The Spiritual Lyricist
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The Spiritual Lyricist

Port Huron, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Port Huron, Michigan, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Gospel


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"My Spiritual Parents Endorsement of this Music Ministry"

Please Go to the Photo Gallery to view the Original Letter From my Pastors concerning this Ministry

It's The First Picture, once you click on it you can Print it out. - Apostle William T. & Prophetess Veter Nichols

"Holy Hip Hop T.G.T.S. Vol 2 Stellar Nominated"

Nashville, TN

January 2006

Rap/Hip Hop Albums of the Year (Nominees)

Nashville, TN. October 30, 2006. The 2006 Stellar Awards will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on January 19, 20 and 21, 2006. This is the first time since the early 1990's that the awards have moved to the music-dominated city, and Central City Productions has chosen the Grand Ole Opry House as the venue. The hosts for the 21st Annual Stellar Awards slated to emcee the prestigious event is the trio of Donnie McClurkin, Israel Houghton and Vickie Winans.

Rap Hip/ Hop Gospel CD of the Year (Nominees):

* Ambassador – The Thesis – Cross Movement/Provident
* Holy Hip Hop: Taking the Gospel to the Streets, Volume 2 – Holy Hip Hop Music/EMI Gospel
* Lil iRocc Williams – The Sequel – Authority/Whitaker
* Phanatik – The Incredible Walk – Cross Movement/Provident

Holy Hip Hop: Taking the Gospel to the Streets, Vol. 2 Featuring: 2Five; 2Godio; Double; F.I.R.E.; Karusso; Indascreet, The Spiritual Lyricist; Prizm, Rhymes Elect; The Preachaholicz; Sean Slaughter; Vizunari Holy Hip Hop: Taking the Gospel to the Streets Vol.2, distributed worldwide by EMI Gospel. Supervising Producer: John Penn, InspireMedia and Album Design by: Trevor Green, Green Designs.


"The Vision Statement"

First and Foremost to give and bring God glory, honor and praise,to reach this chosen generation through our form of praise and worship; to lift up the name of Jesus Christ that he may draw all men unto himself. To spread the knowledge of God's Word with love, to empower a nation to represent that which is good and not evil, to lead today's youth to a higher in the understanding of their purpose here on earth as it is ordained in heaven. To stir up the gift of the royal priesthood, to be an example of the believer, to be an inspiration to the backslider, that they may come back to My Father's House with a new heart, and renewed spirit, to preach freedom to the prisioner. Its not about the music or myself, but about God and His desire that none shall perish but all come to the knowledge of the truth. - Ed Williams

"Taking the Gospel to the Streets Vol.2 Press Review"

Holy Hip Hop: Taking The Gospel To The Streets, Vol.2
(In-stores WorldWide: December 14, 2004) - (Distributed WorldWide by: EMI Gospel)

Holy Hip Hop: Taking The Gospel To The Streets, Vol. 2 is indeed a stunning follow-up to the chart breaking compilation from Holy Hip Hop’s Vol. 1. The compilation opens up immediately blowing your musical senses with a strong take on what is call the crunk hip hop style with the Preachaholicz title track "Club Blazer". The lyrics force you to put your hands ups and bounce your head to the beat.

Amazingly in the song "No Greater Love" the artist Spiritual Lyricist strongly explains the theological basis of Christ purpose, being he died for our sins. Then he gives an overview of how it is our responsibility to spread the message of Christ love and how there is no greater love in the world. The artist fronts no bling bling only praise to our king.

Written by: Jo Scaife
T.A.B.A. Music Media Group
(J.Scaife, a writer for ten (10) years, formerly with CCM Magazine and Founder/Visionary for U (Urban) Magazine, Nashville (TN))
- Jo Scaife

"Singing a New Song"

February 23, 2008
Page: 2B

Singing a new song


Times Herald

Thursday was a milestone in the young music career of Ed Williams: He got a royalty check.

Williams, 31, is a Christian hip-hop artist whose self-titled debut album, "The Spiritual Lyricist," was released less than a year ago.

For months, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, an organization that licenses and collects royalties when artists' work is replayed, has been sending him checks for $0, evidence his album was not being picked up.

On Thursday, the check was for $62.13. Somewhere in Argentina, a radio station is playing "The Spiritual Lyricist" tracks, Williams said.

If the distance from here to Argentina seems impossibly far, it befits the spiritual journey Williams has made in the past 10 years.

In a hip-hop culture where violence and imprisonment is cache, Williams can offer his own bona fides.

About a year after he graduated from Port Huron High School in 1995, he was inprisoned for two years. He was charged with breaking and entering and passing bad checks. He was involved in drugs.

It was while inside a state penitentiary he began writing rap lyrics, but instead of tapping his criminal past, for inspiration he chose his spiritual conversion.

"It seems like the grimier your past is, the better chance to make it as a (hip-hop artist)," he said. "If all these rappers are glorifying murder, drugs, sex before marriage, the very thing they're glorifying will shape the minds of this generation."

Williams' first daughter, Alexis, was born during his incarceration. So he committed himself to using the power of pop to glorify Jesus Christ.

He wrote much of "The Spiritual Lyricist" in jail, he said, but it wasn't until about 2004 when he first got into the studio to begin mixing and building his album. It took three years and about $20,000 before he held his first plastic-wrapped CD in his hands.

The music lays sharp, tight string notes and exuberant vocals atop the heavy basslines that have become hip-hop's sine qua non. It draws on mainstream hip-hop conventions - it seems to pay homage to the work of rap icons Williams grew up with such as the Notorious B.I.G. - while at the same time channeling the unbridled excitement of a traditional gospel choir.

In August, he performed at the Burning Bush Church of God in Ypsilanti. Afterward, he was approached by a woman who bought two copies, one for her son who was serving in Iraq.

Sometime later, Williams said, that soldier contacted him through his web page and told Williams he listened to "The Spiritual Lyricist" over and over again for three straight days, and it changed his mind about faith. He said he was "saved."

"It's an honor to do Christian rap," Williams said. "You got to be a special person because it takes a special person to be a Christian. (Rapper) 50 Cent couldn't if he (tried because) he doesn't have the discipline to be a Christian."

In the immediate future, Williams said he would like to record a hip-hop choir album.

In the long run, he said he'd like to open a "church of the performing arts." A place where the word of God comes across in song, spoken word, dance and plays.

He imagines a place like that would shape the minds of a lot of people his daughter's generation.

Contact Bobby Ampezzan at (810) 989-6273 or



· RESIDENCE:Port Huron.

· EDUCATION:Graduated from Port Huron High School in 1995.

· FAMILY:Wife, Kristen, 25; daughters, Alexis, 11, and Amaya, 7

· LEARN MORE:Visit the artist's profile at thespirituallyricistor check out The CD is available at Family Christian Book Store, 4351 24th Ave., Fort Gratiot.

- Times Herald

"A New Sound"

The Spiritual Lyricist is definitley called by God to preach to the end time generation, I have never heard such anointed lyrics in reference to Hip hop and that culture, With songs like "By Faith" and "No Greater Love" there is no reason why this generation should lack knowledge in the Word of God. - JBE


Currently we have 2 songs in Heavy rotation for The Spiritual Lyricist " By Faith"& "No Greater Love
The First EP was titled " It's Not Aout Me"
Featuring Hit Sigles " Its Not About Me" , " By Faith "
and Prov: 31
Also the song "No Greater Love"which was submitted through Sonicbids was selected by the people to appear on the Compilation Album Taking the Gospel to the Streets Vol.2 distributed by EMI/HHH, As of 2007 Songs such as Hunger & Thirst and At the Altar are life changing, New Video coming soon"At the Altar"

The Self-Titled LP was released in the late spring of 2007

Recently recorded smash single "Not Perfect" produced by Tommie Walker Jr. formerly of Face to Face Productions now of Molife Ent.



Edward L. Williams

In the Fall of 1976, Edward L. Williams was born to Edward L. and Graceina Williams. However, 20 years later in the fall of 1996, The Spiritual Lyricist was born. At birth, the Holy Spirit was heavinly upon this future man of God. Numerous prophecies and blessings were spoken over him and to him. It was only a matter of time before God would purge, refine and reshape this broken vessel.

The call on his life was to take the youth to a higher level in the anointing of God. To expand their knowledge of God and enhance their love for God. As he began his journey, his experiences began to personify the word God eventually put in his mouth. A word that would teach and rebuke, correct and edify. Being a true visionary of God, he has been able to preach and teach through music. God has divinely sealed this futuristic psalmist to sound the "latter day" alarm through the most influential means of communicaton in this hour, HIP-HOP.

Not just HIP HOP, but prophetic HIP-HOP with lyrics inspired from the Holy Spirit. Utilizing a cultural blend that has the power to persuade and set trends for this generation, just as Paul did in his day. The music of the Spiritual Lyricist surpasses the boundaries of race, denomination, and tradition. His mission is to educate, bless and encourage God's people in this hour. To build up the spirit man with prophetic words for today and wake the natural man to the sound of this millenium. In short....A word in song for this hour!

As of 2004 Edward L. Williams professionally known as “ The Spiritual Lyricist” has shared the stage with such gospel recording artist as Tye Tribbett, Canton Jones, Da’ Truth, Sean Slaughter and many more, having appeared on the Holy Hip Hop Compilation Series Taking the Gospel to the Streets Vol.2 he has ministered in his own unique way at many conferences and youth rallies throughout the U.S. In the spring of 2007 The Spiritual Lyricist released his long anticipated LP self-titled “The Spiritual Lyricist” with such songs as “By Faith which includes over 40 different scriptures HHH single “No Greater Love” and the “At the Altar”
Which is the first Video release scheduled to debut in the fall of 2007,with the assistance of his Manager Reginald Eskridge the future of not only “SL” but this entire generation is bright as the light of His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.