The Spoils of NW

The Spoils of NW


Stompin' choogle. Fluid originals in the vein of The Kinks, The Creation, Muddy Waters, Small Faces, Flamin' Groovies, Humble Pie, Opal, The Only Ones, Plastic Ono Band, The Remains, The Litter, T. Rex, The Yardbirds.


They accept the idea that every heart is haunted, and there's nothing any one of us can do about it. They know that hope, happiness, melancholy and despair are equally poisonous when undiluted by truth. They see the stage as a secular altar to which they and an audience attempt to resurrect the dead (Charlie Patton, Hank Williams, Eric Dolphy, Pop Staples, The Carter Family, Memphis Minnie).

It's inevitable that their ears are tuned to these electrical ghosts. Their hometown was the home base for Link Wray and Marvin Gaye; their streets the birthplace of Go-Go. As a live band, they'll make anyone who hears ghosts feel better about another night alone--or together--with them.

Peter was in The High-Back Chairs (Dischord), The Peter Hayes Condition and Pussy Galore. Bill was in Pteradactyl, and is the guitar player in his sons' band, Eyeball Skeleton (My Pal God). Joel was in the Revelers (SpinArt). Phil was in Tuscadero (Elektra).


The Spoils of NW - Seeing Things (Night World LP #NW02)

Set List

Problems Dialing. Lucky Baby. Birdwalk. Two Daydreams. Things That Haven't Happened. Top Cloud Boogie. Seeing Things. The Kid With The Old Face. Bellharp For Eastergrass. Ready as a Mother. Many others. Set is 40 minutes.