The Splinters

The Splinters


The Splinters are an accordion driven, electric, dance band, rooted in many traditions - zydeco, rock, celtic, ska, tex-mex, polka and more. This band cut its teeth in the town halls and roadhouses of northern Minnesota. They sound like no other band and never fail bring the crowd to its feet.


The Splinters are hard to describe. They are a tough, gritty, happy, sexy, experienced band that draws rave reviews wherever they go. Influences range from zydeco great Beau Jocque through Bob Dylan to Black 47, Flaco Jimenez, The Iguanas, Brave Combo and Peter Tosh. This band isn't interested in self promotion - just making red hot music that stirs the body and soul.

All the members live in remote, rural, Cook County in northeastern Minnesota. All are seasoned musicians who recognized the unusual chemistry of the Splinters. As a four piece band, the Splinters have packed town halls and bars in Cook County for almost fifteen years, gathering a large and faithful following. In the last two years, they've been joined by Chris Gillis, a nationally known musician and composer who recently relocated to Cook County.

This is the first time the Splinters have solicited gigs. Otherwise, we just play when asked and focus totally on making good music.


Played live on KUMD, KAXE and WTIP. No commercial recordings yet.

Set List

We usually do two 2-hour sets, but are flexible.
Handsome Molly
Dark and Dangerous Love
Take Your Picture
Security System
Step It Out Mary
You Should’ve Been There
Just Because
Humans From Earth
My Baby Has Black Vinyl
Comin' In
Texas Tango
On A Night Like This
Shaking Hands
Crooked Jack
Over The Waterfall
Late At Night
Steppin' Stone
12 Steps to the Bar
Ring of Fire
La Vierge
Man of the House/Hit The Road
Peaceful Place
Run, Run Away
May Waltz
Beer Barrel Polka
Secret To A Long Life
Tear Stained Letter
La Petite Dejuener
Bad Moon Rising
Mexican Polka
Crescent City
Beau Jocque Zydeco
Chuco's Cumbia
Slow Turning
Border Song
Hokey Pokey
Deep Ecology
Para Donde Vas
28th of January
Do You Want To Dance?
Red Haired/Old Joe Clark
Acadian 2-Step
Funky Cealli