The Spirit Valentine

The Spirit Valentine


The Spirit Valentine is pure passionate shrapnel! Powerfully beautiful, beautifully powerful!


The sound of THE SPIRIT VALENTINE swings wildly from a swirling maelstrom of distorted guitars, beautifully lush melodies, catchy riffs and hooks, and driving rhythms to more starkly subtle and atmospheric darker moods. At all times, the band manages to capture vivid, raw emotion through their masterfully crafted songs and deeply insightful, haunting lyrics. By blurring the lines between several genres and mixing punk, goth, hard rock and even a touch of pop, they have created a completely new and truly original sound. Imagine David Bowie meets The Sex Pistols and The Sisters Of Mercy, and you begin to get just a taste of the majesty that is THE SPIRIT VALENTINE. This band truly rocks, and they are ready to tour now. In August 2000, THE SPIRIT VALENTINE became the first American rock band ever to play mainland China, dazzling a crowd of 12,000 in Beijing at the largest concert of its kind in that country’s history!



Written By: Jeffrey Levy

Reliving legends tonight
The stuff of rock’n’roll dreams
When vinyl hissed and guitars attacked
And new romantics all dressed in black
I find your picture and it carries me back
Now, ride, ride with me
Back then I wanted to be
Like Ziggy, Iggy, and Reed
With wraparounds on my leather-chic head
My naive heart and a sophomore bed
And you, so blonde-haired and blue-eyed instead
Now, ride, ride with me
Let’s ride, baby, ride
Ride with me
Come on, Sister Midnight
And it was Us versus Them
Rebellion for its own sake
When sex and music were the spoils of war
Two twentysomethings just looking to score
Caught in the moment as the radio roared
Now, ride, ride with me
But those were furious times
Or maybe it was just us
When every word of every song rang true
Our finest hour, as far as we knew
And no one since has held a candle to you
Now, ride, ride with me
Let’s ride, baby, ride
Ride with me
© 2000 Insomniac Scarecrow Music (ASCAP)


Written By: Jeffrey Levy

Emblazoned on his skin
Everything she once meant to him
Tattooed, inked and dried
A flesh memory kept alive
His dedication to her inscribed
In a painted, barbed wire, modern tribal design
Emblazoned on his skin
On his skin
Decorated 'til the day he dies
Her name in letters half an inch high
In a broken red heart with a black outline
Grown paler than her passion with the passage of time
Emblazoned on his skin
Emblazoned on his skin
Emblazoned, body and soul
Like camouflage for a gaping hole
Head to toe in needle-bled art
Obsession captured his head and his heart
His technicolor torso vividly scarred
Deep and forever, 'til death do them part
Emblazoned, body and soul
Body and soul
Multi-hued, his pigment betrays
Emotions tinted with the shadow of days
Of painful permanence, when love held sway
Over the patterns he so proudly displays
Emblazoned, body and soul
Emblazoned, body and soul
© 2000 Insomniac Scarecrow Music (ASCAP)


Written By: Jeffrey Levy

I’ve been waiting so long
For you to share all your senses with me
To take a chance on love
To touch, taste, smell, hear and see
Because we’re cut from the same cloth
A shimmering silk
Both searching for the promised land
Of honey and milk
So lonely for the company
Of one of our ilk
And I’m yours for the taking
Somewhere between
All the pleasure and the pain
Two hearts run parallel
My Siamese twin
Christine, Christine
Be my mirror tonight
You be my left, and I’ll be your right and wrong
Come crawl around in my skin
Just say the word, and I’ll let you in
Because we’re birds of a feather
Two of a kind
Both living in a world
Of our own design
So, let’s split it up between us
And see what we find
And I’m yours for the taking
Somewhere between...
Born on the cusp of Gemini
Yours for the taking
© 2000 Insomniac Scarecrow Music (ASCAP)


Name Your Poison (2004)
Blue Judas Kiss (1996)
A Shower Of Sparks (1992)

Set List

Our current set list is usually 10 songs, about 45 minutes of material, and includes new and unrecorded songs that will be on our 4th CD, as well as drawing heavily from our most recent CD, with a few of our older hits, too. Of course, we could play for hours, given our back catalogue!