The spines

The spines


Catchy songs with great hooks ! and killer musicians, Vocals, Lyrics!


The Spines are an Alternative Rock band out of New York with a reputation for catchy hooks, tasteful songwriting, solid musicianship and powerful live performances. Frontman Ray Mazza began The Spines in the fall of 2005, transitioning to singing and playing guitar after playing drums in several different bands. Immediately. he began recording material with local talent. By winter of 2006 Max Feinstein and Ryan Kornblatt had been recruited on guitar and drums and in 2008 the band was solidified with guitarist Scott Johnson and bassist Vinny Doucette filling out the band's live sound. Throughout 2007 the band heavily circulated demo CDs which cultivated their fanbase on both a locally and internationally. The band also spent that time recording their debut. Radiolarian is a locally and internationally anticipated album with something for everyone from catchy, harmony laden songs to darker, heavier and more progressive material. The album will be released in January 2009 distributed through Strawhouse Entertainment and Sony Red.


EP Radilarian
Singles Difference, Big chorus
Not released till Jan 20, 2009

Set List

1 in a name
3 creeper
4 blessed
5she will
6 Broken dishes
7 Again
8 Big chorus
Set runs about 40 min