The Spitt'n Llamas

The Spitt'n Llamas

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Spitt’n Llamas are a Chicago based, Pop-Rock band that write, record and perform all original music. The melodies and rhythms are written in a traditional pop / rock /alternative style, while the lyrics are sung in English and Spanish. This style of writing reflects the bands chief song writers, (Jando) personal experiences of living in both the United States and Mexico. The music points to his love of American rock and roll, while the lyrics, written in Spanish speak to his Mexican culture


The Spitt’n Llamas music is all original music written primarily by the bands singer and guitarist, Jando. From the time he was a teenager, leaning to play guitar and cover Beatles songs, Jando has been fascinated with the creative process in song writing. An adventurist at heart, Jando soon found that his love for travel and other cultures was best expressed in the form of music. This is what led Jando to write his first songs, which were actually penned in English. Once Jando and Richie D started playing together and working on the rough drafts of Jando’s earliest efforts, it became apparent that expressing his thoughts and feelings in Spanish, came more naturally then doing so in English. Spanish was also familiar to Richie D, as his family was from Argentina, where they spoke fluent Spanish and German. The idea of mixing cultural expressions was second nature to both band members. This led to the formation of The Spitt’n Llamas.
Their first release, Aventureros sin Direcion is a collection of 12 songs that Jando wrote in the course of eighteen months, working out the arrangements with the band and basically learning what their sound is.
The Llamas latest release is "Destinado a ser Rey" and shows a deeper and more complex writing style for the Llamas. In this effort, Jando challenged his writing and production skills, digging deeper in order to better communicate his thoughts and feelings in both the music and the arrangement of each song.


2012 - Destinado a ser Rey

2010 - Aventureros sin Direcion

2008 - Cave Chronicles