the spirit

the spirit


The Spirit covers a vast range of musical genres; but there is one thing that unfies them, and that is the passionate melody that inspires and touches the listeners.


At the age of thirteen, Conrad Garcia started playing guitar, singing and songwriting. Now, at the age of twenty five, he finished his composing career by completing the 14 album saga entitled "The Journey to Cosmic Emancipation", a collection of more than 200 songs that explores genres like Rock, Alternative New Age World Music, Ethereal, Psychedelic, Jazz, Folk and New School. But up to now, he is still an unsigned artist; he only recorded 12 tracks(including "Little Flower" "The Spirit" and "Fragment of the Truth") in an amateur studio.


Little Flower

Written By: Conrado Garcia

Bend along, my Little Flower;
you can't stay straight to yourself.
Now don't you cry my little flower.
There's still hope for you today.
And when the clouds become to selfish to pour the rain.
I'll be there.
Where' s the bloom I've waited for so long?
Summer's over your time has come.
You're still here with an inferior twig.
Spread your scent and bless the air.
Awhile ago, you're just a little seed squirming down the earth.
How time flies.
Sooner or later, I will tell how wonderful you are to me,
Hold on still my little flower.
A little more and spring will come.
You stay on that crannied nook.
Think of good things and the storm will pass.
If the lightning become too cruel, you just bow your head and have some faith and there'll be hope.

The Spirit

Written By: Conrado Garcia

The Spirit of everything and beyond it;
that once slept a hereafter,
who never saw the light of the sun,
true and eternal,
who never found love,
was now awakened.
Silence that was its world, grim and grey;
a sailor faring in the endless continent of water yet never,
'deed have a life giving dust from the dry earth - was now brought to life by the warmth of it.



Set List

Twist of Fate, Fragment of the Truth, Sandcastle, El Sombra, Little Flower, Mountains, The Spirit, I Wanna See the World- 30 to 34 mins. by The Spirit