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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Rock Punk


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"Loaded to the Gunwales 5-song CD"

Short and sweet. That’s what best describes the Spoilers new EP Loaded to the Gunwales. Opening track “Sincerity” rides the pocket between garage rock and punk and could easily be a lost Runaways track from 1977. The next three tracks amp up the pace with a more contemporary punk-rock style, sounding like a female-fronted Rancid. The EP closes with “Fuck You I’m Drunk,” written in the tradition of the Dropkick Murphys’ “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced”; a song that’s sure to become a signature show closer, complete with on-stage fan sing-along and bodies tumbling off the stage. (George Dow) - The Noise

"Review on Upstarter"

Here’s a fun little EP. Punkish yet poppy; assuming but not precocious. Ok probably a lame little lead in. I’m ok with that. I feel the way I said.

The Spoilers have nice rock chops and the songs are catchy and danceable. I have said in the past that I’m not a big fan of female fronted rock, but I think The Spoilers make it work. There is no obvious attempt to force things into place that need not be there (vocally). On the other hand, I think that some of the guitar work seems a bit show-boaty and may be unnecessary, but hey that’s just me. I’m pretty sure the world knows that I’m anti solo.

What it all boils down to is a pretty catchy punk rock EP with a lot of rock edge. I was going to go into a big thing about how its hard to not draw comparisons and things like that, but here’s the truth: I like this EP. I would listen to more.

As a bonus, I think the cover on the end is likely the anthem to kick ass drunks everywhere, and damn well done!

–Jerry Actually - Upstarter

"CD On Songs: The Spoilers-Same Old Song"

C.D. On Songs: The Spoilers - "Same Old Song"
Posted by C.D. Di Guardia
I know you are all terribly jealous, but as I write this, I am chatting with BBC’s own Kerri-Ann Richard about today’s featured band, and the rip-roaring show they are playing tomorrow night at Precinct. She’s calling it Abbey Lounge reunion. It sounds like she’s right. Heck, two of the four bands are made up of an untold (Kerri-Ann’s estimate: 14) number of old Boston punk acts that used to play at the Abbey. While The Curses, Cradle To The Grave, and With A Bullet are playing this evening, we turn our focus to The Spoilers, who will be releasing their record. From the sounds of the track they have shared with us today, you probably want to see them, and you definitely want this record. So put on your tight black t-shirt and head over to the Precinct tomorrow night.

The Spoilers - "Same Old Song"
[Stream It!]

Despite the title, this is not the same old song. There’s not just a different meaning since you’ve been gone, but a whole different damned sound. With the exception of the straight four snare hits per measure, The Spoiler’s “Same Old Song” will not be confused with the classic Four Tops song of the same name. Not a bloody chance, friends.

This is not a bad thing. The Spoilers sound has a sharp, pleasingly nasty snap to it; mostly thanks to the Vaccaro sisters (we presume); with Cindy pushing the beat from behind the drum kit and Chrissy leading the assault on the front lines of microphone and guitar. The vocals are a mix of sugar and spice as Vaccaro imbues her clean, bright voice with a healthy dose of attitude. Like a sugar cube dripping in acid (not LSD, you druggies), the vocals have a certain sort of pretty sneer that injects the song with personality.

This song is short and fast. But even at a scant 1:33, it is a complete song, with discernibly different parts and even - somehow - a few guitar breaks. The Spoilers move fast, but they don’t rush any part of the track. How do they do this in a scant 1.5 minutes? The quick answer is: they are good at it, duh. But a longer answer might look into their ability to maintain a musical identity of their own, without surrendering to the trappings of their genre. Whereas they could get by being one-dimension, one-trick ponies that just create a lot of gnarly sounding noise and wear tight jeans, they take care to actually make their song say something, and not just be a simple, blank expression of rawk!. They do rawk! but they bring it from a deeper place, and as a result, it lands in a deeper place on the other side.
- Boston Band Crush

"Best of 2007"

SLIMEDOG Top Ten Burning Giraffes
1. Cutest Guitarist: (tie) Kimi Hendrix (Killer Abs), Amy (Darkbuster)
2. Cutest Drummer: Cindy Lou Spoiler (The Spoilers)
3. Cutest Scenester: Kara Jeanne
4: Grumpiest Drummer: (tie) Chris Dimwit (The Dimwits), (Mike Mahoney (Thunderhog/ Tenafly Vipers)
5: Nicest Punk: (tie) Joe Zippo (& the Raiders), Fred (x-Over the Edge)
6. Favorite Day of the Year: Slimefest
7. Club to make me forget the Rat: Abbey Lounge
8. Best Music Writer: Joe Coughlin
9. Most Congenial Bandleader: Jeff Connolly (Lyres)
10. Most beloved messageboard owner: T Max - The Noise


Well, high fa lootin’, root beer shootin’, sarsaparilla through the nose spouting—I am indeed back, in resplendent, respectful Jamaica Plain at the plush very exclusive nightclub known as the Midway. Just flew in to catch this batch from Cali, jet setter that I am. Rotten Drunk is drumming for a new band, the Doll’s Eyes, and Sarah, (who’s 6’9” in her heels) bends down to give us big hugs, but jeepers creepers there’s a McGunk with the drunk and that’s an extra special added plus! They make some noise and it seems all right. Actually, the Irish/Punk influence of the McGunks is more attuned to early ’80s English punk in the Doll’s Eyes—at least that’s what Slimedog says. We both say it’s spiffy.

Next up are the Spoilers, Slimedog’s favorite, but he’s passed out vomiting on his knees in the men’s room stall, head passed out against the bowl while other patrons are pissing on him. So let’s just say he would’ve had a much better time seeing this band. They rock, they punk, they rule!

Then it’s this 007 Hundred Club band that is made up of secret spies or agents or something. They play noise like the other bands but actually sound like they’re playing the same song at the same time! This is something I believe all the bands should do. But really they are very tight and energetic and put on the best performance of the night. Meanwhile club owner Dangerous Dave is shooting plastic missiles at unsuspecting patrons and feeding them psychedelic mushrooms grilled outside. Is there no method to his madness?

Next a raffle happens and Rotten Drunk is wearing tie-dyed pants and Slimedog’s piss-encrusted face is pried from the toilet. Andy Slimedog is due back at the prostrate replacement plant—he works the night shift at so we must leave post haste. Catch a few tunes by Drago who meld hardcore, punk and what’s dripping from under the kitchen sink into a totally putrid decaying piece of cancerous flesh and somehow metamorphose it into a pleasing, delectable morsel for the palette. Ooh, what exquisite taste!

Hugs and kisses to all you wonderful punks holding up the morals and fiber or our great prostitution. You make me proud to be a former illegal alien. This was truly a life affirming musical experience tonight. I could only compare it to Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas album—high praise indeed! Slimedog with his vomit and piss-dripping face can only nod in total agreement, too. Good doggie! (Mrs. Slimedog) - The Noise

"Under the Knife CD Review"

THE SPOILERS – Under the Knife (Site) It’s not that I have anything against female vocals in punk music, but I’m always a little weary that they won’t be able to pack the punch and make a great delivery. Don’t ask me why (I’m really not sure myself), but it’s the truth. So, needless to say, I didn’t have the highest of hopes when I received this disc. Well, the first track got me interested. The second got me wanting more. By the third, I was hooked. And if I’m being honest, I liked it. A lot. Chrissy’s in-your-face vocals (Yes, she does pack the punch), Kevo’s infectious basslines; there isn’t a thing that I can find wrong with this CD. It delivered, and big time. With some good ol’ fashioned punk rock with the occasional hint of ska influence, this CD is worth giving a listen to, and I personally can’t wait to hear more from this Boston-based band. – Bryana Robinson - Askew Reviews

"Under the Knife CD review"

New Album Review from Northeast Performer

The Spoilers Under the Knife

Recorded by Steve Blake at Toad Hill Studio in Douglas, MA
Mastered by Mike Quinn at The Moontower Recording Studio in Cambridge, MA
Produced by James Keyes

What ever happened to loud, fast punk rock? Not hardcore, not poppy mainstream corporate puppets, but the true meat-and-potatoes of the long lost power of three-chord rockers? Bostons the Spoilers are just what there isnt enough of in todays convoluted, MTV-charged music scene. The band has been around since 2001, and knows exactly what its doing: the tunes are sloppy yet refined, angry yet playful. This is plain and simple punk, capturing the lightning-speed of hardcore without losing the pop sensibilities.

Distortion and passion are the key elements in this melodic punkers delight. Chrissy Spoilers vocals tunefully fly a mile-a-minute in a genre wherein the lyrics are all too often screamed, and the charging guitars recall an era in music that snuck back underground around 1978. The Spoilers arent just a revival act, however, as the bands energy and knack for writing catchy, two-minute gems would have stood out even during the height of the punk revolution.

The new full-length album, Under the Knife, displays the Spoilers speedy laments about nearly anything that pisses them off, and clocks in at just under twenty-five minutes. The albums leadoff track, Parental Advisement, kicks off with sounds of light distortion, followed by Kevos meandering bass line. Then it hits you like a stiff shot of Jack Daniels: crashing drums and cymbals along with buzzsaw guitar riffs that dont let up until the album is over. The hopped-up choruses are fast and catchy, just begging to be shouted along with if you can keep up. The Spoilers arent about changing your life. There arent any pretentious messages behind this wall of sound. Theres nothing too deep, motivational or introspective just straight-ahead booze-and-boredom-fueled punk rock n roll thats becoming increasingly hard to come by these days. (Self-released)

-Matt Stepanski
- Northeast Performer

"Under the Knife CD review"

The Spoilers -
Under The Knife (released 2006)
Self Produced
New England's three, now four, piece band The Spoilers offer up a female fronted, bass heavy punk rock that borders on pop and rock. I think I get away with the pop bit, because of the female vocals and catchy lyrics. I guess the female voice is more prone to feel happy and poppy as opposed to the male voice. In any case, there are moments of that pop rock sound followed up quickly by great punk rock. Easily notable is the track titled "Oi Song", nothing but pure punk rock energy and a bunch of crowd chanted oi's! Fantastic. Most if the tracks on the disc are about two minutes in length, the perfect length for a punk rock dirge, so you know the band is delivering and offering it up quick and dirty. I think the best part about this album, is that there are twelve tracks on here. Why would I be excited by that? Well, lemme tell ya... It seems that many bands only give you a taste of what they can craft, The Spoilers on the other hand, lay it all out in front of you to enjoy. You have to respect a band that gives you everything, speedy rock, catchy lyrics, female vocals, twelve tracks and a smile on your face when the CD ends. I think what The Spoilers have put together here is something to behold and I look forward to their next effort. I can only imagine that it will be just as fast and furious as this album and will contain the same catchy lyrics that "Under The Knife" offers. -MG

- Hussieskunk


Oh jeez....Slimedog's cat is up to no good again, out and about reviewing shows.......
From the Noise...............


Church, Boston, MA


Hi, Slimedog’s cat back again, back from the Great Beyond. You know
this can’t be Slimedog—he’s a west coast surf bum now leaving his
friends to fend for themselves in this arctic tundra. So it’s up to me
to spread the word, just like I do my kitty litter.

First up are the Spoilers, Boston’s finest punk band. With the demise
of the Dimwits, who else can it be? I love Darkbuster, Ducky Boys, the
Click Five but for my catnip the Spoilers transport you back to late
’70s L.A. maybe to a seedy Chinese restaurant with bands like X and the
Avengers on the bill. But tonight it’s at Church where from my
understanding is where priests do holy things to altar boys weenies.
The Spoilers have a new able guitarist, Chris Brat, and still play as
great as ever. They do a cover of Poison’s “Talk Dirty To Me,” which is
what Slimedog used to do when we had our more intimate moments. Damn,
my anus still burns.

- The Noise, Boston


Midway Café, Jamaica Plain, MA


The Spoilers play next, one of Slimedog’ faves but you shouldn’t hold that against them because hearing this band is like having a locomotive train burning pistons, taking turns almost veering off the track and then smashing headlong into another train leaving blood, guts and entrails for the vultures to feed upon. That and they do a great version of the Runaways’ version of the great Velvet Underground’s song “Rock ’n Roll.”

- The Noise, Boston


2002: 5 Song Demo

2006: Under the Knife, Full Length album--streaming tracks on myspace and facebook

2010: Loaded to the Gunwales, 5 song EP--streaming tracks on myspace, facebook, reverbnation; songs submitted for radio play on Boston Emissions 100.7FM, Bay State Rock 107.3FM, Boston Accents 101.7FM,, Tufts WMFO, WMBR MIT, Hussieskunk Radio, Salem State Radio WMWM.



The Spoilers are a punk rock band from Boston, MA and were born out of boredom, dissatisfaction with the mundane, and out of the need for a social life. They formed almost a decade ago and have been playing around Boston and New England since then, bringing their own brand of fast, fun, and slightly jaded punk rock and roll for people who live real lives. They also enjoy drinking beer and playing loudly.