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"gorilla vs bear coverage"

The Splinters are 4 girls from Berkeley/Oakland, CA. I found "Splintered Bridges" on Skatterbrain, who called the song "the perfect soundtrack to being pulled by a dog through the mud really fast in a red wagon with a tambourine tied to the back," and I won't argue, because knowing that kid, he actually tried that. Listen to more girl-group sounds-meets-90s punk attitude from the Splinters' hand-decorated, self-released debut EP that you probably can't get anymore here. -

"Skatterbrain Coverage"

The Splinters are four girls – Ashley, Caroline, Lauren, and Courtney – from Berkeley/Sacramento, CA. I don't know too much about them as of right now, but I'm pretty enamored with ever song of theirs I've heard so far. They wear their influences on their sleeves, sounding somewhere between The Shangri-Las and early 90s K grrrl punk. "Splintered Bridges" comes from their debut self-released, self-decorated EP, which as far as I know, you can only get from them in person... but maybe you could send them a sweet email if you want one. I really like this song because I feel like it's just the perfect soundtrack to being pulled by a dog through the mud really fast in a red wagon with a tambourine tied to the back. - Skatterbrain


Oh, Splinters - Self Released EP (limited run of 100).
We have tracks on our myspace:

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The four of us met while attending UC Berkeley.

We just played 3 showcases at SXSW and shared the stage with a ton of rad bands including: Mika Miko, the Mae Shi, The Coathangers, Explode into Colors, Finally Punk, Maus Haus, Sleepy Sun, The Botticellis, Indian Jewelry, Pocahaunted, The Lovvers.

We are influenced by many bands, but here our some of our tops: the shaggs, the shangri-las, daniel johnston, the whyte boots, the evens, sonic youth, the breeders, X, our moms.

Here is how we got started:
One night Caroline and I (Lauren) were sitting on her bedroom floor messing around with her four track. We wrote a really silly song using a slew of toy instruments and a guitar. Ashley got home (she lived with Caroline) and helped us write a little more. We recorded a song we wrote and it wasn't so bad. We had so much fun that the next time the three of us hung out we worked on/recorded some other songs. We had about 6-7 songs in a month and were asked to play at an Obama Party (5 bucks for a Corn dog and a 40oz. The rest went to Obama - I think they raised a few hundred bucks for the campaign that night). We were so nervous! The show ended up being mostly our friends. We played acoustic, using two guitars, a tambourine, and a toy drum. Courtney, skeptical at first, decided to join the band after we booked another show at a local venue. We had been trying to get Courtney to drum for us for a while. Her and Ashley are long time BFFs and were in a Misfits cover band, The Skull Fuckers, before The Splinters. The four of us started practicing together, writing songs and booking/playing shows and house parties all around San Francisco and Oakland.