The Splatters!

The Splatters!


The Splatters! have a modern, yet retro, very accessible sound ; full of catchy songs that stick in your head. Great musicianship, well crafted songs, and a high energy in your face delivery are what The Splatters! are all about.


The Splatters! are the original spin off band of Santa Cruz's longtime favorite cover tune band, The Blackouts. After 14 years, and over 2000 gigs, three of the Blackouts' members were just really longing to play their own original songs, so in 2006 The Splatters! were born. With hundreds of cover tunes in their repertoire, guitarist/ song writer Gary Martin knew what makes a catchy hit song, and helped out by his longtime musical compatriots, took his knowledge of hooky riffs, and catchy phrases,and proceeded to write a bunch of really cool songs . The Splatters! started doing shows in the San Francisco Bay area in early 2007, and the band was absolutely energized by the extreme positive reactions of the audiences. So far they have played some very major clubs in Northern California, such as Santa Cruz's famous Catalyst, and Santa Clara's beautiful Avalon Club; the Splatters! have played a sold out show with Robin Trower; headlined a massive show at the Sunol Event Center,and have showed up and blown up the house in many other clubs, all over the San Francisco Bay area.

The Splatters! can be seen here on Youtube.


The Splatters! cd is in the final mixing stage at the time of this writing. The Splatters! are also in negotiation with several indie labels.

Set List

a typical Splatters! set is 60 to 75 minutes long.
In the set are the following songs that will be on the upcoming cd. The Splatters! also have more original material, and can play a 90 minute set if needed.

I Couldn't Leave Her Behind Alone
Mr. Pain
Give Me Back My Monkey'
More Or Less
I'm Alive
I'm Coming
Fear Is Never Boring
Walk Into The Fire
Drivin' Like A Maniac
Once In Love