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"The Spittin' Cobras - Album Review of "Year of The Cobra""

The Spittin’ Cobras – Year Of The Cobra
O.K., the rat and the cobra will have to fight it out over whose fucking year it is. Seriously…how weird is it that I get these two CD’s at damn near the same time?
O.K., let me ask you all a simple question:
Yeah, if you raised your hand, and you don’t own this CD, you might want to get this thing, as I would say this is a good way to find your way down the path of “ROCKING LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER”!
The Spittin’ Cobras are pretty much the equivilant of turning your amps up as loud as they will go, getting the biggest fucking drum kit you can find, getting somebody who can scream their ass off, then having them punch you square in the face! I know that last part doesn’t sound like fun…but yeah, that;s kind of how you feel after this thing finishes. You just kind of sit down and say “HOLY FUCK! WHAT JUST HIT ME”???? Then you look down, see the case laying at your feet, smile, laugh, and say “oh yeah…I’ve been rocked like a motherfucker”!!!
By the way…one of these guys is from KMFDM. That blows my mind. Absolutely blows my mind. Nothing against KMFDM, but no way would I expect one of them to turn this type of stuff out. No way.
Oh…and Jules from The Yo-Yo’s is in this band! That one also blows my mind.
So, whose year is it exactly then? Is it the year of the rat or the year of the cobra? I have no fucking idea…but I think it is the year of Carl, because I am winning by receiving these two CD’s in the mail! GO ME!!!
The Spittin’ Cobras play fast, loud, high energy Rock and Roll. Songs such as “Criminal Mastermind” make me think of what Wolfsbane would play if they did a lot of speed. Other times they make me think of Zeke, but with longer songs.
The band though really comes into their own track 5, “Throw Your Horns” where they show just how brilliant they can be. The energy, writing, vocals, every aspect comes together for a true ROCK anthem. This is a song where you can see an audience going out of their minds when it is unleashed live.
They close the whole thing out with a cover of Rainbow’s “Long Live Rock and Roll”. Yeah, with bands like this, I think we can all expect RnR to live a LONG full life! Just get ahold of this thing and hope to God these guys wander your way live soon, as I am sure they deliver one hell of a live show!
Review by: Carl Isonhart - Sonic Ruin

"The Spittin' Cobras - "Year of The Cobra" Review - MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL: Issue #318 • Nov. 2009"

This band is more rock than punk. They know it too! Based out of Seattle, city of grunge..... I'm hearing MOTORHEAD, SABBATH (the dio years of course), JUDAS & ZEKE. Lots of guitar lines and leads in the mix, THE SPITTIN' COBRAS know their up-tempo metal. Certainly a band that parties too hard for my ass; I did get a kick out of this. -RL - MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL: Issue #318 • Nov. 2009

"The Spittin Cobras at Hell's Kitchen"

You know that feeling you get when “Ace of Spades” comes on the radio at 3 a.m. after you’ve been drinking whiskey, smoking Camels and getting tortured by a ruthlessly-strong, 90-year-old Asian man who’s hooked your nipples up to a car battery and doused you in old bath water?
OK, probably not.
But you can experience the next best thing: The Spittin’ Cobras.
No joke, no question — The Spittin’ Cobras are everything that rock ‘n’ roll’s been missing for 20 years. Comprising members of KMFDM, The Dwarves and Murdock, this new metal machine spews atomic rage; riding murderous, grinding guitar by Jules Hodgson (KMFDM), mega-blast beats by Andy Selway (KMFDM, The Dwarves, Genotorturers), and plain mean-ass bass from Jake Hagan.
Add the concrete-chipping voice of frontman Alx, and you’ve got the rebirth of Rock. These guys play fast, hard, and wreck grooves like nothing I’ve heard in recent memory. - The Weekly Volcano


Year of The Cobra - Released Summer 2009 One Eyed Records.



Formed in Febuary of 2008 in Seattle, Washington, The Spittin' Cobras have quickly gained a reputation nationally for thier explosive live show and technical musical skills giving true meaning to Rock N Rolla & Outta Controlla! Consisteing of Members of KMFDM, The Dwarves & Murdock, The Spittin' Cobras Definatly have some power players on their roster.
Jules Played in English outfit Loadstar, releasing one album on Ultimate/A&M in 1997 & opening for TOOL on thier european leg of The Aenima Tour. After that he joined industrial movers and shakers PIG, touring in The UK and Japan.In 2002 he moved from England to Seattle to perform and write with KMFDM. He continues to be hired by KMFDM for his Guitar Skills.
Andy was the drummer for PIG (where he and Jules met) and joined the KMFDM ranks with Jules. His band The Yo-Yo's (fronted by The Wildhearts' Danny) signed to SUB POP in 2000 releasing the Album "Uppers and Downers" and touring extensively throughout The US & Europe. Andy continues to do stints with KMFDM, The Dwarves & The Genitorturers.
ALX and Jake were both members of Seattle outfit MURDOCK, releasing one Album "Amplification" on The Local Cannery Records, which was recorded and produced by Jack Endino. Murdock toured extensively across The US recieving loyal support wherever they performed.
The Spittin' Cobras were thrust into the national spotlight when they made it to Grand Finals in the Guitar Center Motley Crue "Make Rock History Contest beating out 8500+ bands to make it to the final six culminating in a Sold Out performance at The Famous Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles infront of Motley Crue themselves and a sold out crowd. Since Then The band has embarked on several US tours covering tens of thousands of miles in 2009 alone.
The Spittin' Cobras is a melding of Classic Hard Rock, Metal & Punk. The band delivers rock solid songs with authority and skill. Due to ALX's razor wire vocals and eagerness to become part of the crowd, Jules' Furious Guitar pyrotechnics & mind shattering solos, Jake's solid and stealthy bass licks & Andy's hard hitting beats and firecracker fills, a Spittin' Cobras live show has one purpose - To rock hard and make sure everyone in the room does too. Their Debut Album was released in The Summer of 2009 on One Eyed Records.