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The Spinto Band

Wilmington, Delaware, United States | INDIE

Wilmington, Delaware, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"#29 out of 50 in "NME Albums of the Year""

Ranked #29 out of 50 in "NME Albums of the Year" - NME

"Review: Nice and Nicely Done"

...the Spinto Band's two lead singers traverse enough styles for a week's worth of positive Pitchfork notices. Nick Krill does the wobbly David Byrne warble about as well as deservedly lauded Clap Your Hands Say "It Boy" Alec Ounsworth. See harpsichord-splashed breakup song "Did I Tell You" and Turtles-quoting synth-pop come-on "Spy Vs. Spy". But Krill can also do dead-on Brighten the Corners-era Steve-O Malkmus ("Late", which brightly details the everyday dangers of rushing home for a favorite show: "It's slippery by the pool"). Meanwhile, fellow songwriter Thomas Hughes covers the sotto-voce sensitive-guy territory. His kazoo-enhanced "Brown Boxes" zooms in on a move-out/breakup: packing a pointless Hummel figurine while half-wishing for box-cutters sharp enough to "end it all". As throughout the album, a buoyant chorus saves the day. - Pitchfork

"Review: Moonwink"

...Delaware's Spinto Band have perfected a delicate balance of form and content. Moonwink's manic tunes are miniature rock'n'roll extravaganzas, with intricate melodies and airtight, detailed arrangements providing a dramatic setting for charmingly woozy singer Nick Krill (think early Sparks, only fronted by someone much sleepier). "They All Laughed" and "Vivian, Don't" could be dismissed as shiny pop fun -- and too clever for their own good -- until you discover the throbbing angst lurking behind Krill's giddy energy. - SPIN

"Review: Moonwink"

...But of course with experience comes the ability to expand on even the more simplistic moments. The guitars are firmly reined, the keyboards are agreeably edgy,the pace is unremittingly breathless. Trad speed-jazz? Combining vaudeville melodies alongside a quirky pop sensibility lifts the eleven songs here above the merely angular and takes us to a unique space, and probably not somewhere everyone would want to go, but to my ears Moonwink’s only real flaw is its brevity. With the jittery energies of silent comedy jostling alongside lyrical conceits worthy of Tom Lehrer and a production that adds a vaguely sinister gloss to the entire proceedings, this is an album of the year, somewhere or other. - Delusions of Adequacy


Nice and Nicely Done - 2005 - Bar/None, 2006 - Radiate
Moonwink - 2008 - Park the Van

The Spinto Band - 2003 Sleepglue
Good Answer - 2004 - Spintonic
Slim and Slender - 2009 - Park the Van Records

"Oh Mandy" (CD) - 2005 - Stolen Transmissions
"Mountains/Brown Boxes" (7") - 2005 - Radiate
"Direct to Helmet" (CD, 7") - 2006 - Radiate
"Did I Tell You" (CD, 7") - 2006 - Radiate - UK #55 charts
"Oh Mandy" (CD, 7") - 2006 - Radiate - UK #54 charts
"Summer Grof" (7") - 2008 - Fierce Panda - UK
"Summer Grof/Franco Prussian" (7") - 2008 Park the Van - US
"Vivian, Don't" (7") - 2009 - Fierce Panda - UK



The Spinto Band was originally formed as recording project by high school students in Wilmington, Delaware in the late 1990s. Singer Nick Krill describes the early years of the band: "Every other band we knew back then would play in their garage and do the live thing. They’d do a bunch of concerts, then go, ‘Oh man, we’ve gotta record now?’ But we just had this crap in the basement and all we’d do was record, so we had 20 90-minute tapes full of junk before we played our first show."

After several releases on the band's own Spintonic label, the band released its proper debut album, Nice and Nicely Done, on Bar/None Records in 2006. Their song "Oh, Mandy" was released as a single seemed to strike a chord with people. They spent the next two years touring extensively throughout the United States and Europe playing with such acts as Arctic Monkeys, the Strokes, and Rilo Kiley.

In 2008, the band signed to Park the Van Records and released its second proper full length album, Moonwink. The group promoted the album with a series of humorous videos on YouTube and did some more touring.

In 2009, the band released an EP titled "Slim and Slender." The four-song release contained three original songs and a cover of the 1939 South American hit "Brazil."

They are currently awaiting the release of their third LP, which was self-produced by the band and recorded in spurts throughout 2010 in an abandoned chicken coop.