on a half a dime, the new single is more explosive than what we have come to expect. The gamble pays off, and is surely the Ace they have been threatening to pull all along... With a naturally compelling hip-swaying beat, expect this new offering from The Spikes to be as big of a hit on the indie dance floors as on the air waves. One awaits what will surely be an arresting début album. Scores 9/10."

Tom Kenny - Frequency-Ireland, April 2008

"Heads Down"

"...after watching the group in soundcheck, it is tempting to say that their tastes are as far away from the leftfield as possible - a contrast with much on the Dublin indie scene. The Spikes' sound is soaked in American classic rock: pure, heads-down Southern-fried boogie. Indeed, it is difficult to think of many contemporary Irish groups whose stage figurehead is unencumbered by instrumental responsibilities, or who really 'goes for it' in the live setting."

Killian Murphy - Hotpress, Jan 2007

"This is Good"

"This is good. From the conversational vocal entry, staccato guitar and throbbing drum part, there's a Doors-ian strut to 'In Love No More' that is hugely refreshing. The guitar slashes are straight out of the Keith Richards textbook and there's one of those small touches of brilliance that confirm the band have a pop sensibility in the judicious 'Hey!' thrown in at just the right moment on backing vocals. On this evidence, The Spikes know how to mine a good groove, keeping it tight and potent. Play it on daytime radio: the kids can stand the heat."

Phil Udell - Hotpress, Nov 2006

"Urges and Purges ****"

"Dynamic Debut from Dublin Delinquents"

"It's all very well being youthfully brash and brimful of attitude, but do you have any songs? Well, actually, The Spikes have loads of them. Some we've enjoyed already as singles and some we meet on this, the debut album by the lads from Dublin whose influences run the gamut from The Who to The Zutons by way of The Doors, The Stones et al.

"The anthemic, and eminently danceable 'Hypnotized' kicks it off with a dash of Editors fuelled by robust percussion, crunching guitar riffs, a nod to The Doors in the melody and shouty hooks. The soaring 'Wearing Rain' is a glorious riff-fest, and the equally hook-laden 'Monster' is as cocky and sinister as when it first emerged, driven by a sparse gutsy rhythm, and a hint of The Zutons about it. 'In Love No More' has more of that Doors strut plus Stonesy guitars and vocals. 'Painted in Gold' is deliciously cheesy, all restless rhythms, woo-woos and handclaps, while the surging 'Guess Again' turns up the temperature and throws in some demented vocals. 'Smug Little Kiss' blends The Stones with The Who so you never want it to end.

"Vocalist Tom Dunne is splendiferous all the way, propelled by the exceptional guitaring of Gareth Lewis.

"There once was a time when Irish bands made a damn fine noise but didn't quite get around to writing noteworthy songs. Not any more.

Jackie Hayden - Hot Press, February 2009

"Urges and Purges ****"

"... a sweltering, fiercely intelligent salvo of angst-pop, distinguished by a barrage of guitars and frontman Tom Dunne's hyper-articulate approach to lyrics. Spitting out words like knock-out punches,he is practically breathless by the end of single Hypnotized. But it's not all spittle and fury: Painted In Gold suggests Lloyd Cole fronting Blur; Wearing Rain starts off like a ringer for The Jam's That's Entertainment before segueing into a Nick Cave dirge... you can't accuse these newcomers of not packing their share of surprises.

Eamon De Paor - Metro, February 2009

"We Are - reviewed"

Listening to this highly-polished three-track salvo of embraceable FM rock, its hard to believe that THE SPIKES have flown under the Irish rock radar for so long.
Opening track Chain Me borrows as much from The Killers(stadium rock outro) as it does early U2 (soaring vocals) and Bruce Springsteen (bottomless optimism) and doesnt outstay its welcome - tipping the four minute mark.
Betty Ford opens with the kind of feel-good guitar riff that was once the preserve of J Geils Band and the first MTV generation, but expands into hands-up rock that showcases the bands versatility - simmering verses dovetail into huge choruses without a fuss.
Super Modern Queen, a cowboy-tinged stomper, rounds out proceedings, promising much from a live show for the Dublin rockers.
Frontman Tom Dunne's heartfelt vocals let fly at every oppurtunity, recalling the days when it was fine to be a lung-scraping rock frontman. Theres a touch of the young Thom Yorke there, for sure.
Watch this space.
VERDICT : Local band are born to rock. 7/10 - Irish Daily Star

"We're Kings of the castle"

THE SPIKES made the front page of the Irish newspaper Metro after their now legendary performance at Castlepalooza festival 2009. As well as the front page THE SPIKES were featured on page 6. Copy and paste the link below into a browser to see the online edition featuring THE SPIKES. - Metro


We Are - EP - October 2009
Urges & Purges - LP, February 2009

Hypnotized - Single, April 2008
Ninja Girlfriend - Single, March 2007
In Love No More - Single, Nov 2006
Monster - Single, July 2006



THE SPIKES – Standing above the crowd

When the members of THE SPIKES went through the inevitable and difficult process of choosing a name, the answer, when it came, seemed obvious. In these days of digital music, a spike – a sudden, unexpected surge that towers over the surrounding sound – is a truly fitting definition for this exceptional Irish rock band.

In seeking to live up to their title and genuinely elevate themselves above the countless other hard-working bands of the moment, THE SPIKES invested considerable time in assembling the perfect line-up, and patience paid off in 2009 when the Dublin-based five-piece was cemented with the perfect blend of experience and talent. With the members bringing diverse musical backgrounds and a hunger to make great music, the stage was set for success.

And success has come fast and undeniably. Debut album Urges and Purges, released Feb 2009, met with critical acclaim and spawned singles Monster, In Love no More and Hypnotized, racking up chart success and regular radio airplay. The band followed up this release with a summer of festival appearances topped by a headline-grabbing show at the Castlepalooza festival and culminating in a triumphant show to a capacity crowd in Dublin’s Academy.

Ever busy, late 2009 saw the band release their We Are EP which, with the rapid evolution of the band’s craft and a new producer on board, saw ever more airplay on national radio. Breakneck momentum took THE SPIKES to both Russian and German appearances in early 2010 before they holed themselves up in the studio once more to work on their second album, due for release in 2011 and which will truly announce the arrival of THE SPIKES to the world as a force to be reckoned with.

And so, THE SPIKES today are the band poised for greatness, possessed of all the tools required to make it happen. Not just an ear for a “killer melody” [‘Monster’ - Metro], or an “instant indie anthem” [‘Hypnotized’ - Hotpress]; not just because they’re “Energetic… stylish…” [Irish Times], and “a handsome bunch, the kind that your girlfriend would fancy” [Drop-D]; not even just because in a live setting they produce “a sound that is pure energy” [Waterford Today], and “show the rest how it’s done.” [Irish Times]: But because they combine all of these vital elements to live up to the lofty statement of intent they set themselves from the start:

“The Spikes have managed to stand out from the crowd…they have everything needed to succeed in this business.” [Cork Evening Echo]