The Spiritual Lyricist

The Spiritual Lyricist

 Port Huron, Michigan, USA
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Noted as one of the most anointed lyricist of today SL aka is Hip-Hop's version of the Apostle Paul writing letters to the church, and reconciling the lost back to the Father, empowering the mind, body & soul of man called to detect destiny and push people into purpose under the Anointing of God.


Edward L. Williams

In the Fall of 1976, Edward L. Williams was born to Edward L. and Graceina Williams. However, 20 years later in the fall of 1996, The Spiritual Lyricist was born. At birth, the Holy Spirit was heavinly upon this future man of God. Numerous prophecies and blessings were spoken over him and to him. It was only a matter of time before God would purge, refine and reshape this broken vessel.

The call on his life was to take the youth to a higher level in the anointing of God. To expand their knowledge of God and enhance their love for God. As he began his journey, his experiences began to personify the word God eventually put in his mouth. A word that would teach and rebuke, correct and edify. Being a true visionary of God, he has been able to preach and teach through music. God has divinely sealed this futuristic psalmist to sound the "latter day" alarm through the most influential means of communicaton in this hour, HIP-HOP.

Not just HIP HOP, but prophetic HIP-HOP with lyrics inspired from the Holy Spirit. Utilizing a cultural blend that has the power to persuade and set trends for this generation, just as Paul did in his day. The music of the Spiritual Lyricist surpasses the boundaries of race, denomination, and tradition. His mission is to educate, bless and encourage God's people in this hour. To build up the spirit man with prophetic words for today and wake the natural man to the sound of this millenium. In short....A word in song for this hour!

As of 2004 Edward L. Williams professionally known as “ The Spiritual Lyricist” has shared the stage with such gospel recording artist as Tye Tribbett, Canton Jones, Da’ Truth, Sean Slaughter and many more, having appeared on the Holy Hip Hop Compilation Series Taking the Gospel to the Streets Vol.2 he has ministered in his own unique way at many conferences and youth rallies throughout the U.S. In the spring of 2007 The Spiritual Lyricist released his long anticipated LP self-titled “The Spiritual Lyricist” with such songs as “By Faith which includes over 40 different scriptures HHH single “No Greater Love” and the “At the Altar”
Which is the first Video release scheduled to debut in the fall of 2007,with the assistance of his Manager Reginald Eskridge the future of not only “SL” but this entire generation is bright as the light of His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Disappointed to Anointed

Written By: E.L. Williams

Highly anticipated/ long awaited/but my Faith failed me not and we finally made it/ some gone hate it/ like today's pharisees and scribes/but we won't stop til Christos is in the vibe/ Not to be praised or to be seen/but it's necessary for the Word to be heard by any means/you sent yo hand from above you did deliever/just like the woman at the well you did forgive her/ from convicted to converted/ the flesh crucified it hurted/let this mind be in the only way to word it/ I will sing a new song with cymbals and strings/on top of a crucial bass line trying to do His thing/comin out of the tomb like my name was Lazarus/Quote "Can anything Good Come out of Nazareth"/ the Christos Lineage is who you need to gather with and Kiss this world goodbye because its hazardous Oh!
(Chorus) Chant!
We're going/ from/disappointed/to/Anointed/ why?/ We want it/ cause/ My God is off the chain He got off the cross and changed the game/Now Let's Go!
We're Going/from/ disappointed to anointed/why?/we want it/cause my God is off the chain/ he got off the cross and changed the game/ you ain't know
(Verse 2)

At the Altar

Written By: E.L.Williams

I left them blocks at the altar/Left them glocks at the altar/left that hard knock life rocks in the socks at the altar/ left the struggle at the altar/drug juggles at the altar/ serve God or man I left that tuggle at the altar/ left them trees at the altar/you know that weed at the altar/ left the love of money man that greed at the altar/left the Henn at the altar/ left that Gin at the altar/left the sin at the altar/boy ! you just outta
I'm Not what I use to be No/don't do the things I use to do No No !/I gave up my habits too/ old things are passed away and I'm brand new
Verse 2
I left that pain at the altar/left that rain at the altar/Since I live in Christ when I died I gained at the altar/ left the sorrow at the altar/the need to borrow at the altar/it ain't promised so I left tomorrow at the altar/I left the grief at the altar/ all mischief at the altar/I use to steal so I left that thief at the altar/left the shame at the altar runnin game at the altar/ and the need to find someone else to blame at the altar

No Matter What

Written By: E.L. Williams

I know how it be seperated from Christ/ you gettin no response cause you ain't livin right/got mad dreams and holy ambitions/but there's some fruit of the Spirit attributes that you missin/ Like Love/ Joy/ Patience/ and Meekness/ you say you got faith but self- controls your weakness/ I've been there not to long ago/ I was thinkin about ministry/but not about home/delivered once before but entagled again/ I left he Henn alone just to pick up the Gin/ got rid of Double S's just to chief naturals/ I was professin Christ but headed straight to hell/ still parlayin/steady playin/No tithe payin/and barely prayin/wantin things my way if not I get grim/ but I knew better than that I wasn't pleasin him but!
My mind is/ made up/to serve you/No Matter What


Written By: E.L. Williams

What What My Son haven't you learned/you can't take fire in your bosom and not be burned/ just some admonishings to my kings lest they drink alot and forget these things/you can't give your strength to these women you'll die/take it from mua I did and I died/but Glory to God he brought me back again/resurrected my power I grew my hair again/her lips was soft as butter or parkay/she had me robbin God just to parlay/ took me by the hand/ leading me to hell/ had me missin service just to go to the tel/she's nothin to play with stonger than drugs/she'll have you addicted wit her kisses and hugs/ playin with your heart toying with your mind/Delilahs only mission is to keep you blind/ so you can't fulfill purpose and destiny/ I swear spiritually she was molesting me/ just puttin yall up on how she be wildlin'/ because you never know man when Delilah's smilin
Delilah is a woman that was sent to destroy/Delilah is a woman that'll come between boys/ Delilah is a woman you see you lust/ Delilah look so Good she make you fuss/Delilah is a woman like no other/ Delilah is a woman that'll have you hatin your brother/ Delilah's a woman that'll drive you to kill/ Delilah my friend will keep you out of his will

Obey the Call

Written By: E.L. Williams

(Full Song No Lyrics Sheet)


Written By: E.L. Williams

Its like everytime I wake up and see your face girl/ I thank God for showing me His Grace girl/for showing unto me His divine favor/ I asked for you in faith boo and didn't waver/ I even read about you afew years ago/ but I didn't know you was the One that is until I understood Proverbs chapter 31 It said strenght andhonor are your clothin and with wisdom do you mouth open there's alot girls out here but you excellest them all you're my backbone makin sure I don't fall on top of that you rwach forth your hands to the needy that's another reason why I love you you ain't greedy but yo also study and pray rising early in the night to me my love thats why I think you're so tight thats why I thank God that he made you my wife
(Chorus )2x
Whoso Finds a wife finds a good thing obtains favour


Currently we have 2 songs in Heavy rotation for The Spiritual Lyricist " By Faith"& "No Greater Love
The First EP was titled " It's Not Aout Me"
Featuring Hit Sigles " Its Not About Me" , " By Faith "
and Prov: 31
Also the song "No Greater Love"which was submitted through Sonicbids was selected by the people to appear on the Compilation Album Taking the Gospel to the Streets Vol.2 distributed by EMI/HHH, As of 2007 Songs such as Hunger & Thirst and At the Altar are life changing, New Video coming soon"At the Altar"

The Self-Titled LP was released in the late spring of 2007

Recently recorded smash single "Not Perfect" produced by Tommie Walker Jr. formerly of Face to Face Productions now of Molife Ent.

Set List

3-5 or 5-7 songs with testimony in the beginning and through out the set exhortation and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit with a Salvation Invitation at the end.