the spinning leaves

the spinning leaves


The Spinning Leaves are a fantastically talented duo that play acoustic music with flair and warmth and vibrancy. This ain’t your old folk. It’s new folk steeped in tradition for the modern world’ Bruce Warren / WXPN Philadelphia


The Spinning Leaves are a band based out of Philadelphia. They have a record called ‘LOVE’ self produced out of their bedrooms, around campfires, the streets of Philadelphia, and their close friend Raph of (Hezekiah Jones) mom’s house.
The record was produced over the course of a year and a half and includes more than 50 folks from the musical communities of Philadelphia.The Spinning Leaves met on Barbara’s birthday in October of 2006 and started singing the next day. They believe in community and the connections that can form when people look each other in the eyes. . They support with their music important issues such while working with various non profits and grass roots efforts with a wide range of cause.. but a few issues that they are most passionate about are the local food movements, programs to ensure music education for children, and the crafting communities.
The Spinning Leaves were created with a burst of movement and their glow leaves resonates with the many communites they have encountered. They have been gaining recognition by radio stations as well as musical communiteis and music feelers.The Spinning Leaves have recently signed on with Ropeadope Records who released their album LOVE digitally and on vinyl mid-December. So please do keep your ears to the ground and feel the vibrations of The Spinning Leaves!


lonely firefly

Written By: the spinning leaves

Lonely Firefly
By Michael Baker and Barbara Gettes

I can feel that flame a-fumin'
in my knees and in my nose
feel the flame afumin'
as it grows, it grow-ow ow-ow-ow-ows!

all the people of this land
are surely making plans
for something sweet to eat
they tap the trees
they tap the tree-ee-ee-ee ee-ee-ee-ees!

there's a big roll a-rollin'
a big storm a-comin' in
big flower open up to see
be free, be free

well, I'm movin' towards the light
very Lonely Firefly
lights reflecting
reflecting in the river
reflecting the river
ah, ah, ah, ah

There's a big roll a-rollin'
big storm a-comin' in
big flower open up to see
be free, be free


LOVE on Ropeadope Records digitally and vinyls to come in mid-December!
We do get air play. Mostly;
'try try try try try' and 'lonely firelfly'

***How do you explain "loose but tight" or " melodically funky" ? You don't - you just point to The Spinning Leaves, a fresh new band from Philly that I find indescribably delicious.’
Gene Shay / WXPN