The Spokes

The Spokes


Five middle aged men who refuse to grow up and one twenty-something write and perform original songs about riding their customized Schwinn bicycles and drinking beer.


Members of Portland Oregon's bicycle rock group, THE SPOKES, are also founding members of the "THE BELLIGERANTES", a Schwinn only bicycle gang in Portland, Oregon that roll out for glory on modified Schwinns (banana seats, ape hangers, sissy bars, bells, whistles, etc.). Their music is a eclectic blend of rock, pop, blues, jazz fusion, punk, surf, metal, reggae, and ska. Their leader, Mike "The Commander" Nolan, started The Belligerantes bicycle gang back in 1996 and co-invented the Schwinn Megaray (the Belligerante's bicycle of choice). Mike is also The Spokes spoken word frontman-shaman-buffoon who entertains with his drunken gyrating as much as his sometimes political, often sarcastic, and always amusing ramblings. See Mike and The Belligerantes/Spokes in Episode 28 and 29 of The Bicyclist - an online comedy/drama about Portland Oregon's bicycle sub culture at

One can't describe The Spokes in 50 words or less; however, once you see a Spokes show, whether it's at a local club, at the famous Recyclery bike shop party, or at the Multnomah County Bike Festival, you will not soon forget them. You may even catch yourself singing Spokes songs out loud on your bicycle ride home from the gig.
Roll Out!


The Spokes have released one LP titled simply "The Spokes". Plans to enter the studio in Summer of 2008 are being finalized.

Set List

The Spokes set usually includes between 10 and 14 songs and usually run between 45 minutes and 1 hour. A typical set list would include: Little Lyra, Max Fare Inspector, Right By Me, Bill of Rights, Belligerante, I Ride My Bike, Driveway, Trail Boss, Megaray, Boots and Shoes.