The Spiral Farm Band

The Spiral Farm Band


"The Spiral Farm Band plays bluegrass pure, honest and authentic. The band's five muscians perform around a single microphone, and weave a tapestry of bright picking, gentle, moaning fiddle and soaring harmonies." Eagle Times


T he Spiral Farm Band at it's core is the husband wife team Peter and Kelly Dane-Dickinson.
Their powerful dreams of music and homesteading combine as the spiral, gathering energy and momentum. Since 2004, their heartfelt
renditions of traditional, contemporary and original songs have earned them a loyal following, especially in Claremont, and Keene, NH. They have been repeated guests on WOOL FM of Bellows Falls,VT and their performance at The Windham made an appearance on ABC television's Chronicle.


We have released two self produced albums and are working on a third. The first album is focused on tradtoinal tunes, the second is a live recording from 12/15/06. The third will be mainly focused on original material.

Set List

Our typical show is two 45min. sets. We play a high energy show with some covers and some original material in each set. Here is a sample two set show;
Set 1

1 Earl's (G)
2 9lb hammer
3 Radio(C)
4 Sittin (D) dobro
5 No More Love (C)
6 Angel Band (G)
7 Long Gone (A)
8 Georgia
9 Boots
10 .Walkin’ Cane(A)
11 Two Weeks (B)
12 Honey, You Led me to the wrong (C)
13 Rawhide
14 Man of Constant Sorrow

Set 2

1 Barrel (B)
2 Will the Circle (Bb)
3 Listening to the Rain (A)
4 Red Clay Halo
5 Salt Creek
6 Hesitation Blues (D) dobro
7 I Hope it Rains
8 Old Home Place (Bb)
9 Mtn. Girls(Bb)
10 Abigail(Bb)
11 Wayfaring stranger (Am)
12 Wagon Wheel (A)
13 Blue Moon(A)
14 Sleepy Eyed John(A)