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"The Spitzwell Brotherz Are Aptly and Punnily Named"

So I got a tip from BFF/Nemesis Ty Bliss to check out the Spitzwell Brothers. NC hip hoppers who are chummy with the Rebel E kids, I was suspicious for no good reason. You know when your friend who knows you well and has a great taste in music recommends something? Do you just assume you’ll hate it like I do? Well that was silly. Dutifully I downloaded their free entertainment and cursed one of my best friends the whole time it trudged onto my poor old abused laptop. Turned out that despite my friend telling me it was good, it turned out to be good. A review of the Premium Blend Mixtape will populate here sooner or later, but for now you can get it here. - George Booker for

"On The Come Up: The Spitzwell Brotherz Present"

What up everybody!!

You know, a couple of weeks ago, I dropped a post entitled "Where have all the Emcees gone." Well, I know were two of them were...on the f'n grind.

TheSpitzwell Brotherz bring to us the Premium Blend Mixtape. Now I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover, but just by looking at the cover art, it's easy to see that Frank and EP are not dropping a run of the mill, McDonald's coffee operation with this music.

The track listing is ridiculously insane; a grand total of 26 (24 with intro/outro). This is more than enough to make Juan Valdez take a closer look at what's in their cup. All coffee puns aside, this is the type of mix a lot of dedicated hiphop heads have been waiting for. Spitzwell tend to keep it on the path they like, and that's the key that makes this mix the premium blend they intended it to be.

Every song, from the pseudo single sounding "Everybody Else," blending their lyrics with the likes of T-Pain, to bangers like "Give me your love" show the complete confidence Frank and EP have in each other to destroy the other's verse. That's a technique that you "(insert ridiculous name here) Man" rap groups need to learn. A track like "Keep the Change" is refreshing to hear. Spitzwell give a very insightful, dope perspective on that fine specimen at the bar....yea, the one you were just about to buy a drink nigga. Take heed to the Franky tirade at the end negros and niggas alike: you could learn somethin'. I'm just sayin'...

The Spitzwell Brotherz Present...The Premium Blend mixtape is very fun to listen to, and you really won't find yourself board to tears, like you might find on other mixtapes. If you're reading about it on this blog, understand that it's up here for a reason. The Premium Blend is a free download, so I have no idea why anyone wouldn't pick this gem up and replace a couple of those dusty ass CDs you got in your car.

- Royan Tha Beatbox for


The Premium Blend Mixtape: Released March 2009



In an era of ring-tone dominated sales, lackluster musical quality, and a lot of raised eyebrows concerning the state of hip hop...the light amidst the darkness has yet to be seen. But lets take things back a bit. The year is 1983. Disco has died, and pop culture has started to take shape. Mike Jackson's performance at the Motown Reunion special flooded the gates with a new sound that the world wasn't ready for. But it worked. Hip Hop culture was also starting to take form with such phenomenons as Breakin', Wild Style, and new sounds that youth of all ages could identify with as a new means of expression. But among all the new found joys occurring in music, two very important events happened with in that time frame. April 28, 1983 the world is introduced to Elijah "Tony Orlando" Jackson, four months later on August 16, earth shakes hands with Ernest Pharr III, aka "EP3". Born worlds apart, these two young men would grow to become avid listeners and students of Hip Hop, Jazz, and other music legends of old. Having met while attending school at East Carolina University, both have had their fair share of success as solo entities. EP3 familiarized ECU with the lyrically potent and fan frenzy song "Escalades", putting and end to the belief that crunk and hype hip hop had no lyrical quality. Soon after, EJ would go on to introduce "Love Somebody" to the female population, setting at ease the minds of those who had begun to think that hip hop no longer respectfully addressed women as engines of purity. In 2007, these two young men would come to a consensus that they should combine talents, very similar to the effects of the Wonder Twins. Having graduated from East Carolina University with degrees in Communication, they seek to convey the point that "rapping" was NOT a way out for them. Educating oneself should NOT be considered going against the grain of Hip Hop culture, and this notion is reflecting in their intelligible lyrical content. Now the world shall know EJ & EP3...The SpitZwell Brotherz. Please place your seats and tray tables in the upright position. The flight of the century is about to take off....