The Spill

The Spill


Riveting and emotional, passionate vocals, canvassed by haunting musical passages; a tasteful blend of melodic, atmospheric and electronic music that paints landscapes for the imagination to wander.


In the summer of 2004, Patrick Disney, Ryan Gross and Todd Hale joined Lawrence Adams to form The Spill. The sole purpose was to record an album of worship music. The band rehearsed for 3 months and performed just a handful of concerts before heading in to Group Effort Studios to work with Jeff Monroe on a record.
In July of 2005, The Spill officially released their debut album, Canvas, a predominantly cover-based worship record that contained three original songs as well. Propelled by such songs as 'Praise You' and the title track 'Canvas', the album took off, selling more than 200 copies at the CD Release party alone. The first single, 'Forever My Love Remains', held the #1 spot on radio for two consecutive weeks and was in constant rotation on 93.3 WAKW's "Breakout" program for new artists. It also went to number 12 on the IndieHeaven rock charts. A vastly different version of “Blessed Be Your Name” has taken off on iTunes and has become the band's most downloaded track

In supporting their record, The Spill played all over the midwest region. The band went from playing small backyard events to sharing the stage with regional acts Yours for Mine and 7th Time Down and opening for national recording artists The Afters, The Swift and Manic Drive. The album also garnered 3 Momentum Awards nominations at the C.I.A. (Christian Independent Artists) Summit for Album of the Year, Rock Artist of the Year and Male Vocalist of the year.

Today, The Spill carries on as a three-piece. Lawrence Adams made the difficult decision to leave The Spill to follow his heart in leading worship music at his church. After some time off focusing on other projects, Patrick, Ryan and Todd have regrouped to continue working on The Spill. Currently, they're holed up in their rehearsal space working on new material and are planning to begin recording later this summer.


Forever My Love Remains

Written By: The Spill

You stole away my heart
that day you said you would stay

Forever my love remains
Forever my love remains

Captive, will i always be?
To grace that is found in me?

Forver my love remains
Forever my love remains

In you I'm set free
Through you the truth i see

Forever my love remains
Forever my love remains


Canvas (release date July 2005)
Chart a Course (release date August 2007)

Set List

Setlist of about 90% original songs. Typical sets run up to 1 hour. Longer sets can be done if necessary.